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Why is it okay to wish death on some, but not others? Ex: Wishing Osama bin Laden problem, wishing Rush Limbaugh, Obama, or The Pope death...outrage.

Rideauxb 7 Apr 18

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My List the World Will be Better Without: Trump, Hannity, Kelly Conway, Mike Pence, Alex Jones, Pruitt, Devos, Ted Cruz, just to name a few.

Good start. ?

@Sticks48 Great minds think alike.


Wishing that someone would die is a meaningless one dies from being wished dead. Wish away.


There are, as of last month, 7.6 Billion people on this planet.
Wishing a few of them dead is perfectly acceptable. Especially when they are particularly
heinous individuals, like 45, or Alex Jones.
Wishing anyone dead doesn't make it so. If people want to be "outraged", let them.
Who gives a fuck?


I agree. There are several people in the world (one who I work with) I really do wish would die. Obviously, I'd never do anything to make it so. But, if it happens, I'll chance the hangover from the party!


I don't wish death on any of those poeple. I wish justice on them all.


The example of bin Laden is not the best choice. "We"--many people in the US--wished him dead because he was not only a scourge, he actively promoted violence and caused deaths. Limbaugh, a pain in the ass and it would not bother me if he died, but I don't wish him dead. I like Obama and have no hard feelings against the Pope. I hate Trumpass, but I don't wish him dead, just removed from office and made to suffer for what he has done and is doing to the US. Other people adore him; that's their shortcoming.


I really don't want anyone to die...but I would love to see trump live the harshest life their is to live. And I want to watch it's reality TV. Hell I would almost buy a TV for that.


I do not wish anything bad to happen to anyone. Since I would only be wishing, I would wish that the bad, evil people would change their ways and become good, decent people.


If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.


It's just a human reaction to people whom we have seen as totally against our values.


Just wish it to yourself. Dont be vocal and attract attention. Then ask yourself... what does it matter and who cares...

@Rideauxb. Wow.... thank you.


Unpopular opinion:

I don't like violence. I want to reduce violence in the world.

I must work on myself first.

Since I don't go around killing or even punching people, does that mean my work is done? No. "Violence" may occur in thought, word, or deed. In attitudes.

I have succeeded in conditioning violence out of my speech. I am now working on conditioning violence out of my thoughts. Out of my heart.

Violence begins in the heart. I want to rid myself of all violence, all the way.


Might have something to do with someone murdering thousands of people - tends not to make them favorites of others ...

On the other hand - wishing does not make it so.


because people are culturally brainwashed


People are often irrational and hold contradictory beliefs and say what ever comes to them to justify their emotions.


Slightly off topic but I wish 50,000 children a day didn’t die from malnutrition across the world. And I wish their 100,000 parents didn’t have to hold them in their arms and watch them die. Ouch! That was a bit somber (I’ve been saying that for 30 years so I’m not sure if that figure has gone down or up - probably up!)

@Rideauxb delivered. In this thread or was it another one?

@Rideauxb 1983 Ronald Reagan


Wishing is a form of magic. Personally, I wouldn’t want to put any energy into such thoughts. It seems like unhealthy thinking. What is the point?


Well for one thing. Rush Limbaugh and the Pope didn't pull off a terrorist attack that killed 3000 people.

BD66 Level 7 Apr 18, 2018

There is no real proof that Bin Laden orchestrated the attack.

No proof other than the videos where they describe the attacks, their success, and Bin Laden says "Praise be to Allah" over and over again?

@BD66 there is always this little talked about fact when it comes to the videos from the terrorists.
Osama Bin Laden also denied planning the attack after it happened as well so we really don't have evidence that he did any of it, we were just told that and then told to quit talkin about 9-11 in any way except for in memorial ways. even the news wouldnt discuss the actual event using the footage from that day.


One could argue this is an application of the golden rule: since bin Laden wished death upon us, we wished death upon them.

Interestingly, both our wishes were fulfilled.


I don't necessarily wish death upon anyone, but there are a few individuals I sure wish did not exist.


If Pandora's box was real this would be one of the cubby holes in it.


Are their crimes worthy of a death sentence? Osama bin Laden murdered thousands. The others you mentioned just have opinions different from yours.

Osama and his weak thousands of kills. thats why he got wasted. if he had killed over million like the USA has in the Middle East, he would be considered a great leader like Bush for repubs and Obama for dems. Osama should have stepped that game up some and he would still be with us once u break in to the hundreds of thousands u are loved i guess. the rough days of wondering where u can get the next 50K or more kills in.....u know that was stressful.


One word for you: hypocrisy.


It isn't trying to kill them. It is just hoping that they die. I'm ok with that. There are some people who are so toxic, that it would be good if they were gone. I suppose there will always be terrible people n the world, but, if they would just be gone, it would be good.


Because some of those folks really piss me off. ?


See nothing wrong with wishing Rush Limbaugh dead. Other then that it would all depend on who you are talking to. Pretty sure a big bunch of black SUV's would show up at my house if I shared my true feelings on some.


Hypocrisy at its finest.

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