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A liberal friend of mine posted this on her FB page today, and while I'm not religious, I thought it makes a good point. Not sure I have the guts to re-post it on my FB page, but I saved it just in case I ever want to use it as a reply comment to some of the hateful posts some of my friends and relatives post.

They will post hateful things, and then if I comment in disagreement, they "like" the post and then private message me about how much they "love" me.... Grr... I want to reply "Um... but you just said something hateful against people like me, so maybe you should think about that?" I guess they just like to perpetuate the hate to fit in with their church's stance.

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Interesting that several comments bring up the hate in the Bible, when that comment/post is clearly about others who do the judging when that spot is clearly reserved for "God".
Another point is the word homosexual does not appear in any Bibles prior to around 1940.
My Dad was born into a very Catholic family, some are real believers. Dad was the youngest son so he was pegged for the priesthood. That clearly did not work out and he was atheist or agnostic most of his life, right up until he passed. BUT he really enjoyed reading the Bible, the hypocrisy and the bullshit amused him. As he said, "There are lots of good stories in it". He told me this when he realized how much I enjoyed Sci-Fi authors.
I never heard one judgmental comment -ever from my Dad. Yes, there were people he did not like but he did not judge them.


While your motivation is certainly understandable, it's not the best comparison out there. For a start, I'd recommend reading the following bible verses, which demonstrate a clear hatred against any individuals in the LGBT community and even towards those who are non-believers and women who've opted for an abortion procedure.

Psalm 14:1
Ephesians 4:18-19
1 Corinthians 2:14
Revelation 21:8
Psalm 10:4
Leviticus 18:22-24
Leviticus 20:13
1 Corinthians 6:9-10
1 Timothy 1:10

Just to point out a few verses there in which the god of the bible demonstrated clear hatred towards any sort of perceived sexual immorality and non-believers. So while well intentioned, the above meme would not be accurate from a strictly biblical point of view.

As for those who post hateful things, there are two sides to every story and unfortunately no shortage of hatred to go around on both sides of that argument. While it cannot be denied that there are many religious individuals out there who are hateful towards anyone who is different than themselves, there are equally many individuals on the other side (other side meaning non-believers, abortion rights supporters, and LGBT individuals) who harbor hatred towards any perceived opposition. I know that to be true, as over the years I've crossed paths with such people from both sides of the social spectrum, people who seethe with hatred towards anyone who holds differing point of views than themselves.


The doctrine of Bill and Ted

"Be excellent to each other.


I wish more of the people who call themselves christians believed in their own religion.

Well, at least believe what they were taught it says in Sunday School.


IF the Xtian deity does exist, this will be the case.


IF god actually does exist, (I'm a total skeptic and Agnostic), that is exactly how IT will approach everyone, in my opinion of course.


I used to just try to get along with relations and “friends “ like that, for the sake of peace. Eventually, I realized that it is better to eliminate such people from my life, for my own peace of mind. Life is good.


Using someone's own words or ideas against them is a perfectly valid tactic, but let's be clear. Just because you point out their hypocrisy by citing their words or ideology does not necessarily mean that you accept that ideology in its entirety. You can agree with the "love thy neighbor" part while rejecting the omnipotent sky daddy part. Just because you see the value in everyone doing their best to appreciate the good in others does not mean you have to betray your own capacity for critical thinking and turn a blind eye to the many inconsistencies in the God hypothesis, principal among which are the facts that [a] there is no independently-verifiable evidence for God's existence, and [b] if such a being did exist then the shocking and continual suffering of innocents in spite of His purported omnipotence would indicate that He is a cruel and sadistic son of a bitch and therefore not worthy of worship.


The hypocrisy in religion is overwhelming.


When in reality no one asks you anything when your dead!!!

I have never heard a dead individual or a dead pet talk to anyone!!!

That is why some humans kill others because “”dead men tell no tells”, a human reality of control over others and protection for those who have some sort of Elicit reason, hence the actions to let or have individuals die or succumb to death!!!

You just have to use a bit of abstract thinking as if they myth were true to see the point being made. The sentiment could also be conveyed as what other people think of you, if you spend all your energy in hatred instead of love for those who made lifestyle choices you don't like. Maybe BE the example you wish everyone would be, but then let everyone else make their own choices, judging only yourself.


Well, the whole first paragraph is technically correct. God isn't going to ask you any of that, because there's no afterlife, and god doesn't exist. The sentiment is nice though.

Right. You can change the 2nd paragraph to read "People might wonder how you loved those people as your faith called you to do." or some such thing, to make the same point.

I always like to think about what people might say at my funeral... She was full of hatred and malice... Or she tried to mend broken fences where she could. (Except one - but I can live/die with that.) 😉


Where did God call us to love gay men ? In the Thora he explicitly called us to kill them...

Do you actually believe god actually wrote that, or any of the bible for that matter? Have you read what jebus said was the greatest commandment?

I think the point is that for believers that they will be judged for THEIR actions, not the actions of others, and secondly perhaps for those believers to let the judging of others to fall not on themselves, but on their god.

In other words, mind your own business, love the sinner even if you hate the sin, etc. While I don't see many places in the bible where God calls on his followers to be loving, the believers believe it's there. They just don't heed even what they imagine the bible to say.

The actual use of the term homosexual did not appear in ANY Bible until around 1940, particularly it does not appear in any old German versions/translation. Prior to that the passages most quoted used a term NO ONE could really translate. It's an issue that modern folks have taken upon themselves to claim it translates to the word homosexual. I find it interesting that it was around 1940 that this issue of homosexuality starts to become a talking point for hate.
That said the post is about minding your own acts and not judging others. I find most religious people ignore that part.


That is what liberals think regarding values and what matters. But Republican Jesus doesn't agree with any of that...

Republican Jesus would see to it that everyone started a 401K at birth.

@DenoPenno You're so right. In that internet meme video, Republican Jesus said almost the same thing, that we should all give all our money away to a solid mutual fund, rather than to help feed and care for the poor...

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