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LINK Mitch McConnell: Obama 'should have kept his mouth shut' instead of criticizing US coronavirus response - CNNPolitics
altschmerz IL May 12 May 12 44
New name for MoscowMitch. Mad Dog PAC has been busy with its billboards, a new one having recently appeared by my town's exit off I-75. I'm donating to this group, and they have some cool merch, too. The "Fuck Trump covfefe cup" particularly ...
DharmaBum50 KY Mar 14 Mar 14 44
Trying to shake the MoscowMitch nickname before the election, Mitch? Sorry, too late--It's a sticker! :-D :-D :-D
DharmaBum50 KY Sep 19 Sep 19 55
The Ditch MoscowMitch campaign has been busy and traded out the sign at our town's I-75 exit. Here's the new one--I love it. Hoping this campaign has some effect in the election.
DharmaBum50 KY Aug 17 Aug 17 99
How many Republicans are complicit with Moscow Mitch? Wyden blasts FEC Republicans for blocking probe into NRA over possible Russia donations
MojoDave FL Aug 17 Aug 17 66
Let's tell MoscowMitch what we think of him and his buddy. Trumps Bitch has been bragging about being the "Grim Reaper" because bills go to his desk to die. MITCH MCCONNELL CONTACT INFO website http.// Washingto (202) ...
freeofgod KY Aug 13 Aug 13 33
Thoughts and prayers for MoscowMitch. He done fell and broke his shoulder. :((
DharmaBum50 KY Aug 5 Aug 5 1313
Moscow Mitch Merchandise!!!
MojoDave FL Aug 1 Aug 1 88
People in this group sometimes wonder why we Kentuckians can't manage to "ditch Mitch." A big part of the reason is the Kentucky Democratic Party, the people it offers as candidates, and a losing strategy it adheres to like stink on shit, as is ...
DharmaBum50 KY July 9 Jul 9 1010
LINK There’s a word for forcing people to work for untold weeks without paying them - Los Angeles Times
genessa MN Jan 25 Jan 25 22
"Asshole jr" is hanging on the butt hair of his boss and doing his best to fuck things up.
IAJO163 PA Jan 18 Jan 18 33
LINK Recent Developments Suggest Mitch McConnell Is Under Investigation By Robert Mueller | Deep Left Field
HippieChick58 NE Nov 18 Nov 18 55
LINK Mitch McConnell campaign taunts Blankenship — with a little help from Netflix’s ‘Narcos’ - The Washington Post
BookDeath VA May 9 May 9 00