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When I was a kid, hardly anyone talked about plastic surgery. These days, you mention Botox, nobody raises an eyebrow.

ebdb 7 May 2

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If you can't blink, you've overdone the face lifts as well.


I'm deciding if to give you a like or not for the quip...OK , I will


Lol...I see what you did there.


I think people deserve to do what makes them happy. In my work I've processed a few claims for gender reassignment surgery. I've read descriptions of the surgeries and the recovery times and expectations. Definitely NOT my cup of tea, and I'm very happy to be the gender I am. But if it gives you peace of mind or happiness, go for it. That being said, in 5 years or so, I'd like to get my eyelids done. They're getting very droopy. But then again, I'm not sure I want knives so close to my eyes. We'll see. I'm all for others doing what makes them happy. Follow Your Bliss.

It was a, know; when people get botox treatments, they can't raise their eyebrows!

@birdingnut Yes it was a joke!


When my wife came back from the beautician, I told her they'd overplucked her eyebrows. She looked surprised.

Good one


That's because their eyebrows are already permanently raised 😛


Your right


Well, when you were a kid botox was not a technique in use.

I am all for plastic surgery if this is what makes the person feels better....the same goes for contact lenses vs eyeglasses.

Anyway, there are many Mother Nature mistakes that plastic surgery solves in laser surgery to change an uni-brow into two...and preventing the bullying this will certainly bring upon the kids.

I don't know anyone who has had plastic surgery. I have seen plenty of actors with bad facial work; Melanie Griffith, Daryl Hannah, and Mickey Rourke to name a few. I admire Jamie Lee Curtis who has aged gracefully and doesn't even dye her hair.

@ebdb Dear, when you grow ip being ridicules as "big nose" get plastic surgery as soon as you can.'
You must be on the person's skin to judge.

BTW: IMHO "To age gracefully" is an expression coined by those who can't afford to look better.


My response: Stoic

MikaB Level 5 May 2, 2018

Because they can't! lol I'm here all week 🙂


Botox is a poison they inject into the muscles. They tried it with my cerebral palsied daughter years ago to reduce spasticity.

ad people use it a lot for cosmetic reasons (wrinkles)

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