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Trump says he stole the classified documents to put them in his Presidential Library. Which is really kind of hard to believe... considering the fact he doesn't even have a Presidential Library.

This makes me a dumbass by-proxy.

Dyl1983 8 Aug 25

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After a disgraced crook like Nixon and a dumb chimp like W. getting Presidential Libraries, the bar is now low enough that even Trump will have and probably deserves one. But that doesn't mean that most decent, intelligent people will end up visiting it. Does Germany have something like that for Hitler, or Italy one for Mussolini? Or Spain one for Franco? Or Chile one for Pinochet?


Trump is too redacted to have a Presidential Library.


Ever since he became president I have wondered what would go in a Trump presidential library. With all the really great places I have never been, I do not think you will ever see me there.

A bronzed bucket of KFC maybe. lol

@Betty A wall smeared with ketchup?

A toilet with torn up paper stuffed in it?

@Betty, @TomMcGiverin, @Zealandia If that is the case, maybe I should go.

@MyTVC15 Not worth it. Trump will probably be crying that the bucket wasn't made out of gold. lol


Not to mention, he's barely literate.


I can think of a similar thing about W.. The whole idea of that dim chimp having a Presidential Library seemed like the reference below to a goat stealing toilet paper...


Classified documents are not public documents until declassified… While the documents are active, you need 1. A security Clarence 2. A need to know, before reviewing the document… lmao at Trump…


Key word "stole". just saying

Leetx Level 7 Aug 25, 2022

Maybe if someone chanted...Lier, lier pant on would be at his intellect level. 😂

Betty Level 8 Aug 25, 2022

I wouldn't bet on it working. Regardless of his intellectual level, his emotional level is pretty clearly equal to your average two year old... I think the recent revelation of the ketchup on the wall pretty well proves that...

@TomMcGiverin He does like his fast food. lol

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