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Hebrews and American Indians - Land Claims

sassygirl3869 9 May 17

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This is the problem with memes. THE WORLD OVER AND THROUGHOUT HISTORY, populations have overrun other populations, raping, pillaging, seizing land. This, by the way, isn't what happened in Israel. The Palestinians were offered land for a homeland by the British when Israel was formed. They chose to go to war.
Sassygirl, you sensationalize the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, add to it, offer no solutions for it, there's never a balanced approach from you, meaning what EACH side can bring to the table. You had a bad experience in Israel and that is your reference on the conflict. Kind of self-serving, honestly. There are people on both sides of this conflict, apart from the governements/leadership, trying to change things for the better. You could make an effort to get to know what the Israeli and Palestinian activists goals are towards a two-state solution.
You would be great at guerrilla warfare, btw. Creep up from behind and then run away.

Not going to argue about the ultra Zionism going on. Moving the embassy was a bad idea. I had Arab and Israeli friends when I was in Israel. I heard both sides. Israel has encroached on shared land. Their settlements by extremists were build on that land.

I didn't have a "bad" experience in Israel. Iwent back in college and saw and heard things by talking to Arabs and Israelis. No Bible Study Tour sugar coating. Poor student with 40 lb pack who visited old friends. Heard some stories from both sides.

@sassygirl3869 thanks for responding. I read your comments from a different post and that was my takeaway. Isreal's government is headed in the wrong direction without doubt but the Palestinian leadership is no better. I feel Israel shouldn't be building in disputed land without resolution too. That just seems like common sense. What's offensive to me is that this meme is just about Israel existing, not about the more recent building in disputed land. In addition, many American Indians sympathize with the Jews, so this picks those that don't. Just a few issues with the meme


And I get the sentiment. Just sayin' about the language.


Hebrews? Who says Hebrews? Nobody talks like that! Except for some Xian-types. No, the word is JEWS, thank you very much.


The Indians LOST their war.
The U.S Cavalry won. So, it's now OUR land.
They should consider themselves fortunate we allowed them to have a few reservations.

Snark? Go, Cav?

@BookDeath I hope he is joking


Hey according to the Mormons Hebrews and American Indians are the same thing.

More religious BS. Don't you just love it!!


Wow... thats a statement.


I've been saying this for a while. It usually leads to a Republican screaming in my face.


Shlomo Sand explains it nicely ...


But remember, the Israelites threw out the Canaanites, who by this logic therefore have a greater right to the land.
Where are Canaanites today? Many were slaughtered in a heinous act of "ethnic cleansing" but others fled and survived. DNA analysis shows that the largest concentration is in Lebanon, with many of them also found today in the Palestinian lands of Israel, Jordan, and Syria.
Now there's a can of worms upon which to ponder!!!


As critical as I am of the Israeli government's attitude and open hostility to the Palestinian people, not least its on-going murder of Palestinian protesters at its eastern border (using snipers on unarmed civilans?!) the meme leaves unanswered the paradox of Israel's existence - that it is founded on the traditional hereditary lands of Palestinians (who, as the Philistines had settled the region even before Abraham's tale of a divine call for their ouster) in recognition of the Jewish right of a homeland after two millennia of persecution and the then still recent industrialized slaughter of the Holocaust - a circle that is nigh on impossible to square..

Is it calling for the Jews to be dispossessed of Israel - we know beyond doubt that that is never going to happen - or for more understanding and accommodation of the wish of Palestinians left homeless since 1948 to return, even if only to visit, their ancestral villages? Surely its logic dictates that, if Jews are to leave Israel, then America's 300,000,000 + must abandon the US and find a homeland of their own to return to.


According to Mormon doctrine, Indians were descendants of ancient Israelites that came to America around 600 BC, then of course the doctrine also says that they become "wicked" and were cursed with darker skin, and would be ruled by the Gentiles (white people), which the Lord has prepared the land for. The Book of Mormon explains all this so well, isn't that convenient?

... and the "Book of Mormon" musical parodies brilliantly.


Did the Jewish people have a right to the lands of Israel after 2 millennium of absence, it's unlikely that such a claim would stand up in a normal court of law but the right of the Jewish people to buy a chunk of land from the British who had stolen it by force of arms is certainly legal. There are only a few ways to claim land, be born to it as a birth right, buy it from the current owner and seize it by force, these are the time honoured methods of claiming title to land. I would argue that the Jewish people bought the original tract of land from the British and have used it effectively as a beach head to seize more lands by force of arms and are continuing to expand to this very day. Some would argue that the Zionists who seem to be in charge in Israel will only be happy when they achieve the area of land known as Greater Israel but this would mean taking land from several Arab countries so expect a lot more blood shed.
As to the native peoples' claim to land in North America, those can be settled in the courts because of their birth right or through purchase of ancestral lands. As the chief of one of the bands that owns a very successful casino that I built the hotel for once told me, 'Don't worry about us, we're getting our land back, one pull of the slot machine arm at a time.'


See, the problem with this picture is that it uses logic. If the racists understood logic, we wouldn't be having this conversation.


We have the same problem in South Africa ?


That's about it, how can we be surprised by anything anymore.


We ignore our own treatment of the native people.

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