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A pastor told me today that he is sorry that I have not felt the love of god. Pastor, I am the one who is sorry.
I'm sorry you believe a god who does not seem interested in loving everyone.
I'm sorry you feel the need to apologize for this "all loving" creator.
I'm sorry your religion would have you believe people are incapable of loving each other without this watch-dog divinity.
I'm sorry your happiness in this life relies on hope of the next.
I'm sorry you can't see that we don't need a god to be good, or loved.
I'm sorry for all the wonder your faith would have you ignore in favor of fairy tales.
For all the confusion in doctrine.
For lies of zealouts.
For the guilt brought on by your own humanity.
For all the delusions your mind has been forced through fear to accept, you have my deepest sympathies.

Foxonaut 5 Dec 8

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Is your 'god' so shallow that he needs everybody to love him? I am a little worried that your god is stalking me. Should I file a report?

#Exactly! Sounds pretty needy if you ask me.

@BettyColeman haha! Out damn spot! OUT! You should respond to all the messages as if they were written to you...if you promise to do that, I will totally follow you!

I'm so confused by that exchange lol@JohnnyThorazine

@DelilahJones33 I was just teasing the father figure/all seeing eye concept of god, and got a 'ear' full...hehe...but I loved the fire and brimstone that the message was delivered with...not sure where it was aimed at...hehe

Yeah that’s where my confusion came from too lol@JohnnyThorazine

@JohnnyThorazine /follow me Johnny you must be a stalker.

I would for it is probably someone in here.

@BettyColeman haha! Consider yourself stalked...but only reasonably during proper stalking hours...let's say, 2-3 pm on alternating, dewey decimating wednesday if both parties agree...I find one sided stalking so...lonely....hehe


Logic never works on these guys. I find that if you gently mock them, that helps.

Pastor: Have you met Jesus?
Ben: Of course, I'm dating his dad.

Pastor: I'm sorry that you've never felt the love of God.
Ben: I'm sorry that you haven't either. Or experience the love of Zeus, or gotten to kiss Eros on the mouth.

Pastor: You're going straight to hell.
Ben: Pastor, of all the ways I'm going to hell, "STRAIGHT" is not one of them.

Pastor: Jesus loves you.
Ben: Yah, but he's two thousand years old and still lives at home.

Pastor: Jesus sent me to you.
Ben: I'm not surprise, Heaven always did have it out for me.

Awesome LOL


He only said sorry to your face. In his mind he is thinking "smug little bastard! I'm going to enjoy watching you burn for eternity. Nha nha nah nah nah!"

I may burn but there is no eternity. Stop trying to label me Christian. i am not.

I say your spiritual rather than Religious.


The preacher told me I was going straight to hell. I'm like “Hellooh <finger snap and palm in your face denial>! There may be a lot of ways I'm going to hell, but ‘straight’ isn't one of them.”


"he is sorry that I have not felt the love of god" - just like all the alter boys have?


It's sad when people's lives are so empty that they have to resort to imaginary friends to feel loved; and sadder still when they earn their livings trying to convince others to buy into the delusion.

JimG Level 8 Feb 3, 2018

Sorry for your living with the belief that your friends or family might be eternally punished for morally irrelevant and finite things.

Not "might be," but "will be" and not "morally irrelevant and finite things," but it is enough simply because they have not taken the saving hand of Jesus even if they are the most moral persons in the world 🙂


We don't need his pity.

Mr_Dj Level 5 Dec 8, 2017

We are so lucky to have this site to say what we feel and meet so many with more or less the same principles....good for you...


Omniscient, all powerful, and he STILL wants y/our money!!!


Well, I'll be saving that for Facebook!!

Lol @Zoidburg Isn't that casting pearls to swine?


Well-stated. Clear, grounded, and unequivocal.


I always want to respond to that line of talk with "I am sorry you're wasting your life misleading and wasting other people's lives with your faith in your religious fantasty." But I don't out of respect for freedom to do whatever stupid thing you want with your time on this rock.


“watch-dog divinity” -- laughing out loud.. I’m learning fun terms and new phrases every day around here! 🙂

Varn Level 8 Dec 8, 2017

That's a lot to say at one time... very good. Proud of you standing your ground.


fuck that's brilliant


Best antI-relIgIon speech ever !!!!!


brilliant well said


I like the attitude of your approach, because I use something similar once in a while and find it quite effective. Go Git Um Tiger.

Yah - give 'em their Hell!


I'd love God more, if he'd give me the winning numbers for the next PowerBall!


Your god's an asshole.

I agree, completely......look at what he did to his son!!!


Here is my standard answer, " I'm sorry you don't take Zeus more seriously.


Pastors are in it for the money honey.

Some of them actually believe their bullshit.

Have to
Leave now. Damn Christians.


I told one preacher, I did feel the love of god but it was delusional euphoria. Same dude admitted his own faith is circular logic and he can't convince anyone without the bible.

I'm betting he'll drop xtianity sooner or later.

It's to give up all that status.

Or a Xanax.


The love of god, ha

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