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Beware of the scam artists on this sight.

McVinegar 8 May 28

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Not everyone will want to follow his example, but this is hilarious!

@McVinegar He's got a whole series of these & they are all just funny as hell!


That, and those with sock puppet accounts.


Luckily I have not been contacted by anyone like that. But I will be on the look out!


I just had one contact me. I demanded to know how much money he had and then I asked him to wire me $10K. I'm waiting for his reply. (he's in Ghana so he says). If he sends it...does that make me the scammer? LOL


Have seen some professionals post their wares, but not actually asking for business. I'm too old for scammers to fool too easily, and I like to toy with them to give them a bad day when they try.

@McVinegar i'd never waste 30 minutes on any. Maybe two if they were interesting. I don't think male or female has much to do with who they target unless it's a certain product fro one sex or the other.

@ProudMerry If you use this one, they may not waste time trying to get money from you.


WAIT! You mean....I didn't win the Nigerian National Sweepstakes?

@Shelton NOOOOO....all I need to do is give them my account number and they'll transfer it directly! And they MUST be real because they always write me "in the name of Jesus."


Since 1970, been hit by 2 viruses. Seen many scammers mail. Been asked by two women online sexting for money. That's the sad IMO that a woman must sell sex, even online. On the other hand, I'm sure they can use the money. Some may enjoy the life style, IDK, but I'm pretty sure the majority do not.


Also if you believe you are being scammed report to Admin or SiteSupport. Just put an '@' right in front of either of those.

We keep these scam artists out by reporting them.


One told me she had proof positive of god's existence and would share it for $1845.00, half up front. I'm not that rich.

Lols, are you joking?
She's get a lot more if she went to the press!

That's certainly the most bizarre scam I've ever heard of...


they're like the puget debs in Officer & a Gentleman. they will have text sex with you and tell you it's all safe but then they will use some cheap security program and it will be broken and your info/dick pics stolen.

Oh, no! They are stealing my dick pics. LOL

@McVinegar well ... aren't you the attractive ass magnet!


Yes we do have Nigerian scammers that stay at low levels. You're safer and its more interesting to Private Message Level 5 and above.


I think they target women first. I had one. I am on my toes


I haven't run across any here but scam artists are every where!! I even get them on Words with Friends!

I did too! First time there, but it was immediately apparent. Love the block button.


Not met any yet. But I wouldn't be surprised.

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