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Anybody want to go to this church and Spindale, North Carolina? It's called the World of Faith and it really exists.

I'm pretty sure the pages are out of order but I think you'll understand it easily despite that.

It's been around a long time despite all kinds of allegations.


Lorajay 9 Apr 27

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Who would willingly decide to join that cult? And who the hell is Jane? She must be busy 24/7 approving movies/friends/houses for everyone. She sounds like a real cunt. I particularly loved the part about no bumper stickers UNLESS it's political season.

dkp93 Level 8 May 7, 2022

I have visited almost 500 congregations in my career, over 200 are liberal with outspoken Atheist members....there is no difference between a Moonie and a Methodist.... Muslim or Hindu .... they all are cults even Buddhists demand conformity to chanting tempo & syllables .....brainwashing is brainwashing ....a zionist rethuglican is identical to a zionist demonRAT ....both have forced USA taxpayers to pay back 30 trillion dollars with compound interest ....even Unitarian Universalists have missionaries in the form of the UUSCommittees....our species is controlled by the disease of MONETARISM only remote aboriginal tribes have no form of money


Visiting many hundreds of homes in my career I have seen shorter but more brutal HOUSE RULES on reefer doors or bedroom doors SHUT and always a crucifix/blue eyed geebush geehobah ghostholes on a wall big sister called this LOVE.....


I am ok with 91 there never was a 1st xmas ....Alabama made xmas illegal in 1836 calling xmas a "popish ritual"

Seriously πŸ˜„


A cult is a cult is a cult, no matter what name they choose to front with.


#146 Don't have anything to do with groups that tie you in a big knot and won't let you have any freedoms whatsoever. So is this 'organization' appealing to future robots?


Sounds delightful....the military would have fewer rules and pay You!


I do some of these things already. It has nothing to do with Jane, Jesus, or religion and it is all about control. I am controlling me.


Are they worshipping Jesus or Jane? Lol


I sort of want to slap Jane, whoever she is.

Jane is the SHUN coach teaching cult members how to guilt them back in.....Amish and scientologists are infamous for shun enforcement

Jane Whaley seems to be DICTATOR over real estate


Wouldn't it be easier just to say what you CAN DO?
It would be a very short list and everything else could be avoided just in case.


The first "Don't" was omitted. It said "Don't have an IQ over 6".


Well it doesn’t say I can’t play with my wiener….πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Buck Level 7 Apr 27, 2022

Very welcoming indeed, I'm trying to source the scripture that forbids only African men from shaving their heads, it's probably in Leviticus. LOL


Amazing that people willingly submit to this kind of hyper controlling cult horse shit.

Kids born into it really have no control, and are probably going to be brainwashed because they have no idea it is not at all normal.

Taking any child to any religious "school" or gathering is child abuse ....a crucifix on a wall or in a cemetery IS A TERRORIST THREAT to any innocent mind.... our Atheism should be taught with our 1st words to our children .... anatomy = science ....speak words sing songs with no hint of magic violence or control ...the dictionary is a bible written by xians since 1704


You have to kidding.


So much fun, it must be exhausting !!!

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