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I haven't seen nearly as many 'Conservative Atheist' posts. Is it because we blocked each other, or have others noticed? (Not that they ever have anything meaningful to say... They mostly just parrot Fox BS)

racocn8 8 Nov 21

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And CourtJester is going to Australia with spouse. I have warned the embassy. Just kidding!


SpikeTalon formed the Pro-Choice Group. Trajan61 has multiple personality disorder or is more than one person. BigPawBullets hasn't been around since he warned of January 6th. CourtJester throws grenade now & then. CaptainFeelGood posts some great jokes. They are very EXclusive & want their private club. We are inclusive & enjoy what immigrants bring to our country etc. When I feel the stress of living approaching, I relieve it by engaging with them until I realize I am interacting with the illogical & extreme. So I bail until the next contact. I really should go back to therapy. I usually don't vote in primaries, but I am considering vote for FORMER President Victim. That would ensure a defeat for the RepudliKlans the way the trend is going. Dare I?


Good. I note that Court Jester pops his feverish head up now and then, but I see that most wisely don't take the bait. The US mid term results were a big blow to him, I think. He was planning a big 'see I told you so' moment, but it didn't work out did it.

I assume the so- called conservative 'atheists' ( I question that) are in their own echo chamber where the delusional like to dwell.


I don't see many but then, I've blocked over 40 people.


I like to know my opposition. Another thing about them is that their sources are dubious. RT, NY Post, Washington Times, Newsmax. I do not find the rabid hatred of POC, or Gay folks or Judaics as the extreme sites. Kanye is mentally ill so he doesn't count. There still is sexism but it is not as fervent as before. So with hindsight I see massive progress in our nation since the '50s. & in that I think they are experiencing what the oppressed have always endured & that scares them. President Bankruptcy gave them the courage to express their opposition to America's progress toward a more perfect union. Giving others equality means they are losing dominance. As if something is being taken away as opposed to sharing. The illegals are taking jobs. Except that so many jobs are going unfilled. Americans do not want to clean toilets. That is what immigrants are for. The patriarchy doesn't want to share. I may be a 'po white cracker, but I am one up on POC or Gay folks or the persecuted du jour. That straight, Caucazoid men have to share power is seen as being less powerful. Competition for wealth is then greater, as there are more players. And women are no longer dependent on them other than to take the garbage out. "I was the only white, straight, Christian at the party". Well now you know what it feels like all the time for them.

A LOT more bi women.


There's one. Under that rock over there.


Maybe they are afraid of you. I try to post and I'm blocked. Then there are those who belittle and are so much better than me that they make me wanna cry for ruining my life and not becoming what they are. OMG! I could have been them and not me. If only I had of known and saved more when I was younger, etc.
Can I puke now?


They were always a minority here as I still think it is an oxymoron to be an "atheist Republican". The thing is, I found common ground on several issues. However, "they" will always fall back to the one or two issues that dominate their position. Money & gaining more of it. & they think that we eat babies, just before they are born. LOL. So I only interact to gage just how nuts each one is. Too much lead in their milk as a baby? Perhaps they left to join Truthsocial. I mean if one really wants the truth...........


I still engage with them as I also think that no communication is not healthy for either side. And I did squeeze a small concession off one, (no names) who admitted that Trump's treatment of Pence was shabby.

Sorry, but I dislike talking to them.

That's some weak tea, though, no? One of them begrudgingly admitted something that is objectively observable?

@ChestRockfield A dam can break from a tiny crack

@273kelvin kind of an inapt metaphor. All the water is trying to get to the other side of the dam, a vast majority of Trumpers actively want to avoid anything that could challenge their worldview.

This first one is a perfect example. I tried to add the start time, but it's not working. Skip ahead to 2m22s:

@ChestRockfield Sorry but those vids are unavailable.
And may I add that the water has no conscienceness. Whereas a dam is a product of intelligent design. It is made to hold back the natural force of the water. Just as the tRump fascist rhetoric of "perfect phone calls, witchhunt" etc. is designed to hold back what we can all see as self-evident. A small concession to realms of the bloody obvious may not seem like much to you but in tRump world, it can be viewed as blasphemy.
I may be aiming too high but a journey of 1,000 miles begins with the 1st step. How many on this site have rejected religion due to what started as a small niggling doubt? Anyway, I rejoice in my little victory for sanity and I will continue to try and build upon it. If nothing else, it is something in a very divided political landscape.

@273kelvin Obviously I wasn't suggesting the water has consciousness and intention. But the water is all pushing against the dam and all would go through a crack given one formed, contrary to a vast majority of Republicans that would actively avoid even looking for cracks and would run away from them if they happened upon them.

@ChestRockfield I agree, hence my pleasure in finding a crack.

@273kelvin Who doesn't love finding a crack?


I think blocking is dumb. Neither party has a chance to expand their brain much. I engage where I think there might be an interest to grow but not more than that. Sometimes it is me who learns something.

I won't block anyone unless they are abusive. I have blocked two like that, not necessarily conservative, but possibly dangerous, in the past few years. No names.

@Organist1 While I agree that those who are abusive are also dangerous, to anyone who challenges them, I would also say they are crying the loudest. They often become addicts and either die or become prisoners. Certainly they are prisoners of their pain. They must become aware of their pain, and the source of it, for any change to work so appropriate for us to not deal with them. It is best for us to disengage and not enable their outlet. A 12-Step program or professional Psychologist/Psychiatrist is where they can receive appropriate direction outside of prison.

@rainmanjr I won't engage with them. Life is too short, and yes, mental health problems are best treated by a professional.


There are only 5 that I’m aware of. I blocked 1, Court Jester, when he posted the actual footage from the Pittsburgh massacre’s body camera to support his pro gun argument.🙄

That dude is a pathological liar and a wretched shit pile of a human being.


Some blocking, but the fact that that are so few of them on the site discourages them over time.

I don't think they're discouraged in the least.


Yeah... I block them. It's not worth discussing anything with them useful. Same hate, different channel.

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