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Should schools ban facial recognition ? why/not ?
FearlessFly MN Aug 11 Aug 11 00
My son and family went off to France at the weekend and I considered going over there to join them, but decided it was still too risky for me yet. My thoughts have been on France because of this and I remembered Mirielle Mathieu who was a very ...
Marionville UK Aug 3 Aug 3 33
UTILITARIANISM. - Noun...a theory of morality which advocates actions that foster happiness or pleasure, and opposes actions that cause unhappiness or harm. When directed toward making social, economic, or political decisions, a utilitarian ...
Marionville UK July 30 Jul 30 44
The National Secular Society has reiterated its call for a rethink of a hate crime bill in Scotland amid mounting concerns over its implications for free expression. A consultation on the bill closed last Friday, prompting criticism from police ...
AtheistNews TN July 29 Jul 29 00
SEPTEMBER IS THE GOAL NOW The House of Representatives is planning a floor vote on federal cannabis legalization for September, an aide to a key congressional committee chair and several advocates tell Marijuana Moment. There's a complicated ...
OldGoat43 PA July 28 Jul 28 33
Tech Firms Hire 'Red Teams.' Scientists Should, Too Another botched peer review—this one involving a controversial study of police killings—shows how devil's advocates could improve the scientific process.
FearlessFly MN July 17 Jul 17 33
IMBROGLIO. - Noun...(im-broh-lee-oh) an extremely confused, complicated or embarrassing situation “the abdication imbroglio of 1936”. Synonyms; entanglement, complexity, muddle, confusion. Mid 18th century: Italian, from imbroglare ...
Marionville UK July 17 Jul 17 22
MAKE THEM INTO MINI-ME'S Colorado regulators are proposing a model where marijuana social equity applicants could essentially be franchises of existing cannabis businesses. The program could help people harmed by the drug war get to market ...
OldGoat43 PA July 16 Jul 16 22
MISSISSIPPI TURNING Mississippi medical cannabis advocates are relieved after one more threat to their legalization measure on the November ballot stalled in the legislature as lawmakers went home for the summer. But they still have an ...
OldGoat43 PA July 7 Jul 7 00
LINK Four men charged for trying to tear down Andrew Jackson statue in DC | TheHill
AnonySchmoose HI June 28 Jun 28 33
Does President Trump wish to be known as reponsible for more deaths than any other President?
FrayedBear June 19 Jun 19 00
Does President Trump wish to be known as responsible for more deaths than any other President?
FrayedBear June 19 Jun 19 1414
STATE UPDATES 6/11/2020 The office of Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt (R) outlined plans to address medical cannabis reforms that were part of a bill he vetoed. A spokesman for South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) said she opposes proposed ...
OldGoat43 PA June 11 Jun 11 00
The GOP often bills itself as the party of Law & Order ( hope you didn't choke reading that) but it seems they have been big advocates of looting when it suited their purpose. The internet has a longggggg memory
bookofmorons June 1 Jun 1 77
SUING OHIO - FAILURE The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to hear a case from marijuana advocates who sought to challenge Ohio officials’ refusal to place their decriminalization measures on local ballots. LINK: ...
OldGoat43 PA May 27 May 27 00
Gun Rights Advocates Hang Kentucky Gov. Beshear in Effigy Gun rights advocates sparked outrage after their “Second Amendment Freedoms” protest against Kentucky’s stay-at-home orders - culminated in the hanging of Kentucky Gov. Andy ...
johnnyrobish CA May 25 May 25 33
SHIFTING SANDS A majority of members of a criminal justice reform task force created by former Vice President Joe Biden (D) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) have gone further than the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee by publicly ...
OldGoat43 PA May 14 May 14 33
Do the 'tech giants' need to be reigned-in ? why/not ?
FearlessFly MN May 12 May 12 00
Fred_Snerd OK May 11 May 11 11
Coronavirus Live Updates: As States Move to Reopen, 2 Projections Show Deaths Rising
FearlessFly MN May 4 May 4 11
Sheryl Crow performing " Mississippi "
FearlessFly MN May 2 May 2 00
UNCONSTITUTIONAL PROHIBITION Marijuana descheduling advocates plan to take their case against the Drug Enforcement Administration all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit dismissed it. The ...
