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Tina Turner dead at 83. Rest in power, Tina :'(

Organist1 8 May 24

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Came across this very short clip of Janis on Dick Cavett. She mentioned Tina Turner as her favorite artist. Back then, many hasn't heard of her yet.


My religious cousin on FB posted about Tina and one of her friends wrote, "How sad. Buddhists don't get into heaven."

I showed great restraint and made no comment.

What a heartless comment! Some things don't need to be said, no matter how Xtians feel. 😟 IDK why she would feel the need to say such a thing.

@Organist1 we totally agree. I thought it was tasteless. It didn't focus or even mention what she contributed to music. I wanted say, "Maybe she won't go to heaven but then, she must not have wanted to. Nirvana is the better option."

How unimaginative and typical christian of you to imagine heaven as a place she would want to be.

@BufftonBeotch bingo. Even my Baptist sister said that she could not imagine living forever--the idea was not appealing. The idea of sitting around praising god forever is not my idea of paradise.


So 😥, she is an icon.


Tina died happy. What a great way to go.


Sorry to see her pass. We all face that final stop sooner or later.


Tina Turner. An icon and a strong woman with an adopted name that she had to wrestle away from Ike. Born Anna Mae Bullock, her powerful voice is always in the back of my mind. You will be missed.

He took so much from her.

But not her dignity and she took his damn name.


Hi! I've got a CD of one of many of her songs rest in peace my beloved sister!

I got to see her in concert several years back.

You could tell she loved every minute of it. Elton John is the same way. Some people were born to be on the stage and give every ounce of love to their audience.

And I saw George Carlin and thought he would be relaxed but the extreme anxiety was oozing off him.
Dude. You've been doing this exact routine word for word for 40 years.

Calm down.

Some people never get comfortable with it.


She was one of a kind...grateful we had her as long as we did. Her music will live on forever.


Another great talent lost. The music will live on forever!!


Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken.


She was a force of nature, and a hell of a river tour guide! 😍

Proud Mary!

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