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I have a question that no Christian I have ever asked can answer. Maybe someone here can enlighten me. Why is it, that in every picture you see of Adam and Eve, they have belly buttons? If they were created as the first humans why would they need a belly button?

SRQ1 4 May 13

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Easy answer SRQ1. Just read the bible. Genesis 14:37 reads "And thusly God gave unto Adam and Eve the button upon their bellies and spoketh the words 'Thine belly buttons are good and bring amusement when poked'".

I am laughing so hard I am crying πŸ˜‚πŸ€£


Are you sure they're not just tattoos artfully designed to look like belly buttons? πŸ˜‚

Now that you mention it, I'm surprised some Christian didn't come up with this for an answer 🀣


There are also many people who believe that a man has one less rib than a woman.
And they also think that this is how male skeletal remains are distinguished from a female.


Because the artists probably didn't know from where belly buttons came. The people who commissioned the paintings and did them (usually men) weren't bright enough make the connection between an umbilical cord (which they'd probably never seen before) and a belly button as they usually and traditionally weren't in the room when women were giving birth.

You and your rational, thoughtful answers!!


180Β° from there. artist knew more about human anatomy, inside and out, than most. umbilicals and navels had been around a long time by the time those images were made.


Yes, because Christians always respond SO well to questions about logic and historical consistency. It's a big part of their faith.


Keep asking those questions. It's good to make them think.

What's your secret? I have never succeeded in getting any of them to think.

@anglophone Haha, well I've got some to think, or they appear to be thinking... I didn't say I've ever got anyone to change their mind though.

@Julie808 All I ever get from such people is contempt. I guess my intolerance of fools (I do not suffer fools gladly) comes across to them.

@anglophone Well I do have a bit of a secret perhaps, in that I meet people halfway. I might approach people by saying, "I was raised Catholic and I've always wondered.... " I try to get them to "help" me understand, so we are having a discussion rather than an argument, well at least it starts out that way, haha.

@Julie808 So that's your magic formula. I like it. πŸ™‚


In the middle ages it was considered a mater of importance, if Adam and Eve had belly buttons. So much so that the theology often changed with the administration, so artists were forced to use fig leaves etc to cover the area, in fear of being charged with a crime if they got it wrong, or a new bishop had different ideas.

I've seen the fig leaves on paintings, but just over the genital area, not the belly buttons area, but some have strategically placed arms.

I never thought much about it, until today, but I just saw something to the effect that it might have been thought that the fruit Adam and Eve were said to have tasted was a fig, not an apple. I've also read that it was a mango... Who knows what the original story was... Apple leaves seem to be a bit on the small side... but a fig leaf or mango leaf offers a lot more coverage on a body!

@Julie808 My Fig leaf was perhaps intended a little light heartedly, since yes, in more recent time it was used to cover the genitailia, but there was a tendency in early times to avoid showing the centre of the belly.

@Julie808 The word apple comes from Latin for fruit. The word Malus means apple and evil in Latin.


HAH! I once worked for a very high-level man who had a print of SATAN hanging behind his desk. Satan had a naval....I asked this same question and, to my absolute delight, he sat there, mute!


they had no models without them.


Answer: Man is made in the image of God, and God has a belly button. And why is this you may well ask, to which the answer is that He fucked his own mother before He existed so that He could be born into existence, hence His belly button. That answer tends to annoy the crap out all Christian fundamentalists.


Well, you are also talking about people depicting a man supposedly born in the Middle East as being an Aryan.
Any semblance of reality is not the point for these clod heads.


Christians aren't big on thinking. I'd suppose that if the artist left out the belly button, the Christian patron woudl isist on there being one, so it would "look right".


Because GODD in all its wisdom, who designed all things perfect, knew perfectly well there would need to be a place for lint.all that other shit came question..

I just knew someone would come up with a remark about lint🀣

@SRQ1 well...there you are.....expection met......and you are correct ....again.


Because science and logical thinking are not in their toolbox

bobwjr Level 10 May 14, 2022

The question has been asked before and I forget what apologists use as the standard reply. Of course, there are no pictures of the imaginary parents of all of us to go by.


Because……you know…….. that….that infinite wisdom shit…….or something like that.


πŸ˜‚Christian’s aren’t big thinkers


The Polaroid film was defective?


Artists copy what they see. And things artists create are fiction.


They are portrayed in artists paintings and are not photographs.

Pedantry, thy name is Lynn (with apologies to William Shakespeare).

Wait-you actually believe that I thought the pictures were photographs and not paintings? Oh please!


As a guide as to which way is towards heaven & which way is towards hell.


Or tail bones?


Because the artists never stopped to consider the issue.


When Adam got his rib nicked, had to remove from his body so was born what we know as the belly button. Making Eve, had to shove that rib thro skin so same deal. A hole for ribs.

BTW this is where the term "rib eye" came from, for all the carnivores out there who have laid awake at night contemplating the great mysteries of life.

Mysterious ways and all that

puff Level 7 May 14, 2022

Hilarious! Thanks for a good laugh πŸ˜…

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