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"They even broke into my safe": Trump responds to search of his Mar-a-Lago home


Dyl1983 8 Aug 8

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Reminds me of Bluto in the movie Animal House, " They took the bar, the whole fucking bar!".....

For people of a certain age, John Belushi.was a brilliant actor. He died way too soon at the age of 33. You’re sorely missed, John.


As a former DC prosecutor, Glenn Kirschner is a good source to comment on this execution of the search warrant of Mar-A-Lago.


No doubt the FBI had a search warrant and probable cause.

Republicans these days just don’t seem to understand the concept of rule of law.

I even heard the judge that signed it was appointed by Trump. That had to really burn...

@TomMcGiverin - trump never understood that loyalty to the Constitution was the duty of civil servants. He was used to quid pro quo from his private life so he counted on judges he appointed owing him something. They didn't, but he never got it.


Trump STOLE classified documents. Given his many connections to Russia, he has always been a threat to national security. Why would he steal all that material except to sell it. Trump's treason knows no bounds, and the measures to take him and ALL his co-conspirators down should proceed ASAP with no discretion. He tried to destroy the country. He cannot be treated too harshly.


A completely appropriate turn of events. I can only imagine how the Net is writhing with mobilization.


So much sadness for him. 😂


When they are exercising a search warrant it isn't breaking into a safe, they would have asked that the safe be opened and only forced it open if the suspect refused to comply, Trump really is in his own little world where he is Jabba the Hutt.


It appears to have been a hoax safe, former guy.


If that overweight demented half-wit of a baby hadn't been busy throwing tantrums in the Oval Office and had been doing his job as President of the United States of America in the first place, then none of this would be happening. He has only himself to blame for his current and future predicaments.


Poor baby. Way long overdue...

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