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Now that we are approaching the possible demise of I wanted to thank everyone here who helped me learn, amend my behavior, understand somewhat the human thought process, lose friends to the grim reaper. I enjoyed interacting with people all over the world & folks that were 180 degrees from my political views & music & memes & jokes & arguments. Agnostic got us threw a momentous time of plagues & pestilence both virus & human. It's the long game, the tortoise not the hare. So as Richard Starkey would say, "Peace & Love. Peace & love".

Mooolah 8 Aug 17

Enjoy being online again!

Welcome to the community of good people who base their values on evidence and appreciate civil discourse - the social network you will enjoy.

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First I have heard of this. If Admin left maybe he is too conservative or wanted everyone to have his point of view.

He is a Libertarian & the site turned out to NOT be what he envisioned.

@TheMiddleWay Ha ha. I did not know of IDW. Same format.

@Mooolah In my wallet is a Libertarian Party membership card. My experience is that most Libertarians are not what other Libertarians envisioned.

@DenoPenno yeah, that was definitely my experience of Libertarians. Now just another color of republican.


Maybe it will rise again, 3 days later.


Damn...I better hurry up and get laid here.


I hope the site can stay up. I would miss this community a lot.


Maybe it's the Rapture. Repent!


I really enjoy this site. I hope it stays, there are a lot of nice people here. I would hate to lose it. 😟

Betty Level 8 Aug 17, 2022

Same here. Fingers crossed.

@Lauren I would be sad to lose all the people here. So many are so very nice to converse with. 🙂

@Betty I agree. It's become a regular part of my life for almost five years now, and I haven't found anything comparable.

@Lauren Me too. This has been my place for a dose of sanity. I don't know what I'll do without it. ;(

Agreement with all, this is my comfort zone!


Whachoo talkin' 'bout,Willis?


Well that would suck balls. This is the only social media site I mess with anymore. #fuckfacebook, #fucktwitter, #fuckIG, #fuckreddit, #fucktictoc, #fucktruthsocial(had to get that one in, lol), #fuckSC, #fuckanyoneI'mforgetting.


I was promised a Thousand Year Reich!

I believe Trump was under the same delusion, that he would rule the US for a thousand years...


I hope not. I like you guys.


Yikes! What's the date for the possible end? I'd be sad to see this site go, I hope someone can step in and keep things rolling. 😞


I have read from others more knowledgeable than I, that the administration's "license" expires in September. If he does not renew, then the site will no longer be accessible. The administrator has been AWOL for a while so until then we are in a holding pattern. I will be on Reddit in the atheist anything so as to avoid the annoyance.


Can the Admin be replaced? And in time to save us?


And thank you back. Your posts/comments have been a joy, and a joy to come I hope.


Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. What evidence do you have for this?


Noooo...say it ain't so!


Possible demise? WHY?


I very much want this site to continue.

If it closes, [] has many interest groups and once had many more people than it now has. Editing comments is more difficult.

Thank you. A plan B.

Thank you for the link. I do not spend that much time on this site, but it is part of my routine. This is actually my second profile. I managed to get myself locked out of the first one I had which was at level 7.5 or 8 (something like that). It used to be a lot more fun here. There was not as much contention and the chatrooms were pretty active. I hope this new-to-me site is more fun. They have not approved my membership yet though.


I so hope not I enjoy coming on here and I have not made it to level 8 yet.
I believe magical things happen when you get to level 8.
Can a group of us get together to find a way to keep it going if the person who started it is not going to.
I have no idea who that is BTW.

@Budgie Hate to burst your bubble... but I'm very close to reaching level 9 and I there was no magic on reaching level 8. Don't hold your breath waiting for the tee shirt either. I was told they don't do that anymore, but it's still shown on the Levels Chart.

@TheoryNumber3 I know it is just that when I first got here it was all about getting to level 8 and someone posted their shirt so I was hoping for some magical event when I got there. In reality I won't even notice I will look at the number one day and it will be passed the 8 and I will go Huh when did that happen.

Nothing magical unfortunately, just a certain kind of satisfaction. 🤣


The domain name renews every September, and he's been awol for a long time, so is there a reason he would not renew it this year?


@Mooolah Perhaps. But perhaps it would be more of an annoyance to take it down than it would be to leave us be. I hope so.

Does anyone know if he paid for five years for his last renewal? Most of the time sites offer a multi-year discount.


Don't worry. You and I among the select who will be Raptured…


What type of right wing Christian nationalized Fascism shit is this???

Figures just when I have a shot at the Level 9 they fuck me over into the ether!!!


I hope you stay until the end. I have enjoyed your posts, comments and PMs you have shared with me.


I know nothing about this either. What's going on?


I say all of us of a progressive bent and agnostic or atheist set another place to congregate, hopefully advertisement free. I won't sign up for facebook unless I absolutely have to.

There is already a FB group for people from here, but it is run by a woman who was banned from here and she is a power-mad dictator. So I would appreciate an alternative to her group on FB. She already banned me from her group, with no notification or explanation to me on her part.

As I said, I'd prefer it not to be on FB. I've been very happy to not be a part of that group for many years now. FB in my view is one of the worst elements of this society.

FaceBook sucks. I termed my account years ago, and won't make another one, just to follow.
It has to be something other than F#ckTardBook

There are a lot of atheist groups on FB, but most of the ones I belong to basically spam jokes and memes. Nothing wrong with jokes and memes. I love both. But, I haven't found the kind of engaging intellectual discourse I find here. Of course, that may be because the FB algorithm fills my feed with jokes and memes.

@TomMcGiverin She banned me too, with no explanation. Boycott! I am on FB from time to time, though, so would like an alternative group there as well.

@Organist1 Me too. If another FB group gets started for refugees from here, I hope someone lets me know about it.

@Organist1 I assume you're talking about Jo Slaight, that's who banned me from the FB Agnostics group.

@TomMcGiverin I'm not sure who it was, as I didn’t investigate. I just received a message that my request to join was denied. No explanation.

@TomMcGiverin Same here. If I start one, I'll invite you, but I probably won't be the person to do it.

@Organist1 Same here, I'm not good at leading or starting groups.


Who is HE?

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