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A pastor told me today that he is sorry that I have not felt the love of god. Pastor, I am the one who is sorry.
I'm sorry you believe a god who does not seem interested in loving everyone.
I'm sorry you feel the need to apologize for this "all loving" creator.
I'm sorry your religion would have you believe people are incapable of loving each other without this watch-dog divinity.
I'm sorry your happiness in this life relies on hope of the next.
I'm sorry you can't see that we don't need a god to be good, or loved.
I'm sorry for all the wonder your faith would have you ignore in favor of fairy tales.
For all the confusion in doctrine.
For lies of zealouts.
For the guilt brought on by your own humanity.
For all the delusions your mind has been forced through fear to accept, you have my deepest sympathies.

Foxonaut 5 Dec 8

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I'm sorry he's wasted his miserable life.


I am sorry he never received a gift from Santa. Unfortunately Santa is,not real either.


Beautifully stated. Perfect.


It’s a non-apology, it is an attempt to shame you into drinking his cool-aid.


"For all the delusions your mind has been forced through fear to accept, you have my deepest sympathies." That's Awesome!

you look neat, wish you lived in Illinois....


If I feel the love of God, it better be consensual...

Jimm Level 4 July 26, 2018

Very well said. I never understood how intelligent people could follow a poorly written book of fables.


Well said


Not to one-up you, but I think I have you beat. the last time I was in church was for a funeral. My mom had an aunt that passed. I never met her, didn't know of her, but they needed a paul bearer. I got suckered into doing it. I was in the front row, and the preist had made some speal about how people did not come back to church because they "weren't invited". Then went on to say that everyone was invited. During the speach I couldn't stop staring at his "fish hat". I was in the front row laughing my ass off! Tried to refrain from laughing. Couldn't help it. Even giggled carrying the coffin, I giggled. Am I evil? Yes I fucking am!

@LimitedLight @ my dads GF funeral the preacher was trying to make it look as if they were good friends yet never got her name right, not once.....


Copycat kings

Christianity is nothing more than a patchwork quilt of ancient pagan and mystery religions.” The Church borrowed heavily from pagan deities already in existence or long before the time of Jesus. Rejected by the academic community, because historical facts don’t support it, it lingers as a vague idea in popular culture. it’s quickly apparent that the differences are actually much greater than any commonalities.


I shall relate the story of my older brother. We grew up in evangelical type church which was fun as a child. When we were teens an evangelist came to town on a slavation tour. That service went on and on and on. I was twelve. I wanted to be saved. So I prayed and prayed. At the end the preacher asked had anyone received salvation. My brother raised his hand. I was shocked. He hated everything that church stood for. I recall my parents were happy about this, while I sulked on the way home. To me my brother was the incarnation of evil. Years later we are sitting in a bar. I said to him, what did it feel like to get saved that day. "Oh that. Remember that girl Rhonda"? I did because she was very pretty. "Well she said I would never get in her pants until I was saved. So I faked it". Again I was shocked. "You mean you faked being saved in church"? "Yeah", he said. "Why not, everyone else did". Then he told me to ask my mom what went on there. Only later did my Mom tell me the truth of the what was really going on. Of people having sex with other men's wives, of all the adultery taking place. Even the preacher was in on it. That is why he suddenly fled the church. One of the men found out about him and his wife and went to his house with a gun. "And did you", I asked my brother "Get in her pants". "Yeah, she was alright".

That sounds like a novel. Simply amazing, but my mother would never tell me if those things went on in our church. When I was older I saw similar to your story. It would make no difference to most believers though. They say a church is for sinners. Then they'll turn around and say a person wouldn't do the things if they prayed more. Theres no data check.


If your god is ok with all the suffering in the world. Then your god is a Tyrant who needs to be brought down. That's just my opinion

What would you have God do? Execute Judgement on he wicked?

Your right my friend. But in reality he’s not, who? Because he doesn’t exit.

Your right my friend. But in reality he’s not, who? Because he doesn’t exit.

@wmou he done a good job on doing it to the good.


God is a stalker!

A stalker. Sir may I suggest you got this wrong. He is nothing.


George Carlin said it best about religion.


I'm sorry that your idea of love involves eternal torture for a finite crime.
I'm sorry your God requires a literal lifetime of servitude on nothing but a promise for which there is 0 evidence.
I'm sorry people interpret this love to justify horrific acts.


