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I joined this site a few weeks ago to share in the love of critical thinking about the virtue of atheism, not to measure my prowess with the condescending hubris of egomaniacal bullies.

But as luck would have it, I've managed to attract a few members who, based on their age or member level, believe they are so much more "enlightened" than me that they can berate my genuine concerns about the philosophy of religion.

So I say to you...I love your alcoholic rants, your condescending inclination to peacock yourself into my words, and to try and show me how your ego deserves some great response to which you can further attempt to exploit your bruised intellect.

Be a dick, and give me the right reasons to block you so that I can go on in this community without the need to deal with you again. 😊

August1 6 Feb 24

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Just because someone is atheists doesn’t mean they are decent, being decent makes them decent. Welcome aboard ✌️

Words of wisdom. Thank you!

I’ve met a few over the years who have been just as bad as Evangeloonies or other Religturds.


Every member is free to utilize the block function.
For ANY reason they choose.
You don't have to justify it.
Do what brings you peace.

I still feel bad the Republican atheist group blocked me. Can't even lurk. I asked valid questions (not troll) but they couldn't handle it.

@WilliamCharles Same here. Their fragile little egos can't handle anything even remotely reasonable.

@KKGator - snowflakes needing their safe space. 😄

@WilliamCharles Snowflakes! They are far too fragile to handle politics.

@Sookiesue - they require sheltering within their bubble to maintain their delusional worldview. It shows they know they're unable to make a rational case for their positions so they prefer their echo chamber and preaching to the choir.

@WilliamCharles exactly.


Dood, once you hit your own stride, it doesn't matter what anyone else says to or about you. Keep your eye on the prize and enjoy the aspects of the site that appeal to you. There are some here who get what they have coming to them, but you do you and let the chips fall where they may. Share your wisdom with us.


I think I understand your sentiment. Some on this site have the agenda of pushing their concept of TRUE atheism. Righteous atheism shouldn’t be considered a goal! Sound familiar religions dogma? Reject this and be open to all the spectrum of ideas. If you find a jewel, keep it, cast aside the turds. I think you’re already applying this?

Yeah, and it's wonderful! I have never felt the need to block anyone on any platform until I came here...a place with like-minded individuals. The irony just kills me...LOL!

@August1 I haven’t blocked any of the people that I consider to have the purpose of advancing their political, philosophical, or anti-religious agendas. They’re a little annoying, but when I get annoyed I TRY ask myself “Why does this annoy me? Is it because I’m to comfortable in my currently held position? Do I feel threatened?” So I try to tolerate all ideas, to a point.

@Garban I find myself blocking the same people I blocked when I was on here five years ago. They never change.

@Sookiesue Change is painful. Fear of change is a weakness. People easily see it in others but rarely in themselves. Being self critical is a virtue I aspire to, but rarely honestly attain.


Not everyone on here has their meds sorted yet.

And ironically, those meds are in many cases dangerous to your health, even when used properly.


I find many in here who seem to have a chip on their shoulder.

I'm ok with the chip about religion and God. But atheists belittling other atheists for not being enough of an atheist? It breeds disillusionment for what this site was designed.

Yes, lots of angry people here….not sure it’s worse than the general population..

@August1 Usually my arguments have been with those who think I'm not agnostic enough.😉


Welcome to the site. I recently said “enough” and blocked a few people after almost 4 years here. It is refreshing not to encounter the foulness.

I bet I can name at least 3 of your admirers. 😂😂😂

I would never bother blocking anyone. If someone chooses to make an idiot of themselves (mainly trolls) I’ll read or respond if necessary. Doesn’t bother me. Just as I avoid feeding them to begin with (unless what they say is just so stupid or nonsensical where it just demands a response) I ignore them. Boils down to one thing. Most people need to grow some fuckin’ thicker skin.

@CuddyCruiser u do u “cuddy”

@Davekp I most certainly will!!

@CuddyCruiser 😁


I have blocked people who seemed
like they were on 'alcoholic rants' and
were hunting for people to berate.
The site is definitely calmer for me now.

It's going swimmingly for me as well, especially after this post.


Would you like it if everyone blocked you, so we don't have to read a stupid rant.


Love your sarcasm. Don't block them. Sit back and enjoy reading their BS. Can be entertaining. ;P

Ryo1 Level 8 Feb 24, 2022

It WAS entertaining until it wasn't.


Don't mind the peacocks. Many nice people here too.

I agree...the majority are wonderful.


HERES TO YOU!!! spark it up!! 🤟✊🏻👊


Looks to me as if you have the right idea.


You’ve got to remember that this is exactly the opposite of Facebook. On Facebook you start with no one and have to add friends and here, you start with everyone and have to block them away until you have just friends. It’s a bit more of a challenge.

Well put...I can work with that.

@August1 Most people don’t even take offense. I don’t.


You are not official on here until you’ve been trolled.

I guess I'm a real boy now


I must be missing something.


Is that what happened.....Almost everyone Blocked me ????!!!!???

LOL I usually forgive people if there is difficulty in communicating via keyboard. If it goes beyond that, I ignore. I don't think I have blocked more than a couple of people in over 25 years of being online.
(My Prayer : can I have some of those hours back ?)

I've blocked more on my phone, by far !

twill Level 7 Feb 25, 2022

Like you I’ve always thought just ignoring the troll-like remarks was a sign that I have a sense of self worth that rises above their garbage. But I think once a couple of people here started leaving really unhelpful and overly critical comments in the Mental Health chat I realized these people aren’t just out to push buttons.. they are indeed the living definition of toxic.

Trolling a Mental Health chat and making shit comments is like driving across a bridge seeing someone on the edge and yelling “Jump”.. in my eyes.

@Davekp Great way of sayin’ it!! 🤝🤟👌


Why waste your time engaging with people who think that life is about discussing the existance or non existance of 3 dogs. Yeah I'm dyslexic at times.


I have had the topic of critical thinking in my thoughts off and on for a couple of days. Been tossing my own thoughts around on how to articulate something in writing on the topic.

I can understand your intent that you value this label "atheist". And, as you point out many of those here that label themselves as atheist do such as you have indicated. I am on my third or maybe even forth profile account because I have been previously subjected to such nonsense ridicule and people blocking me.

My first inclination would be to suggest for your critical thinking to consider a video by Neil deGrasse Tyson (I'll post link below). But, I like his discussion on why he does not embrace the label "atheist ". Beyond that, I do invite you to look over the information in my profile and my groups linked in my profile. I personally find atheism illogical but, it is not that I say that to hurt anyone that has a love for the label atheist. So, if the fact atheism being proven illogical offends you feelings, then I can understand you may not want to have critical thinking discussion that explores that understanding. But, feelings aside, I do welcome discussion in my groups that aims to discuss the information without specifically attacking a person.

Word Level 8 Feb 26, 2022

Great video! I recall having seen it before and thoroughly agree with his viewpoints. My issue is not with labels or semantics, but rather with those who just cannot resist attacking others without provocation.


Welcome to the site! Sorry about the few annoying ones here but yeah blocking helps with that!


Just block them then!!!

Your opinion is only worth what others agree too!!!

Most would not know their own ass from a hole in the ground!!!

Now you can block me!!!

I really do not give a shit!!!

Truth is only in the eyes of the beholder!!!

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