OldGoat43 PA Apr 24 Apr 24 11
Anti-Semitic fliers blaming Jews for Covid-19 near Washington, DC. WTF!!!!!
sassygirl3869 NY Apr 20 Apr 20 55
U.N. Backs Down on Partnership With Chinese Firm for 75th Anniversary The decision comes after U.S. officials and human rights advocates complained that Tencent aids Beijing in surveillance.
FearlessFly MN Apr 16 Apr 16 00
LEGAL WEED LOWERS VAPING DEATHS. Legal Marijuana States Had Fewer Vaping-Related Lung Injuries, Study Finds Published April 7, 2020 By Kyle Jaeger A new study published by the American Medical Association examining the spate of ...
OldGoat43 PA Apr 8 Apr 8 33
LINK U.S. coronavirus restrictions create split among religious liberty advocates
TheMiddleWay CA Apr 8 Apr 8 22
LEGAL HOME DELIVERY First Legal Marijuana Home Deliveries Begin In Colorado Published March 27, 2020 By Kyle Jaeger For the first time, people in Colorado will be able to legally have medical marijuana products delivered directly to ...
OldGoat43 PA Mar 31 Mar 31 33
Alright, day whatever the fuck it is and here watching Netflix. Watching Paradise PD and they did a thing on Tucker Carlson on the Gypsy apocalypse, and damn, he really did, in 2017 go off on Gypsies. Who can watch Fucking Faux News? ...
Beowulfsfriend PA Mar 25 Mar 25 00
PROTECTION FROM SHUT DOWNS Advocacy group Americans for Safe Access is pushing governors to ensure that medical marijuana patients maintain access to the cannabis they need as jurisdictions enact a variety of differing approaches to exempting ...
OldGoat43 PA Mar 18 Mar 18 33
REDNECK DINGBATS Mississippi Medical Marijuana Measure At After House Approves Alternate Ballot Question Published March 10, 2020 By Kyle Jaeger A ballot initiative to legalize medical marijuana in Mississippi suffered a blow on Tuesday...
OldGoat43 PA Mar 11 Mar 11 33
A good short summary of the human brain's need for fat. A quote that sticks out: "the grain it’s made of could be organic, the sugar could be honey or coconut sugar, and the seed oils organic and cold-pressed — it wouldn’t matter. At its ...
Mitch07102 PA Mar 10 Mar 10 22
Merseyman1 FL Mar 6 Mar 6 11
It’s time for Sanders to take on Biden’s atrocious fifty-year anti-liberal record. Here are 3 ways he can do it The gloves must immediately come off when it comes to treating Joe Biden. He’s been let off all too easily this entire ...
nogod4me NC Mar 5 Mar 5 1414
I am not happy with how super tuesday is going. i have to admit that neither frontrunner is my first choice and liz just got interrupted on msnbc, with good cause but to bad effect, as she was telling a moving story that i would have liked many ...
genessa MN Mar 3 Mar 3 00
Supreme Court Rejects Gun Rights Group's Challenge to Bump Stock Ban
LiterateHiker WA Mar 2 Mar 2 55
LINK 4 Things Too Gross To Put In Pregnancy Books - YouTube
MsDemeanour Feb 21 Feb 21 22
For advocates of lawless immigration and allowing refugees at the Southern border, read this and see if it makes any sense.... In the Great Britain, the immigration rules are now changing. Low-skilled workers would not get visas under...
St-Sinner TX Feb 19 Feb 19 55
VIRGINIA: YEAS 27, NAYS 13 Marijuana Decriminalization Approved By Virginia Senate And House Published February 11, 2020 By Kyle Jaeger The Virginia Senate passed a marijuana decriminalization bill, one day after the House of ...
OldGoat43 PA Feb 13 Feb 13 22
This App Automatically Cancels and Sues Robocallers It's the newest offering from consumer advocacy group DoNotPay.
FearlessFly MN Feb 12 Feb 12 11
Sanders receives most campaign contributions from active duty military. More so than any other candidate and president Trump. Why does Sanders have such high support from the military, even more so than veteran Pete ...
