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Religion can have its advantages.

Lorajay 9 Aug 29

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Um, you might want to check some of the signs indicating involvement by the holy ghost. Check for "ectoplasm". White, milky, smells like, um, clorox. Check it out bud.

zeuser Level 9 Aug 29, 2022

Oh wow! Something similar happened to Joseph.

I was about to post something similar.


This reminds me of the time my brother-in-law's cousin got a vasectomy. The cousin and his wife had several children and it seems that she liked to consort with men. My brother-in-law said to his cousin, "Ya know, that's not going to keep her from getting pregnant."

Just sayin'.


He is going to have to dig real deep if the baby isn't white πŸ˜‚


Who wants to tell him?


God has waved his magic, 6" wand many times over the ages, sometimes for many years!

Wait? What? I was told it was 6 and 1/4 " . Was my husband lying?


6” seems quite modest for someone that creates universes and shit…..🀨

@Buck You know what they say. "Big car, small todger."

@Petter LMAO


Bless you, son. You have a lovely wife.


Get a DNA test done ASAP.

I was going to write the same!

That's the first thing I thought.πŸ˜„


It's a miracle she found someone on the side.

Not really.

@MsKathleen Well, it would be the only miracle involved there.

@Organist1 I thought you meant it was a miracle she found someone on the side.

@MsKathleen Oh...I worded it wrong.

@Organist1 a comma can be so important.πŸ˜‚

@phoenixone1 So can a sperm donor. I actually did mean it was a miracle she found someone on the side. Religious people are a giant turn-off to me. It could be, though, that only her husband is religious. Then it would be just a happy encounter.

@Organist1 He was on the side menu.

An immaculate conception indeed! 🀠


It's called a grudge pregnancy. Thats where someone has it in for you.


The milkman πŸ˜‚


Zeus had thousands , Yahweh needs to step up his game.


If your willing to believe in fairytales.


Is she sure it's hers? πŸ˜€

It's hers all right. Not his, and that's for sure.


That reminds me my Daddy was an Iceman before he married my mother. I really should join and check my DNA out to see if I've got any more relatives.

Iceman ??

@Moravian many homes especially out in the country in Oklahoma did not have electricity. Rural electrification started about 1937 in Oklahoma. Before that the only way they could keep things cold was in an icebox. The icebox had a big block of ice in it that the iceman brought.

Did you ever have ice boxes in Scotland?

@Lorajay I don't think many individual houses had ice boxes but there were icehouses built underground which were packed with ice at the end of winter which were used to keep meat and fish fresh.
I grew up in rural Scotland and we had no electriclty until 1955 when I was 10 years old. Keeping milk fresh in summer was a real problem.

@Moravian just for fun I thought you might like to see a picture of a home ice box. Some of them were enamel like our electric ice boxes but many of them were made of wood and are now very collectible.


@Lorajay Neat !!

@Lorajay I am old enough to remember many people referring to refrigerators as iceboxes. Never knew of anyone that actually used one that I recollect.


Ask the mailman.


The power of delusional thinking.

Betty Level 8 Aug 29, 2022

My oldest brother's wife, after their third child insisted that he get a vasectomy, and he did. Then she had an affair with a neighbor and got pregnant again.

My brother offered to raise the child as his own, but she refused and insisted on a divorce. It was all very "messy".

She marries the father of her fourth child, who turned out to be physically abusive. She then divorced him.

She finally married a lawyer, and stangely he an my brother became friends.

My brother is a great guy, but unfortunately he developed early onset dementia, and can lost his ability to speak, although he is mostly still in there. Evidently, his dementia is caused by capillaries in his brain getting all clogged up, which results in little mini strokes. I attribute his health to having lived a high stress life and also living on a fast food diet. He also had a quadruple by pass heat surgery in his 50's, in the same year that my father also had a quaduple by pass, although my father was 25 years older. About 10 years later my other brother had a quintuple by pass.

Unlike my brothers, I eat healthy, live a mostly stress free life and get a lot more recreational exercise. I am about to turn 60, and my hair hasn't ever began to turn grey yet.

Anyway, before I digressed, the post just reminded me of my older brother's ex-wife.


Just look at her face, man. She's getting away with it.

Ryo1 Level 8 Aug 30, 2022

WOW! I'm not sure it can be explained, but maybe she "cheated" on you? Just sayin.


lucky he's not the dad?


Looks like it was something extramarital. Whatever it was you seem happy with it.


Yeah, that stumps me.

Yeah, I'll have to be a believer now. I'm convinced.


God came in her.


Dude... for the last time, you aren't married - she's your mother...

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