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Florida rejects 41% of proposed math textbooks, citing ‘indoctrination’ of critical race theory


Dyl1983 8 Apr 18

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I would bet that at least 41% of Floridians don't even know what CRT is. They were simply told that it's evil and/or that liberals are in favor of it and therefore the Floridians must hate it or else they hate America and freedom and Jesus.

Welcome to the tribalism of Floriduh.


I smell some bullshit here. He won't give a complete list of the books he banned and he won't say what passages led to the banning. This is an excuse for Florida to buy textbooks from the "governor's" supporters, and something tells me he is somehow getting a cut. This isn't finished yet. I put "governor" in quotation marks because this guy is closer to a cult leader or a mafia don, and not a governor in the classic sense of working for all of his constituents.


May 1933 was when the German Fascists(Nazi) band books them burned them!!!

Seems the Florida Fascists(obstructionist Republicans) have reawaken the art of book banning to further consolidate their insane psychotic manifestation upon those they are suppose to protect and serve!!!


CRT is the new boogie man for the GOP. Be very afraid of the boogie man "hiding under your bed, in your closet and in your head". (A little Metallica for ya, lol).


Closer and closer the Ameri con nation is moving towards full blown Authoritarian state.

And those who seek to moan, whine and complain about still sit back and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to stop it from happening.
"Land of Hope and Glory" my arse, Land of Chickens and Chickenshits more likely these days imo.


There might be a reason why Florida is so mentally retarded: too much lead dissolved in its drinking water.

@Garban Now there's a thought. They get their god to do all their thinking for them. Perhaps that explains why they are totally incapable of thinking at all.

Perhaps most of ‘em ate too many paint chips.

Well, the U.S. always had the most, the biggest and the heaviest of Gas Guzzling vehicles on the roads of ANY country in the world, and added Lead to the automobile fuel creates LEAD POISONING and LEAD stays in the brain and slowly but surely destroys brain cells so that, my Friends may well be ONE,if not the PRIME reason for the syndrome known as " The Dumbing Down of the U.S. of A."

@CuddyCruiser Could say something there but shall refrain.

@CuddyCruiser, So THEY like to think and to have YOU believe as well.
i.e. Good little American Sheeple is exactly what they want you all to be.

@Triphid Europeans fled Europe and went to America to get away from religious persecution. Modern day Americans are engaging in religious persecution. Go figure. 😟 []

@anglophone The old saying, " What goes around always come around again" seems to apply exactly when it comes to the U.S.A.


Yes, we have one of the DUMBEST governors in the U.S. and I challenge anybody to prove me wrong. HOWEVER...I am NOT giving up and handing it over to the goddamn fascists. I'm here fighting, speaking, donating, and showing up for marches and phone banks.


Imo, the United States of Absurdity has just take the first step towards gaining an addition to its name, that being "The United States of Total Absurdity."
It truly BEGS the question, "What the god-damned F**K is wrong with America?"

To answer your question, America is becoming infested with Christian supremacists and other right-wing lunatics.

@anglophone Sad but true none-the-less, 100% true.


Merika is getting dumber and dumber.

Not long now and it WILL reach the Point of No Return.


I need to move farther north.
The stupid down here is growing exponentially.
I don't want to get any of that shit on me.


We all know CRT (Critical Race Theory) is not taught in K-12 schools. It's a graduate-level course. But that is not stopping right-wing extremists from using CRT as a proxy for all they see that is bad in education: namely, teaching a version of history that more accurately represents what has taken place in this country vis-a-vis slavery, Jim Crow, red-lining, lynching, massacre, apartheid, and genocide perpetrated against black and brown people over centuries. If we never address our chequered history, then it will continue to haunt us. We should not be afraid to face it. Other countries have done it and have only benefitted. IMHO

Which other countries?

@LizZyG South Africa, Germany, Japan, Rwanda...


Florida seems determined to win the race to the bottom.

Dumb, dumber, and Floridumb.


Floriduh, not surprised in the least! The people in that state must not care about their children getting a decent education!

For all these dopey politicians talking about ‘indoctrinating’ children with certain books based on fantasy…….They have no problem with ‘indoctrinating them with so called ‘Christian beliefs’ based on even more fantasy.

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