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There's no reason why an old pagan atheist quilter cannot indulge in the whimsical and fantastical.

Gwendolyn2018 9 May 30

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As a fellow Atheist quilter, glad to meet you! Beautiful work!


Very nice work.~~~~

Thank you! I enjoyed making it. I am making a bee gnome quilt now.


Looks good to me.


This is your work? Very well done.

She’s prolific. I imagine she’s out of closet space. I would offer to store some for her, but her family needs to stay warm.😉

I am passionate about quilting--I have 15/16 stacked up in my spare bedrooms. I need to try to sell them, but I am teaching 5/6 classes and don't have the time to look for venues. Thanks!

@Garban WAY out of closet space! I was counting the "extras" last night and there are at least 15 "spare" quilts. My son told me that they don't need any more quilts, but my DIL said they would take any I wished to give them.

Oh, and I have several tops needing to be quilted.

You could store some for me, but I would have to charge you, not the other way 'round. 😛


Black isn’t commonly used on quilts. I like the dark frame around the burst of color.

I go for the uncommon! This is is supposed to be a gate leading into a secret garden, but the gate doesn't look like a gate--this is a prototype, the next will be more gatelike. It looks better in person, but they always do.


It's got a nice, a bucolic vibe. And is it just me, or is there also a phallic theme here? 😂

Wondered if I was alone on this.

I was wondering if someone would think the mushroom tree house were phallic! It's not intentional. I once made a long, tall vase and had it basted on a quilt. My DIL came to the house and said, "No way! That looks like a penis!" I took it off.




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