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Maybe that church is on to something:

BD66 8 July 1

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Now IF that was in Australia, the whole statement would and most possibly could be taken as an expression of either despair or boredom as in the following example,
" Hello dear," asks the wife as her husband arrives home from work looking extremely tired and bored, "how was your day?"
" Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever."


What is the saying . . . same shit, different day?

We used to say "SOS= same ol' shit".

@MyTVC15 that one applies, as well!


OR maybe they are hoping that you got a promotion and a pay increase so that they can expect more in your tithe envelopes from now on?


One problem is that when others ask you how is work that is not really what they mean.


Fake yesterday, fake today and fake forever.


Time to look for another job, or get into a different line of work 😂


As they say - god and HeyZeus work in mythstory ways.


Wait a minute, didn't he have to impregnate his mother with himself to become flesh?
Wasn't he an ineffectual baby at one time?
Didn't he die?
Didn't he become "glorified"?

Those are all changes.

Just nonsensical blather from a storybook trying to make substance of a myth.

Ummm no, he was fiction in the past, he's fiction now and he'll be fiction in the future.

That was god, not Jesus. It's important to get the casting correct.

You would think this alone:

Wait a minute, didn't he have to impregnate his mother with himself

would be enough reason for people to stop worshipping him.

@BD66 That's what we would think, they are not into thinking too much, just believing without evidence.

@nogod4me ......dead horse says what.? the supreme court just murdered the biosphere. lets give this s.o.s. a rest.


What,, A myth?

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