God is so good

I believed in Jesus and all that bullshit until God took my dad from me when I was 8 years old. I prayed to Jesus to "bring Dad back" like he did Lazereth. Needless to say, the great and wonderful, powerful all knowing JESUS DIDN'T DO IT!!! that was the end of that. I figured they were lying to me at church, which they were. Organized religions are about '' control " and getting your money.

@FlyingEagle1952 By come back to life rules Lazereth is like 10-11 times more powerful than Jesus.

@DragonDust I'm not sure what you are trying to say to me, but all in is getting strange, and we are all getting closer to the end every day as time goes on. it's important to control the mind, keep hate, anger, and depression to a minimum.....and enjoy life. I keep busy but most of the. time I am lonely and sad. Politicians are full of it, religious leaders are full of it, corporations are full of can't trust mother used to say," at the end of your life, if you can count the number of friends you have on one hand.....YOU ARE LUCKY!!!

@FlyingEagle1952 It's kind of a Point Of View thing. If coming back from the dead makes you all powerful then lazerus should be more powerful than Jesus. If it was only the numbers that count then we'd use Stalin as our stand in word for evil rather than Hitler. Some people are terrified of the idea of there being nothing after death while others take comfort in it. Struggle and understanding infinity. Australian Aboriginals have a historically beneficial relationship with fire (hunting, agriculture, earliest bakers lots of stuff) and had many words for it. Fire is powerful but only lasts for a moment as does the usefulness of knowledge. so the lake of fire was like a lake of knowledge rather than something daunting. Aboriginal translation of the bible didn't beat down like others did. Some stuff is serious and some is not so serious. Shower thoughts if you will. What will you care about at your deathbed? Friends, family, how you spent your time? What was the last thing you ate? That's something only you'll find out though we all will eventually for ourselves. I kind of went off there. Anyway is POV. Positive, negative, somewhere in between?

@DragonDust Once again, I don' t know what your point is. call it The Universe, call it The Void.....whatever. It's bigger than me, ha ha! Stay away from the evil doers!!!

@FlyingEagle1952 Haha. I can agree on that.


The attempt of religion to brainwash the masses is basically well-represented in Star Trek by The Borg: "Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated".

HA! I have ALWAYS referred to the godbots as "The Borg"


Religion, setting the bar a new lower level of delusion.


Well written and logical. I recall a Jewish man some years ago interviewed on radio. He was a holocaust survivor. He said that if this is what it meant to be God's chosen people, let him choose another!


This is beautifully written! I agree with you 100000%


I'm so sorry for you. One day you will see the light. You must believe that this too is part of God's divine plan. You're young... You'll understand more when you're older. You need to have faith. God will reveal himself when you're ready to see.

Anyone else sick of condescending holy men's tired cliches?

I'm so sorry for you. One day you'll see reality. You must know that there is no obvious plan. You'll understand more when you're wiser. You need to have knowledge. A better understanding of the universe will be revealed when you're ready to accept demonstrable facts.

Keita Level 5 July 8, 2018

I think that because we have a better understanding of the universe is why we are non believers.

@misstuffy. There is a philosophical responsibility of the religious to accept their religious principles. There is no responsibility of the nonreligious at all. Many sceptics and atheists take up the mantle of science, not as a protest against the universe, but as an acceptance of the universe... Flaws and all.

Religiosity cannot allow the acceptance of flaws. It must be perfect because it was made perfect by a perfect being.

So I'm going to rephrase your statement as:
Because we are Nonbelievers, we allow ourselves to better understand our universe.

Because we have no preconceived notions or restricted narratives, we don't have to find anything other than what's there.

@Keita I prefer to word my statements my own way but I get what you are saying.

'You'll understand more when you're older...You'll understand more when you're wiser.'?? WTF??

I hate it when I’m told I have to have faith. Nobody in the Bible had to have faith! Either God or an Angel manifested themselves to all the biggies. If God or an Angel manifest for me, I’ll consider having faith.


I wouldn’t waste all that energy on him!

Who is the fuck is that blind believer. Get out!


Well said.

LouLou Level 4 June 26, 2018

As a non-jew I can't take christians very seriously. what I know about them I learned in the street and not from any formal education.


@rossit0725 I was an orthodox Jew for a while, now I'm a non-jew. does that clear it up?


D, all of the above

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