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Britain has more people with "no religious affiliation" than ALL religious people COMBINED! ((53% of the population.)
Roll on the day in America when people can fearlessly say they have no religion.

Petter 9 Aug 2

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A consideration: a large portion of any country are too lazy to have any beliefs in anything- that 'includes' religion. It has nothing to do with belief or non-belief.

That’s the stupidest comment I’ve read on here in some time, take a bow sir!! 🙃

@Buck he said a large portion. I’m not sure how large but I think I understand his sentiment. Some people are out of touch with what’s happening around them or are disappointed or frustrated to the point they refuse to engage.

@Garban Implying that atheist are simply intellectually lazy and that it has nothing to do with dis belief or belief is ludicrous. I’ve spent over 50 years reading science to solidify my lack of “belief”, and the majority of atheist I know are far from “lazy”!! I stand behind my first comment. 🙃

@Buck You just contradicted what your point was supposed to be. Reading takes time and energy to understand what you are reading. Lazy people do not read! Is there something there that you do not understand?


From your lips to Dog's ear 🐶


Like that's ever going to happen.

We can dream, right?


People are funny. I was talking TV shows with a checkout today and named a few I watch. She thought I should try "Lucifer" which she says is very funny. I replied that we have a mythical character who is the ruler of Hell and he comes here to be a cop. Nope. She told me to give it a try anyway and I think the word "mythical" flew right over her head.


Most of the attendees at the mainstream churches are older very few young people attend, I think the carismatic happy clappy churches atract younger people but they are a smaller group. The church of england still holds a powerful position in society though. The Queen is head of the church and in the house of lords our second chamber in parliment there are 26 bishops there by right. The 26 most senior bishops in the church of england have an automatic seat in the house of lords
One thing that makes me smile is when on atheists groups people aske for advice in dealing with work collegues when they preach and invite you to church and because of the area they live in they can't just say i don't believe my answer is always the same sarcasm


Yes but we do have a state church, and religious studies in school. I don't know why, when they obviously have no democratic mandate, but at least it bleeds all the strength out of religion.


According to one survey, about 16% of the Church of England's ministers have doubts about God.

Ryo1 Level 8 Aug 2, 2022

If they told the truth, I’m guessing most of them have doubts….🤨

We are in the post-Christian era; more and more people are disengaging from Christianity.
Some experts observe that baby boomers have a lot to do with it. Religion tends to be transmitted within families. But many baby boomers, who were largely brought up by people who went to church, dramatically broke with that. Baby boomers have since raised a generation of millennials who don’t go to church. And people who weren’t brought up as practising Christians generally don’t become religious later in life. You don’t get many teenagers walking into churches when they haven’t been before.


When you have no real moral content you will refer to any religion that the rest of your family and social groups spews!!!


Probably not in my lifetime.


Saw a UK comedy show. Where a lady was being hired for an office job as she had all the right stuff for the position and the staff were all excited. Until she mentioned she was Christian and everything went south. Hope the pendulum doesn't swing too unfairly the other way. I personal won't miss religion, go easy.


We Americans find it much too difficult to think for ourselves. It much easier to let political and religious leaders tell us what to think. I’m going to have a zipper installed in my head to make upgrades easier.😉

Seriously, good for Britain and drive on; don’t wait for us!

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