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LINK The funky academic breaks down white feminism, Karens and Amy Cooper - YouTube
Blackatheist1985 NY June 2 Jun 2 00
Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) · The Rolling Stones
FearlessFly MN May 20 May 20 00
Timecop 1983 - Lovers (feat. SEAWAVES) Jordy Leenaerts (born 1983), better known by the stage name Timecop1983, is a Dutch electronic musician from Eindhoven, producing music in the synthwave genre.
SergeTafCam MD May 18 May 18 00
This site has been a serious disappointment and at the same time confirmation of what i have learned in years past. Not so much the site but the participants. The truth is this. Most people on this site are seriously lacking in ability of an adult...
DeityfreeRo TX May 18 May 18 3131
Looking at how meetoo operate, wich is by sidestepping legal logic(innocent till proven guilty) as well as legal authority and believing the accuser rather than the accused I don't see any relative difference between meetoo and the historical ...
Dark-blue Sweden May 5 May 5 00
Is there a lack of trust with KSA?
Pompey NH May 4 May 4 00
Jackson Browne & David Lindley - Take It Easy
FearlessFly MN Apr 27 Apr 27 00
Down To The Waterline, Dire Straits
FearlessFly MN Apr 10 Apr 10 11
Happy Tuesday Everyone! Slept past 11. Took a late shower. Staying up later and waking up later. Anyone else? Its a beautiful sunny day in 60s here. Will have to get outside again today. Will avoid the side of the pond where the geese lay their ...
sassygirl3869 NY Apr 7 Apr 7 00
Very interesting article from a conservative news outlet. This is how real Republicans respond to the Trumplicans.
Barnie2years PA Apr 4 Apr 4 22
BUSINESS 4/1/2020 CannTrust Holdings Inc. obtained a court order protecting it from lawsuits from creditors and class-action plaintiffs. LINK: Tilray, Inc. is releasing 11 million shares ...
OldGoat43 PA Apr 1 Apr 1 11
All that matters is my relationship to you A Town called Paradise Van Morrison
Spinliesel NY Mar 27 Mar 27 11
Jetty UK Mar 6 Mar 6 4747
James Taylor - Up On The Roof
FearlessFly MN Feb 15 Feb 15 33
One of the biggest Pop Bands in Spain in the 80s & 90s was Mecano who also had some international success in these two decades. Their lead vocalist was Ana Torroja who has gone on to solo success since, however I’m posting one of ...
Marionville UK Dec 29 Dec 29 22
You too sad isnt it
bobwjr DE Dec 26 Dec 26 22
A new original. Opinions?
KevinAverett UT Dec 26 Dec 26 22
On this day, 6 December 1989, 14 women, most of whom were training in engineering fields, were murdered in a mass shooting at the École Polytechnique in Montreal. The 25 year old shooter specifically targeted women, claimed he was "fighting ...
altschmerz IL Dec 6 Dec 6 33
Feminism strikes again.... Peloton exercise bike ad mocked as being 'sexist' and 'dystopian' @ClueHeywood Look I don’t want to be “The Peloton Ad Guy” anymore but the newest commercial about the vlogging 116 lb...
St-Sinner TX Dec 4 Dec 4 11
I plan on using this response 😉
Freefromgod NM Dec 1 Dec 1 44
Saudi Arabia labels feminism, atheism, homosexuality as extremist ideas
Jossh UK Nov 13 Nov 13 11
LINK Saudi Ad Refers to Feminism, Atheism, and Homosexuality as “Forms of Extremism” | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
snytiger6 WA Nov 12 Nov 12 00
Anyone who uses Feminist as an epithet is a sexist in agnosticland, we should build each other up....slicing photos of female body parts is rarely art or a celebration like Henry Moore sculptures....objectification of women is rarely ...
GreenAtheist IA Oct 21 Oct 21 55
Albert Finney 1936-2019 Born in Salford, England. He attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, and acted with the Birmingham Reperatory Theatre performing Shakespearean roles for several years. Made his motion picture debut in "The Entertainer" in...
Ray13 OH Oct 19 Oct 19 33
The Problem With American Feminism
CuriosityExtant IN Oct 13 Oct 13 11
An anti-capitalist feminism:
Krish55 FL Oct 2 Oct 2 22
LINK Idiotic Christian principal critisises Greta Thunberg
PontifexMarximus Australia Oct 1 Oct 1 33
Long but very interesting viewpoint.Please remember I am a feminist but I also firmly believe we should continue to examine our beliefs.
Lorajay OK Sep 14 Sep 14 00
How's this for expensive beer?
Petter Spain Sep 5 Sep 5 44
LINK Guys, do you think he's improving his odds? Radical feminism is a gift to men | Robert Jensen | TEDxRuhrUniversityBochum - YouTube
MarkiusMahamius NY Aug 31 Aug 31 33
Yesterday William Jefferson Blythe III turned age 73 alias President Clinton. Perhaps if he had not sexually assaulted Paula Jones in Arkansas and so many women/widows inside the White House, 31 states would've been too ashamed to elect TrumpOLINI ...
GreenAtheist IA Aug 20 Aug 20 00
Godley & Creme - Cry
magicwatch UK July 17 Jul 17 22
POLL Feminists: Is this a safe place to have a discussion about second and third wave feminism? 🙄🤔
BadBoyMakesGood NM July 11 Jul 11 1414
The end game for Feminism. Hard dose of reality. Feelings, I dont care.
