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Parenting advice.

And so I ask you this one question. Have you ever tried simply turning off the TV, sitting down with your children, and hitting them?

omalita 5 May 22

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Is this supposed to be silly, random, or fun? It might be random, but there is nothing silly or fun about hitting children.

@Ringo6 She wrote, "hitting them"--don't try to soften what she said. And no, it does not "depend."

Its absolutely fucking hilarious, jesus, what happend to laughing at a joke?

@dellik No, it is not funny. Some things are not fodder for jokes, and hitting children is one.

@dellik , most of us are under the impression that jokes are supposed to be at least a little humorous.


Wow the level of butt hurt and inability to laugh at a joke is impressive high on this post.

Also, lmfao.

Do you think hitting women is funny, too?

Here we go again lol

Yeah I know--I'm new here & seriously beginning to wonder if Athiests are all like this? If so they don't seem like very fun people. I bet every parent I know would have laughed. & none of us spank our kids.

@Gwendolyn2018 I think everything is potentially funny, so... yes..?

@omalita for real, I really didnt expect other atheists to be uptight, its really bizarre to me.

@dellik As a teacher (even though I teach college now), I am a mandatory reporter. If I kid tells me that a parent hits him/her, I am required, by law, to report the incident. Note that "hitting" does not imply "spanking." I have heard reports, personal and in general, of children being hit, or severely "spanked," for exceedingly minor things.

It is not "bizarre," not when one is truly cognizant of child abuse and of how rampant it is. It is the same with rape: I have heard jokes about rape, and to a woman who has been raped/sexually assaulted, there is nothing funny about it.

@Gwendolyn2018 you are entitled to find nothing funny about that kind of joke, that is your prerogative, what you are not entitled to, is to state that those kinds of jokes arent funny. hundreds of comedians, and millions of laughs prove you are wrong..

And telling people that are laughing at a joke, that it isnt funny is rather absurd, don't you think?

@dellik it just shows that the 'joke' hit a nerve. If someone can't relate to a joke that doesn't make them humorless. But it's about people who don't agree with hitting to get what you want. Atheists pride themselves with reason and are rightfully tired to having to intemperate negative nuances that are spinned into humor. Some people are still raw from leaving the punitive lifestyle of their organized religion - so don't be so harsh. We are working hard to reduce violent behaviors.


Turning off the TV is great. Hitting your kids is not.


Wow. looking at some of the other comments makes me wonder if many atheists lack a sense of humor, or just have never been parents. I still think it's funny & no, I don't hit my kids. Your joke doesn't lead me to assume you actually hit yours either. Maybe we should just stick to eating every piece of chocolate we can find when it's been "one of those days."

Carin Level 8 May 22, 2018

Those kind of jokes are like blond jokes. Ignorant at the core and implying that parents don't have the intelligence and self discipline to manage their children under stress. Don't have kids if you can't do what's right.


Yeah, you need to work on those jokes.




You shouldnt hit your kids. Thats why they`re giving teachers guns for lol


You're good.

Not only was the post entertaining, but the reactions from those who don't get the reference are entertaining.

Bravo. Encore. Keep up the good work.


I don't have a t.v. and no, I have not thought about hitting my kids.

@omalita, futerama I see the humor....LOL. I thought you were talking about turning off the t.v. and beating your kids


We are a society that thinks the “fun” part of Silence Of The Lambs was the cannibal. Yet people can’t see a joke in written form. The transition to question is the give-away that this is a punchline. Pun intended. If it were not she would undoubtedly be asking something like, “Does anyone ever beat their kids? Mine don’t seem to like it.”
It’s nice that so many people don’t think it’s funny but George Carlin, a very successful comic, said far worse in the name of a laugh.

Context means a lot.

Second this. We don't have the visuals of the cartoon either, which make a big difference.


Hitting kids? Why? Do we need to alert CPS?


Can they hit back or this just a larger individual brutalizing someone smaller than them?

@spike1422 This should go from hitting a kid to all out bare knuckles brawl. Rope off and area and throw down. Let it get all Thunderdome, “Two men enter, one man leaves!”


Turning off the tv? Yes. Sitting down with her? Yes. Hitting her? No.

Try hitting her with the TV.


Ok... the group doesn’t seem to like your joke... I have 3 kids, twins at that... no, I don’t hit them but I can’t say I don’t enjoy the idea, on occasion... so the answer is no, but nobody watches TV here. ... don’t ostracize me till you have driven my kids from Delray Beach to New York when they were toddlers and your the only adult... but alas I have self controll and we survived🙂

@omalita You’re probably a really nice person, this is all supposed to be in fun, do you think that was nice? The post asked, “do you turn off your TV?”... I don’t have one, not sure why that would cause you to les than nice? You don’t know me near well enough to make assumptions.


Ouch. Shoulda put that in quote marks.


I don’t hit my children, ever. I don’t hit even my dog. What do you accomplish by hitting them?

It's a joke for tired parents.

@Carin it just opens up old wounds. Some tired parents have not learned non violent and non aggressive parenting. Some parents have learned alternatives to hitting and therefore help make a better future for all of us. So, those kinds of jokes can hurt, as you see in the reactions of the posts.


I unplug the internet and have our son go stand in the corner at attention (my husband is Navy Veteran so thats how he does it). I have never hit either of my kids. My husband spanked our oldest once against my wishes ,and all it did was give him the impression that when he was mad at other kids at school it was okay to hit them. When we got a call from school our son hit another kid that just validated my point to my husband that spanking is useless as punisment and he has not done so since and our son hasn't had any issues after. Having our son stand at attention in the corner for a few minutes works so well a few times I have seen him there doing it on his own and he admitted on his own what he had done. Giving himself voluntary time outs made him more honest. Its rare we have any behavior issues with him anymore.


So what does hitting a child teach them or anyone else for that matter, other than to get what they want they should use violence and assault. Turning off the TV is appropriate, if there is too much of it, instead of parenting. Kids use of electronics should be limited for their development. If there is time, play with them and read with them. If nothing more, talk with them, not at them so your lines of communication stay healthy and open, all they way to adulthood. If one of the parents oppose the other, get counseling instead of putting kids in the middle. Lead by example.


Auto-correct error? lol. If so, possibly funniest one ever...


Mom veteran of 4 hereAnd Futureama fan...lmao


As a matter of fact, I have.


This group is serious as a heart attack. The joke was obviously meant to be outrageous, and it was damned funny. What's with the buzz kills? Why is everyone always so freakin offended about everything? It was obviously a joke. If we can't be P.I. in here, where can we? It's not a bible study group


Hitting them?


It seems your post might be a nod to something else. Futurama? So I didn't understand it. I don't have a television.

Obviously. Children should not be hit.


One of those days, huh? We all have them! Looking forward to the end of school so I don't have to figure out if they're lying that they don't have homework.

Carin Level 8 May 22, 2018
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