RoboGraham MD Feb 1 Feb 1 11
IDEOLOGUE. - adherent of an ideology, especially one who is uncompromising and dogmatic; a person who zealously advocates an ideology - “a right-wing ideologue”. 19th century from the French.
Marionville UK Jan 31 Jan 31 11
LINK Kellogg releases ‘All Together’ cereal to support LGBTQ, anti-bullying advocacy -
snytiger6 WA Jan 30 Jan 30 33
LINK Trump Advocates Are Giving Out Cash to Black Voters
snytiger6 WA Jan 30 Jan 30 00
REEFER REDUX Marijuana legalization advocates are pushing back against President Trump’s secretly recorded claim that cannabis use lowers IQ. "What truly causes a decline in an individual’s intelligence is adhering to false Reefer Madness ...
OldGoat43 PA Jan 28 Jan 28 11
GIANT STEP Virginia Lawmakers Approve Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Published January 23, 2020 By Kyle Jaeger Virginia senators advanced a bill to decriminalize marijuana in the state on Thursday, voting in favor of a measure to ...
OldGoat43 PA Jan 24 Jan 24 44
NEXT TO THE VITAMIN PILLS FDA Would Be Required To Allow CBD Product Marketing Under New Bipartisan Bill Published 22 hours ago on January 14, 2020 By Kyle Jaeger There are now 923 cannabis-related bills moving through state ...
OldGoat43 PA Jan 15 Jan 15 33
LINK Advocates have a suggestion on how to use art classes to promote body positivity
snytiger6 WA Jan 14 Jan 14 00
HAWAII LEGAL TODAY Hawaii’s Marijuana Decriminalization Law Is Officially In Effect Published January 11, 2020 By Kyle Jaeger Hawaii's new law decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana went into effect. Low-level ...
OldGoat43 PA Jan 13 Jan 13 11
Don't abbreviate 2020. It's for your own good.
LiterateHiker WA Jan 4 Jan 4 2121
It appears that I have just been appointed host of this warning, no explanation, no notification, just see my name has replaced @Heraclitus! This is how I became host of all my other groups, so I will do my best to host this group too ...
Marionville UK Dec 30 Dec 30 44
LINK ‘Eight Crazy Nights’ Of Estate Planning Topics To Discuss With Your Family And Friends
HippieChick58 NE Dec 25 Dec 25 33
ENTREPRENEUR EQUITY IN SAN FRANCISCO Hurt by the War on Drugs, cannabis entrepreneurs win first SF ‘equity’ permits Dominic Fracassa Dec. 19, 2019 Berner, right, who goes by one name, and Shawn Richard are part of the city's cannabis...
OldGoat43 PA Dec 19 Dec 19 11
Advocates call for FTC probe of "kidtech"
FearlessFly MN Dec 5 Dec 5 00
Trump nominee who is anti-IVF and surrogacy was deemed unqualified. She was just confirmed. The latest of President Trump’s confirmed federal judges has been assailed by fellow lawyers for her lack of trial experience and has been ...
William_Mary OH Dec 5 Dec 5 00
Went to a benefit luncheon today for the Dawson Place Child Advocacy Center (consider donating, good org ) where we got to hear Antoine Fisher speak. Unfortunately his story is so long he couldn’t fit the whole thing into an hour ...
1of5 WA Nov 7 Nov 7 22
LINK Christian Nationalist Claims Constitution Gives Christians More Protection Than Atheists | Michael Stone
snytiger6 WA Oct 28 Oct 28 00
RELUCTANT FINLAND Finland’s Parliament is now required to formally consider a marijuana decriminalization proposal after advocates collected a sufficient number of petition signatures to force the issue.
OldGoat43 PA Oct 28 Oct 28 11
KANSAS CITY MO. D.O.A. KCMO effort to decriminalize certain amounts of marijuana ends without deal Posted: Oct 23, 2019 By: Sarah Plake The Kansas City, Missouri City Council will not take up the issue of decriminalizing 100 grams or less...
OldGoat43 PA Oct 24 Oct 24 00
Why health care costs so much, number 76301 Upselling customers on high-tech breast cancer screenings is just one way the 3D mammography industry aggressively promotes its product. A KHN investigation found that manufacturers, ...
