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What has been the dumbest religious comment/response/statement you have ever heard personally? Mine happened this week and I'm still shaking my head about it. My kids and I spent Xmas in New Orleans and spent xmas eve watching the lighting of the...
Crimson67 KY Dec 31 Dec 31 3030
An acquaintance of mine who is aware I am not a believer, keeps inviting me church functions like picnics & other social events. Several years ago I went to a christmas concert. I had nothing else to do that Saturday afternoon & I like music. Her ...
kozmic WI Aug 13 Aug 13 3838
Can God create a rock he can't lift? The answer may surprise you!
Schrodingrr LA Jan 4 Jan 4 1010
Science!!! vs science
DangerDave NV Dec 27 Dec 27 2222
made level 5! yes I'm going to be the greatest unbeliever of all time I believe lol
JohnGalus NY Dec 30 Dec 30 1111
Interesting site; looking forward to contribute. For starters, I'd like to say that as an agnostic, I don't care for how they framed the "belief in god" when we signed up. "Yes, NO, or Maybe" is not how I think of it... nor do I think in terms ...
TheMiddleWay CA Dec 18 Dec 18 66
Christmas: If it gets to be too much. If being indoors with all of the celebration, decoration and "tradition" (religious dogma), starts getting to you, I've found a solution that works for me. Step outside. Yes step out, away from the insanity....
twill IN Dec 21 Dec 21 55
Drink up to human kind! I've always thought of Bette Midler's version of the Peter Gabriel song "Here Comes The Flood" to be a sort of Humanist anthem. Check it out at the link below. Yes, she uses the word "Lord" but I take that as a generic ...
JohnnySokko HI Dec 29 Dec 29 55
Does god see and know everything?
DangerDave NV Dec 23 Dec 23 1212
POLL Life on other Planets? Yes or No?
ripcurldane Australia Dec 31 Dec 31 3030
12 reasons why older men go for younger women
Sarahroo29 CO Dec 23 Dec 23 66
Children: Yes or no?
Kreig New Zealand Dec 28 Dec 28 88
Is there such a thing as a Christian child, Muslim Child or any kind of religious child?
RobH86 UK Dec 31 Dec 31 99
Are there any classical music buffs out there? It has been my favorite genre since I was first introduced to it as a fourth grader--a long time ago. I enjoy it now more than ever, although I listen to other types as well, but 80% of my listening is...
tioteo MI Dec 29 Dec 29 1010
The joys of swearing? (don't read if easily offended)
RobH86 UK Dec 20 Dec 20 44
POLL Are You A Resgistered Voter and Exercise Your Right To Vote?
twshield TX Dec 31 Dec 31 2222
Faith and Darwinian evolution. There is vast evidence - fossils, closely related creatures (Galapogos islands, for example), DNA records, etc, etc - supporting the concept of Darwinian evolution ... but lets totally ignore those for the moment....
ToakReon UK Dec 24 Dec 24 11
@silvereyes is my favorite atheist...ever!
DangerDave NV Dec 29 Dec 29 22
POLL After hearing today's news about Trump not being totally cleared, I predict impeachment preceding will start by this Labor Day. What do you think?
AirForceRN1 CA May 29 May 29 44
Paul Davies: Yes, the universe looks like a fix. But that doesn't mean that a god fixed it | Opinion | The Guardian
anonymous Online Dec 27 Dec 27 33
Free Science Stuff!! I got this from a friend of mine on Facebook who runs a page called "Insufferably Intolerant Science Nerd" It contains a treasure trove of free sciency goodness. Since I can't easily share the link to a FB page to this site,...
ScienceBiker CA Dec 29 Dec 29 22
Darwin Awards 1 This is sad, yet so entertaining and sick. Enjoy. Yes, it is the 1999 Darwin Awards. For those sheltered few of you who are not fully aware of the Darwin Awards; these awards are given annually (and posthumously) to those ...
realdancermn MN Dec 25 Dec 25 00
Romanticizing the past is easy; we were younger, and life was filled with more joy, and less troubles (not because life was actually better ) we were just unaware of how deep the rabbit hole goes. So yes, it's easy to look back ten, twenty, or even ...
DerekD AL Dec 27 Dec 27 00
The unconscionable lack of integrity in media
MrBrown WA Dec 28 Dec 28 1515
POLL Here is the sarcastic joke of today? YES! Would You Marry President Donald Trump, If He Looked Like This? NO! Would You Marry President Donald Trump, If He Looked Like This? MAYBE! Would You Marry President Donald ...
AirForceRN1 CA June 7 Jun 7 1313
Why Americans believe in god? This is a question I been asking my self and thought i would ask that question for my first post on this site. If you talk with any one who believes in a god most can not comprehend a world with out a god. I tried...
lokikye PA Dec 20 Dec 20 88
Favorite Vices?
DangerDave NV Dec 30 Dec 30 11
Hello all, glad to find other people who are like minded. I believe I am a good person but I am not a church goer. I asked a devoted Christian once will Hitler be in heaven? The answer was if he believed in Jesus Christ then yes. I could not believe ...
luise17 CA Dec 31 Dec 31 00
What was your most "blissful" moment?
DangerDave NV Dec 25 Dec 25 11
If you could anyone, alive or departed, and why?
David1955 Australia Dec 24 Dec 24 55
What is the worst argument that religionists use against atheists that gets your back up?
David1955 Australia Dec 27 Dec 27 88
How do you feel about mind altering psychedelic substances?
anonymous Online Dec 31 Dec 31 11
Hello I'm new here oh and just in case God didn't create any religion or wrote any books either, so ya'll don't have to believe in religion bull shit...religions were created by the zionists to control and brainwashed humanity and yes they still run ...
CarlosEastman FL Dec 25 Dec 25 33
Advice on diet and eating healthy. First of all, I am not a nutritionist. I just read up a lot when I had leukemia about nutrition. This is generally what I learned. I wrote this originally to answer a question someone posed, but it got so long, ...
snytiger6 WA Dec 28 Dec 28 11
What do you guys think of the whole MGTOW, AWALT, red pill movement? Personally, I see them mixing a lot of truth with a lot of bullshit. Yes the courts can be extremely unfair to men and yes some women are complete garbage but so are some men. I ...
Tantravect TN Dec 26 Dec 26 11
I was walking in Time Square with my friends yesterday Evening on christmas day. This guy walks up to me in our group and says "Jesus Loves You" and tried to had me some little booklet. I am not sure why i got so angry but my response was " i dont ...
twshield TX Dec 26 Dec 26 22
Are there any lonely women out there that don't feel a need to "fix" me?
nlcperk UK Dec 30 Dec 30 00
POLL New Years' Resolutions?
DangerDave NV Dec 31 Dec 31 1717