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I thought I would post my own biased poll, as seems to be traditional now on this site. The question (for the unvaccinated only) is: Why aren't you vaccinated against Covid-19? (I'm sure there are other possible answers than those below, but these are the only ones I can figure out.)

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Paul4747 8 Dec 6

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"I refuse to be vaccinated because my local priest/pastor/imam tells me it's against God's will. (Or should that be 'against god swill'?)"


This poll and all the ignorant comments are what is wrong with society today. I'll give you the main reasons why unvaccinated people remain so:
Covid has been blown out of proportion by governments and media
Covid has been used to divide and conquer us
The stats have been lied about since day 1
Some of us remember the dark history of our government. The Tuskegee experiment to name one, many other experiments have been performed unethically by the CDC, United States Military and the CIA
All of us should have body autonomy
The mortality rate is approximately 2%
Those who contracted Covid and recovered have natural immunity which is better than getting a vaccination
Your will should not be forced onto others

"Blown out of proportion"...

In 2019-20 there were about 20,000 deaths from the flu in the U.S. The mortality rate among the elderly, the hardest-hit group, was about 22 per 100,000 (that's 0.0022 percent).

In 2020 there were about 375,000 deaths from Covid-19 in the U.S. It was the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer. Death rates among the elderly were almost 1800 per 100,000. That's 81 times as deadly. Death rates overall went up 15 percent due solely to Covid. Suicide was pushed out of the top 10 leading causes of death.

The pandemic has indeed been used to divide us, by poiticians who treat it as some kind of partisan issue rather than a medical one.

You don't have to tell me anything about history, I have a graduate degree in it. And you're right, statistics have been lied about since Day 1. You're just wrong about who is lying. Remember "It's just 1 guy in California, it will be gone in a month"?

You're forcing your will on others if you walk around unvaccinated and without a mask. I can't think of more deliberate forcing than potentially spreading a deadly disease.

Surviving covid does provide some temporary resistance. It has not proven that it's better than the vaccine. And that's stipulating that you don't, y'know, die from Covid in the process.

Does your body autonomy stance cover all vaccinations, or just this one? I'm just curious whether you're vaccinated against smallpox, shingles, tetanus, flu....

And I'm done wasting my time now with a reply you almost surely won't read. But maybe somebody will, and be educated by it. Goodnight.

Aside from noting that I find it ironic you're complaining about "ignorant comments" just before making a whole series of them.


I won’t enter this fray.


I think mistrust of pharmaceutical companies and the FDA (and affiliated agencies) would be a good option. It is not the same as mistrust of science.

It's the same as mistrust of scientists, so, not that much different.


My veteranarian says all I gotta do is roll around in dirt, and sun-dried doggy doo, and that will keep me from getting Covid!

And take your Heartworm preventative (ivermectin)


Nobody is forced to get vaccinated, but if they choose not to, some privileges may be rightfully denied to them.

As for bodily autonomy, having to wear a cloth over your nose and mouth is a lot different from having a substance injected into your body. If laws require covering your genitals for "public decency" reasons, then laws to require wearing a mask that reduces the spread of a deadly disease shouldn't be asking much.

This answer? I like it.


Let's try "I got a MAGA hat and I'm smarter than all the scientists." Yeah, they came up with that vaccine too quickly and I don't like needles. Oh, I forgot. I am vaccinated. Had Covid a year ago too.

@Beachslim7 His speaking in support of it actually caused him to lose popularity among his base. He has notably not spoken out for vaccination since he was punted out of the White House.


None of the above.

“I got the vax to just get along. Don’t really care if my testicles become the size of VW’s”

Should I been an option. 😁

That's option 5.

That's also not a side effect of the vaccine, although it is a possible effect of severe covid infection. So getting vaccinated is also good for your balls.

@Paul4747 half the answer.. the other part..”just to get along” is actually more important than the fear of big balls. 🤣


You forgot 10 years of valid mRNA research isn't enough.


For me, the problem isn't vaccinated or unvaccinated but responsible vs. irresponsible.

And to me, people are acting irresponsibly in both camps.

People that are vaxxed think they are immune to getting the virus and go about their daily routine, devil may care, inviting a breakthrough case.

People that are unvaxxed think that they are immune to spreading the virus and, like the vaxxed, go on about their daily routine, devil may care, inviting being a carrier and spreading it to others.

So there isn't much to understand really: In both cases, people are uninformed as to what vaccines can and cannot do and act irresponsibly because of it. That the misinformed vaxxed people do less harm than their misinformed unvaxxed counterparts doesn't change the fundamental lack of understanding the pervades all of society about, well, just about all of science.

You're making a lot of assumptions there. Rather than go detail by detail, I will just note that currently 80-90% of all hospital covid admissions as well as deaths are among the unvaccinated. That seems to be a pretty solid statistic in favor of getting vaccinated.

I'm vaxxed and I wear a mask.


You're making a lot of assumptions

Ofc. Everyone who's vaccinated speaking of the unvaccinated will be making assumptions. Much like anyone who isn't religious will be making assumptions when speaking of the religious.

That seems to be a pretty solid statistic in favor of getting vaccinated.

Sure. But not everyone is swayed by statistics however. Hell, not everyone understands the statistics, regardless of vaccination status.


You forgot "bodily autonomy, one of the critical principles which guide all medicine...
...UNTIL such time as politics intervenes. 😉

So, you're against childhood immunizations on principle? Vaccinations have been mandatory for decades now, and there hasn't been any complaint apart from the "vaccines cause Downe's syndrome" crowd. And, as I pointed out below, bodily autonomy is fine until your body gets mine sick, because you refused a simple and safe vaccine.

I suggest this is a case where politics is being put ahead of medicine. Refusing to get vaccinated has become a membership requirement for Trump's fan club, along with continuing to deny that covid is anything more than the common cold.

@Paul4747 It is much more severe than a common cold. The global number of deaths caused by Sars-Cov-2 is currently eight times higher than the number of global annual infleunza deaths.


So, you're against childhood immunizations on principle?

I'm not. But then again I'm fully vaxxed so we're not really talking about me, now are we?

Refusing to get vaccinated has become a membership requirement for Trump's fan club

That explains some of it for sure.
Another is a general mistrust of government medical intervention...blacks for eg.
Another is previous distrust of vaccinations.
Another is religious mandates against any needle intervention...Jehovah's witnesses for example.
Another is the experimental use authorization.
And I'm sure there's many other reasons...


You should have had an "I've been vaccinated" option so everyone could play.
Also, if you've been blocked by a many idiot Republicans as me, you might not have too many unvaccinated people that can read or respond.


My body ... My choice.

Here's the thing about that; "your choice" has a good chance of effecting other people's bodies. Taking an avoidable risk, like bungie jumping, is one thing. You can kill only yourself that way. But taking the avoidable risk of being more likely to catch and spread covid can kill other people, even if you survive it.

Also, I assume you're not vaccinated against the flu, mumps, rubella, shingles, tetanus, etc.? Or is it just this particular vaccine that you choose to flee?

@Paul4747 That is just a typical Trumpster response to the questionnaire and not in any way represents my position.

@Beachslim7 Your choice to use any form of birth control also affects a future life as well.

@jlynn37 I'm advocating against the devil 🙂

@Paul4747 To hell with the devil!


Having the vaccine interferes with my freedumb

I'm still laughing, thanks for this.

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