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I see the corruption of Christian immorality being the order of the day for the SCOTUS for the remainder of my life.

anglophone 8 June 24

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I thought this was a good one πŸ˜‚

I agree.


The only good thing I have seen is the advertisement for the idiot running for office who is going to be hunting RINO, Shoot your own first, that will secure your presence. It will also enlarge the target on your front.


Hell no I did not believe any appointment by President Putin Puppet. Not that I believe anyone anyway. Especially on the internet. But RePUDliKLANS currently are in a cult. & forgive them father? They KNOW what they do!


Our only possible outs are death, impeachment and expanding the Court. Will moderate Democrats rally now?

Maybe, maybe not.

@anglophone I have my sincere doubts and I have tired of their complacency. I was born in the US but lived most of my life in Canada and have dual citizenship. I've stayed because the fight was here but I fear the fight is lost. It will take decades to recover from what is happening, if it's even possible.

Expecting the Democrats to do something is a waste of time. They will not do anything until we get someone in office who has a backbone and a little being pissed off. There is an article in the current "New Yorker" about DeSantis, the author said that DeSantis is "Trump with a brain" exactly what the Conservatives want, but what the country cannot have and continue to be ruled by the Constitution.


Impeach the 3 liars in SCOTUS for contempt of Congress & purgery!

If only!

You didn't actually believe that shit about "settled law" did you? πŸ˜‚


And the won’t be happy until they turn america into a theocracy.

And the Catholic shall turn on Protestant, as Sunni has turned on Shia.

@anglophone The fucking Christians invented sectarian warfare.


If you look at Europe, their history of state support for religion often generated contempt and derision, pushing people toward being secular. Let's hope that pattern holds.

I just hope that future generations in the USA have what it takes to eject the poison and corruption of religion from its own government.

@anglophone Not holding my breath, I can't even get my nephew to recycle.

@anglophone Since it does not, nor will not affect you, why do you care?

@anglophone The trend toward secularism among younger people is a good sign. I wish we were not leaving them such a fucked up country and planet. They've got an uphill battle ahead.


Yup. precedent means nothing anymore, as those fucks lied thru their teeth during their confirmation hearings..

Lawyers know how to lie and get away with it.

@Flyingsaucesir I know, I was raised in a family with lawyers...

@TomMcGiverin I actually find the law a very interesting field of study.

@Flyingsaucesir I love to argue, and am good at it, but unlike my father and my brother, I never got paid to do it...

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