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What are some favorite television shows either on regular networks or streaming networks like Netflix?

Ravenwolfcasey 7 June 4

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Game of Thrones HBO, The Hand Maids Tale HULU, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver HBO, Real Time with Bill Maher HBO, Vice News HBO. I just discovered the original Dr. Who series from E1 S1 on BritBox so I get to watch them all over again, Mr. Robot USA and Stranger Things Netflix......just to name a few.


Peaky Blinders, Orphan Black, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Handmaid's Tale, Stranger Things.


Breaking Bad & Dexter.


Shetland and Broadchurch at the moment

@dede18 I just finished watching all episodes of Vera for the second time. So good, and the landscape is just measmerizing. I also highly recommend Hinterland, which plays in Wales.

@dede18 Me too, dede.

@dede18 I loved Vera too and watching the shetland series for the second time now & Hinterland though the welsh language bits are a bit difficult for me sometimes.

@jacpod I am fascinated by the dialects, especially the one spoken on Shetland by the old fisherman. It sounds very much like East Frisian, my father's dialect which he tried teaching us kids very patiently. Also, the Welsh language interests me. It is so different from all the other dialects.

@dede18 OK. Friesland was an old country all along the North Sea coast. It had three parts:

  • West Friesland (Holland, parts of Belgium)
  • Ostfriesland, the country that is German, has a string of barrier slands; and *
  • Nordfriesland, the land along the Nrth Sea up to Denmark.
  • The people there were the last Germanic people to be come christianized, and only due to subterfuge and betrayal by their chieftains.
  • From mythology: The Friesians accompanied Beowulf to slay the Monster Grendel.
  • They were visited by viking groups, mainly from Denmark. ( My father's line)
  • In the Middle Ages, the Hugenot (French Protestants) fled persecution from their home country. Many escaped to Nova Scotia and then Louisiana, but a sizable settlement started in Ostfriensland.
  • Ostfriesland is also the birthplace of Menno Simmons, the leader of a large group of Anabaptists. The Mennonites now have sizable settlements n the American Continent.
  • Their language is closely related to Middle English ( Chaucer )
  • The language is now being taught in East Friesian grade school as an elelctive.

There you go, the whole history in a nutshell.


Netflix has some great shows: Lost in Space, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Nick Cage, Borgia just to name a few. On HBO: Game of Thrones, West World, Real Time with Bill Maher, Band of Brothers, Rome, Veep, again just to name a few. On regular TV: Big Bang Theory, Lucifer, The Rachel Maddow Snow


Frisky Dingo
The Shield
Arrested Development
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Stranger Things
Bob's Burgers
Rick and Morty
IT Crowd
Breaking Bad
Better Call Saul


Rick & Morty
South Park

  1. Supernatural
  2. Lucifer
    3.The 100
    4.The Good Place
    5.Game of Thrones
  3. Ozark
    8.Fear The Walking Dead
  4. The Walking Dead
    10.Fear Thy Neighbor
  5. Rick and Morty

@MscottG thanks...I have no clue why it screwed all the numbers was suppose to be a 1 thru 11 list


The good place
Designated survivor


Criminal Minds, Law and Order[all franchises] Blue Bloods, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Real Time with Bill Maher.


Boardwalk Empire
Peaky Blinders
Walking Dead

just started watching Happy on Netflix, so far so good, entertainingly bonkers!


Breaking Bad and its prequel, Better Call Saul, Penny Dreadful, Dexter, The Expanse (coming to Netflix soon, hopefully), Trailer Park Boys.


I rarely watch commercial OTA and I do not have cable or satellite TV, but enjoy watching YouTube videos almost every night

Spoken like a millennial. ?

@indirect76 ???

@jlynn37 Watching YouTube instead of network TV is a characteristic typical of younger folks, that’s all I meant.

@indirect76 Please forgive this 80 year old for not grasping that.

@jlynn37 I got it and I'm not 80 ? It's so true.

Hell, I'm 52 and I do that as well.


We have been watching 'A very British Scandal' about Jeremy Thorpes gay lover.


Watching Episodes brilliant

It is hilarious


The Walking Dead. The wife got me sucked into This is Us. They literally could not be anymore opposite. Most tv is mindless anyway. I’ve been on a sabbatical until the new seasons start back.


Westworld. The Terror. Humans. Younger. The Man in the High Castle. 13 Reasons Why.


FYI I note that "Peaky Blinders" is on a lot of lists. This was filmed around the corner from my home. The houses (which included Ringos birthplace) were due for renovation but they painted them black and added the overhead stuff with CGI

Its too hard hitting for me couldnt stay with it !


The man in the high castle
Mozart in the jungle

Striking out
A place to call home (high end soap: aussie, 1950s, great clothes and furnishings)
Rake (outrageously funny new season coming soon)


Downton Abby

I have watched more than once:
NYPD blue
Covert affairs
Alias (good music)
Jesse Stone series

Justified was fantastic


This is Us
Rachel Maddow
Little Big Shots
48 Hours
Lawrence O’Donnel
The Resident


i like dexter... havent watched much tv lately


MSNBC coverage
Old British movies on TCM (last week it was 'The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner'😉
'George Gently'/Vera'/'Endeavour' though they're taking a hiatus of late
'Blue Planet II" and any David Attenborough documentary
'The Office' reruns
'Family Guy'


Star Treks of all kinds. ...happy to add a favorite show to watch with my bride to be but weekly TV addiction deters us pacific Atheists from our destiny to liberate the world from violent theocracy especially greedy polluter oil war crimes profiteers like TrumpOLINI zionists and pussy grabbers


It always sunny in Philadelphia has to be one of the funniest show I've ever watched.


Westworld at the mo

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