MarkiusMahamius NY Oct 18 Oct 18 22
UTAH FOILED AGAIN A federal judge rejected a motion from Utah's attorney general to dismiss a lawsuit challenging the legislation lawmakers passed to replace a voter-approved medical cannabis ballot measure, and granted advocates' request to ...
OldGoat43 PA Oct 18 Oct 18 11
.......................................................................................................................... "The Story of Death Is the Story of Women … and they want to bring back “The Good Death.” ...
AnonySchmoose HI Oct 7 Oct 7 55
LINK 'Off by $1 Trillion,' Say Progressives on Two-Year Anniversary of Mnuchin Claim Trump Tax Cuts Would Slash Deficit | Common Dreams News
jerry99 NM Sep 27 Sep 27 33
"Atheism should indeed be the de facto status and as such, not require a label, or organizations or movements. Religion, gods, holy books, etc. are all things added. But the dominance of religion in the public sphere and the ...
HectorSaavedra TX Sep 25 Sep 25 11
Terrible accident today
glennlab TX Sep 23 Sep 23 11
LINK Chained to its Past: A German Formula for Injustice toward the People of Palestine | Global Justice in the 21st Century
WilliamCharles CA Sep 20 Sep 20 22
LINK With Abortion Restrictions On The Rise, Some Women Induce Their Own
MsAl MI Sep 19 Sep 19 22
From what I've experienced, the major weakness of humankind is to always weight the short term far more heavily than the long term. How do we address that weakness so that we can begin to repair the world?
Seeker3CO CO Sep 18 Sep 18 22
LINK Teen girl buys AK-47, allegedly threatens to shoot 400 people, targeting former high school: Report – Crime Online
snytiger6 WA Sep 17 Sep 17 33
OVERTURNED Hemp Advocates Win Court Victory Abdul Hakim-Shabazz — September 16, 2019 Last Friday the 13th was not a very lucky day for State of Indiana government, as hemp proponents scored a victory in federal court overturning a ...
OldGoat43 PA Sep 17 Sep 17 22
Joe Biden Is a Phony, Plain and Simple Norman Solomon • 4/24/2019 "Let’s be blunt: As a supposed friend of American workers, Joe Biden is a phony. And now that he’s running for president, Biden’s huge task is to hide his phoniness....
WilliamCharles CA Sep 16 Sep 16 44
LINK More Kids Died in ICE Custody Than From Vaping, Ex-GOP Chairman Says As Trump Plans E-Cigarettes Ban
snytiger6 WA Sep 14 Sep 14 22
.... and again. Glen Baxter.
PaulFarrell TX Sep 13 Sep 13 00
I went fishing on the Salmon River in Pulaski, NY. I didn't have any success with the salmon run (it was a bit early), but I was delighted to see a giant swallowtail nectaring along the river. That was a real surprise, so far north.
Insectra PA Sep 12 Sep 12 00
I have been preoccupied and negligent, not keeping up with the posts on this group as the moderator. First an apology and then a friendly reminder to please keep on topic and respect the motivation for this group as posting positive activism plus...
LetzGetReal AZ Sep 11 Sep 11 00
I know someone (I have been distancing myself from) who is a Trump supporter. They said "I have no problem with gay people but I do not support the LGBTQ community because it's group think and not every gay person thinks the same." As someone...
vjohnson51 WI Sep 7 Sep 7 1818
LINK 'Zionism is at the core of Jewish identity, so anti-Zionism is anti-Semitic' -- A response
WilliamCharles CA Sep 2 Sep 2 44
LINK USDA 2020 dietary guidelines: Trump administration limits the scope of the science - The Washington Post
jerry99 NM Aug 30 Aug 30 33
I had epoxy painted the bath tub Thursday afternoon. I do not insist that my kids take a bath on their weekend (They only have a 4 day of school btw) Sunday eve my son, he always goes first this just saves dad a head ache over who goes first. He goes...
azzow2 NM Aug 25 Aug 25 44
Good Morning Hippies! Was there a day out of the blue where you said fuck this shit? I don't think there was one day. I think it was gradual. Even though I worked in the corporate world up till 7 years ago I've always been my own person. I've been ...
sassygirl3869 NY Aug 21 Aug 21 99
LINK After Lobbying by Gun Rights Advocates, Trump Sounds a Familiar Retreat
IAJO163 PA Aug 20 Aug 20 11
TEXAS TROUBLES Texas Investments Ignite Accusations Of Hypocrisy From Marijuana Advocates By Ryan Poppe • Aug 15, 2019 Advocates for medical and recreational marijuana in Texas said the state is hypocritical for opposing reforms while ...
