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Hello everyone. I am currently having some health issues. I hope it's nothing serious but I have to wait for the blood test result
Many religious people I know (including my parents) say that this is my punishment for not being religious and living a "life of sin". My mother also tells me I should pray and ask god for forgiveness if I want to be healthy. All this makes me feel even worse ??

Alexa 5 May 14

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Two hands working can do more than a thousand clasped in prayer
doctor's heal the sick religions scam the weak I know who I trust


Tonight I will raise a toast for your good health.


Well Alexa,no its not your punishment for not being religious. I don't believe in god. God hasn't been proven to me. When I had my heart attack 18 yrs ago I decided to hedge my bet and said this prayer" oh lord,don't let my kids find my porn" then,I lived.


Because everyone knows that religious people never get ill. Stay Strong!!!


That is a no-win situation (with your religious friends & family). Rely on medical science and reality and you'll get through this. Don't accept the unearned guilt the religious are trying to dump on you. Remember you have friends here. =]


So sorry. Thinking of you. I'm a blood cancer survivor 5 yrs

Thank you ? You must be so strong!

@Alexa Please consider that sassygirl's being a survivor may very well speak to the intersection of the groups "healthy" and "religious". If sickness is due to non-belief, why then is she a survivor?

Yes you are right. And there are many religious people that are sick in this world.

not religious in the least.


That's just so sick at a time of worry and concern for you 😟


Trust your Doctors 1st. and always ! Our collective support with you all the way !

Sorry but doctors are wrong so much of the time as they're not trained in many things expect giving out meds. I could on and on about misdiagnosis doctors have done to me! I got hurt by trainer at a gym my doctor told me I had nerve damage in my foot and "nothing could be done". I suffered for years from it and went and got special inserts for my shoes and some other things and I'm much better. It turns out I did not have nerve damage at all. If yo have any 2nd thoughts at all get another doctor to see you! Please do this, I'm talking from decades of experience. Many doctors are poor at diagnosing people with health issues.

If you have your doubts about one, try another, but trust them. There is no one else to trust ?

I trust you, just wear a rubber glove when you stick your finger up my arse, please ?


Thousands of innocent children die daily to young to understand the concept of praying and asking God for forgiveness so if this really worked everyone would be healthy or die young. My best advise to you is to eat fantastic, ( I'm a Vegan ) and my overall health is very very good! So hang in there and don't let the nay-sayers get you down! Believe in its the best medicine.


Everybody, non believers, believers, can have a medical problem. From the Pope to Stephen Hawking, we are born, we live, some have medical issues, others get through life in relative good health. What you believe has no bearing on how your life proceeds health wise. Praying won't do a damn thing for your health, otherwise there would be no need for hospitals, modern medicine and medication. Take care of yourself, let your doctor help you through your issue, and maintain a positive attitude. Those will help you get back on your feet, not getting on your knees.


So, Christians don't get sick? Only sinners? Hmmm...I think I would have to ask her that question.


Forget the religious can have better results by eating fruits and vegetables.


I am sorry you have folks surrounding you practicing not the compassion Christ taught about. We are here to help you negotiate the maze. You are in my thoughts. Heal soon & be well.


No please don’t lose your hope that is where you stand for I know in our life worse when worse Situtation like this makes us to think for help unconsciously but the merely fact is there is no god trust me please don’t lose faith on yourself you can come out of this fight yourself up


Your mama loves you I'm sure, but she certainly isn't being very supportive. Not that I want to disparage your mama. Hang in there, and tell mama "we all sin and fall short of the glory that is god." I'd look up that chapter and verse but I'm afraid my computer might get struck by lightening. (Romans 3:23, I don't believe that stuff) Tell mama you love her and you could use her support right now, and if she must beat you with the buybull then you'll have to have some space. Hope you feel better soon.

@bigpawbullets thank you! I share wisdom of a life full of experiences of making some really bad choices.


Prayer doesn’t work. Face it head on and deal with it one foot in front of the other. Be positive. I sincerely hope that it is not serious.


I’m sorry you are dealing with this in addition to your health issues. I truly hope they are able to find solutions that get you to feeling better very soon.


If your parents are loving parents, I presume they are genuinely concerned for your physical well being. Despite their ignorance and adherence to their religion which punishes independent thinking and non-conformity.
They may well be sincerely worried about you,but actually literally believe that Their god is angry with you, and now is the time to beg his forgiveness, and ask for his devine intervention and protection.
Maybe since, they are clearly imbedded into this nonsense, you should not waste any time or energy fighting with them ,or allowing them to doubt yourself or your values, don't hate them, politely ignore them and set your mind on getting better.
If the news is bad, take each day at a time, and put your faith in medical science to get you back to health.
If and when you are better, you may explain to them calmly that you got through this by following your medical regime, not prayer or penance. Best wishes no matter what.


There's no way to contend with religion and it's remarkable always that they can provide an answer to all of life's woes! They eventually will turn on you to try and convenience you that is all you fault! Don't listen to them they drink from a polluted stream. Just be yourself, you may be some what at fault, for making a bad choice in life, but that's part of living! Just smile and take as a life lesson! Think positive and please don't made it any worse than it has to be! Their will always be people who will be there for you without judgement. If I can help you through this process just let me know!


This is just a form of attempted mind control. The world is full of religious people who are sick. Those who accuse you know this. They themselves suffer from a sickness of the soul or they wouldn't treat you like this.

I think that this is sad but true.


My mother used to blame bad breaks in my life on my refusal to give my heart to Jesus. ? Stay away from her you are going through enough.


Hi Alex,
I'm sorry to hear that you're not well.
As far as I'm concerned the concept of gods is puerile and belongs to an earlier stage of human development.
Someone has already advised you to listen to your doctors and be guided by them. I would echo that view. Forget the superstitious nonsense.
I wish you a speedy recovery.
Best wishes.

Athos Level 5 May 15, 2018

Hi Alexa

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. It is such a shame that instead of getting love and support from your family, you're getting judgement and attack.

I hope you have some people in your life that can give you a hug and be on your side.

Broug Level 3 May 15, 2018

That's what the concept of religion and God is all about. It provides answers for all the uncertainties and things which are yet to be discovered. Thankfully, we now have a branch of science that deals with this is. Lygometry - go, read about it! It really is interesting.

The concept of religion or god is just not a concept alone it’s a regulations and a restrictions created by humans none other only humans to make it clear . There is neither a proof for god nor for a religion which only make u to think like dumb


? - What is the maximum effectiveness of Prayer? Zero.
If prayer works, then why do we need medical technology?

Trod Level 5 May 14, 2018
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