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Share terrible stock photos of your job! If you type your job title into a Google image search you'll be inundated with stock photos of what somebody, somewhere, thinks you do all day. Let's share them and try to guess each other's jobs!

By Rufus_Maximus7
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I could only find bad real photos, lol.

CaroleKay Level 8 May 17, 2018

That middle one is amazing. I love it.

@Stealthbeard I swear I saw that at ringling college here in Sarasota years ago. I need to pop back in there and see what those kids are up to.


I suppose my profession is obvious, since this photo gives it away.
This is what I do all day.

That expression! ?

@AmiSue I love my job.

@Donotbelieve Best job ever!

you're Pinocchio?

@Lukian You might need glasses?

@Donotbelieve Pinocchio's Grandma?

@Donotbelieve Oh now I get it! Puppet master?

@Lukian In a very round about way...


Mine was spot on. That's me in the left work while I have two co-workers with hands in pockets arguing who the better sports ball team/player is.


Retired. And my life is the opposite of this actually! smile001.gif


No good ones. Guess from the memes!

AmiSue Level 8 May 17, 2018

One of my part time jobs.


Auto Parts Counterman

MacTavish Level 7 May 17, 2018

We can't guess if you tell us!

@Rufus_Maximus That's what I get for not reading it all.




Kinda obvious but always an adventure.


Looks much like this, less paper


There were many others, but they would get me booted from the forum.

Rugglesby Level 8 May 17, 2018

@AMGT we could set up shop in the same street and refer clients back and forth between us, we would never go out of business.

You're either a confused gardener or a merkin maker!


Yup, this pretty much sums it up.

Benthoven Level 8 May 17, 2018

This is my favorite.


This is not from Google pics because everything they showed had blonde women with big toothy grins looking way too happy about being behind a desk. Below is the real image of how I feel

@felix5 yeah but their mine!!!!


Let's try these:

MacTavish Level 7 May 17, 2018

Some text


Here ya go ... so not typical of what I do, lol

@KBJ41 not quite - paralegal


That last one seems off somehow...


I'm a delivery driver, called a "delivery specialist" by my organization but this could be anything from pizza to diamonds. Just use your imagination.

DenoPenno Level 8 May 17, 2018

Lol, wow, there are some bad stock pictures

Thumbs up, creepy smile, and limp wristed, lol

Proto Level 6 May 17, 2018

It’s way too fucking hot out here


I have two job titles and this by far is the best/most optimistic image from either of them


Mine are all boringly accurate


Apparently, I wear multiple hats all at the same time and look at coins with a magnifying glass.

LizBeth Level 6 May 17, 2018

Video analyst? Researcher? Hologram model? How many guesses do I get?

Kafirah Level 8 May 17, 2018

My job images were actually pretty accurate (fairly obscure field), but I googled PhD student, and sad to say...they all are true as well

Blizzard Level 7 May 17, 2018

Pretty accurate....

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