OldGoat43 PA Aug 19 Aug 19 11
Have some grog, matey!
Hathacat IL Aug 15 Aug 15 66
LINK Ohio lawmaker Candice Keller blames gay marriage, ‘drag queen advocates’ for Dayton shooting
DGJ0114 MI Aug 5 Aug 5 33
What a joke! 😄 No wonder government is dysfunctional! GOP lawmaker blames mass shootings on Obama and ‘drag queen advocates’ in absurd Facebook rant
MojoDave FL Aug 5 Aug 5 77
Video shows Dallas, Texas police joking as a 32-year-old man dies in their custody As the end of the article states in some statistics, this misconduct from law enforcement isn't really a race issue. It's relative use in the main ...
William_Mary OH Aug 3 Aug 3 22
ENGLAND New British Prime Minister Boris Johnson hired two outspoken marijuana legalization advocates for key administration posts, moves that activists say bode well for cannabis reform.
OldGoat43 PA Aug 1 Aug 1 11
For some strange reason I was not a member of this group, even though it still showed me as a mod. It was easy to rejoin, but I am wondering why my membership was removed. I did not leave the group.
MissKathleen AZ July 31 Jul 31 00
Name this group. Anyone?
sassygirl3869 NY July 27 Jul 27 11
LINK EPA to allow use of pesticide considered ‘very highly toxic’ to bees - The Washington Post
jerry99 NM July 25 Jul 25 11
LINK 'Essential Moral Values' Work Against Trump Policy Of Cruelty | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC - YouTube
snytiger6 WA July 23 Jul 23 11
Shout out to all the women advocates, you know who you are. cannawomen. fryday
Captnron59 CO July 12 Jul 12 11
WALKING BACKWARDS IN PARADISE Hawaii Governor Vetoes Two Cannabis Bills While Letting Decriminalization Become Law July 9, 2019 By Kyle Jaeger Hawaii removed the threat of jail as a punishment for low-level marijuana possession on Tuesday ...
OldGoat43 PA July 10 Jul 10 11
LINK In William Barr Trump Finds Tool Against Political Enemies, Investigators | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC - YouTube
snytiger6 WA July 7 Jul 7 11
"Charged With the Crime of Filming a Slaughterhouse" ..................................................... "In 2002, the American Legislative Exchange Council ... took the approach one step further. ALEC drafted a piece of “model legislation”...
AnonySchmoose HI June 29 Jun 29 44
ROCKY MOUNTAIN SHROOMS... Zero Psilocybin Arrests in Denver First Month After Decriminalization Conor McCormick-Cavanagh June 24, 2019 | 9:45am The City of Denver appears to be abiding by the will of the voters. Between May 16 and June ...
OldGoat43 PA June 25 Jun 25 11
Federal Agency Urges Marijuana Businesses To Submit CBD Comments To FDA Published June 21, 2019 By Kyle Jaeger An office of the federal Small Business Administration (SBA) is encouraging marijuana businesses to submit comments to the ...
OldGoat43 PA June 24 Jun 24 22
Involved in advocacy groups?
HaleyJ WV June 17 Jun 17 55
80 years later how the tragedy of the St. Louis inspires our advocacy of refugees.
sassygirl3869 NY June 14 Jun 14 00
Wow go Connecticut! I found this by accident while researching other news tonight. "Transgender inmates in Connecticut will soon become the first in the nation to have a legal right to be housed in a prison that matches the gender with which they...
RavenCT CT June 11 Jun 11 22
How to avoid facial recognition at the airport U.S. citizens have the right to opt out of the growing use of face scans at the airport By Geoffrey A. Fowler Technology columnist -June 10 Airlines and U.S. authorities ...
MojoDave FL June 11 Jun 11 22