Veteran229 OH June 26 Jun 26 22
Philadelphia pulls 72 cops after watchdog finds thousands of the officers' violent, racist social media posts
LiterateHiker WA June 20 Jun 20 55
Why Do People Hate Feminism 13 - Feminism is Totalitarian: the lies and stupidities of current feminism
Jacar MI June 19 Jun 19 33
Edit: apparently this requires a trigger warning. In this editorial I suggest the outrageous idea that men are responsible for their behaviour and their own happiness. This idea seemingly triggers many men. Men are in trouble and Incels are proof ...
OpposingOpposum FL June 10 Jun 10 1616
How is your drinking water?
ToolGuy Canada June 9 Jun 9 1111
How to Educate about Socialism and Communism. In our country the words socialism and communism are misunderstood and vilified by those who would have us believe private ownership is the solution to all problems. 1. Question: What country has ...
TX77550 CO June 9 Jun 9 66
Feminism and islamism cannot co-exist::: A good review of the insanity in the UK.
Jacar MI May 28 May 28 11
Feminism is killing us...😆
Lutherzme PA May 22 May 22 44
Experts Ranked the Most Dangerous Countries for Women. The U.S. Made the Top 10 angerous-countries-for-women/?fbclid=IwAR3wJGT9-xye6uiiL-5uU3tVyV bAQnaEfWI5UbtKnW2vDE8iVsncE0da9Lk
UrsiMajor MD May 21 May 21 44
Feminism is destroying the west. I'm not going to make a long post here because I'm sure it will be wasted on deaf blue pilled ears. Feminism has destroyed the west. It has hurt men, women and the entire family unit. Western countries ...
Kenofthedude FL May 9 May 9 3131
Here it comes !
mzee MD May 6 May 6 11
Kinky orgy anyone?
Tomfoolery33 WV May 2 May 2 99
This is a funny and interesting speech: Lesbian JILL JOHNSTON: About feminism: presented decades ago. The transcript is on the page.
Jacar MI Apr 27 Apr 27 00
Trigger warning :: Radical Feminist: does not agree with 3rd wave "feminism" :Updated conversation with Meghan Murphy:::
Jacar MI Apr 26 Apr 26 00
Y'all fresh strawberries are to die for! Everything is about to explode. I do believe I will need to freeze a bunch of fruit soon....
Heidi68 NC Apr 25 Apr 25 33
Pawb PRrrrossssss
scurry Canada Apr 19 Apr 19 44
magicwatch UK Apr 18 Apr 18 00
I would agree.
Tomfoolery33 WV Apr 17 Apr 17 11
Hi’s a pretty chilly Tuesday here, so here are the Rolling Stones to warm us up with a live version of Ruby Tuesday....!
Marionville UK Apr 17 Apr 17 00
It's only for me🙂😊
Boomtarat03 Hong Kong Apr 16 Apr 16 00
In the “No”. I listened to this podacast a while back on a bus trip from Boston to NYC. It was riveting, but the key is to listen to all three parts as they take on the issues of consent and the situations that may appear more grey than black and...
Olnoseven NY Apr 11 Apr 11 44
What do you guys thing on feminism ruining classical literature, cinema and drama?
ianthomas91 UK Apr 10 Apr 10 88
Fun learning fact.
noworry28 FL Apr 9 Apr 9 77
LINK What Do Women Want?: Highlights From The Womanifesto | Feminism In India
William77 India Apr 8 Apr 8 00
Gender pay gap and feminism Year old video, still applicable.
PBuck0145 Canada Apr 6 Apr 6 00
Transgender Rights Movement - Scam of the century Trans advocacy is out of control. We are on the precipice of White men who dress like women basically displacing women's rights. I never thought I would see the day when privileged White men now ...
anonymous Online Mar 31 Mar 31 1919
The Tubes - Proud To Be An American It is sometimes said America is the greatest country anyone ever stole.
WilliamCharles CA Mar 18 Mar 18 11
Thanks, mom.
flithyMONKEYmen VA Mar 6 Mar 6 11
The charter school movement that Republicans keep pushing has been a disaster for public schools, most of the children involved in such schools, and for our country. It has drained huge amounts of money from public schools, mostly failed to even ...
wordywalt FL Mar 2 Mar 2 33
Christopher Hedges on the future of the USA
Wangobango3 Canada Mar 1 Mar 1 44
The deadly truth about a world built for men – from stab vests to car crashes Crash-test dummies based on the ‘average’ male are just one example of design that forgets about women – and puts lives at risk
Jnei UK Feb 23 Feb 23 1010
If anybody could have conversation with me, maybe two reduce the boredom that I feel when communicating specifically as possible for him, where I don’t know who knows what and I’m knows home. I dictate aloud and Siri fucks Itup mo!st of the ...
skinnymcfatty Canada Feb 18 Feb 18 11
Looks like the new Wisconsin Governor is on board. Passage will probably be a challenge with Repubs controlling the house and assembly. At least it will get discussed.
gitcheegummee WI Feb 17 Feb 17 55
Recently a woman on here posted about being disrespected in very blatant ways. I believe the problem may go a bit deeper that being sent awful messages, some including dick pics. Feminism has lost ground, misogyny is so pervasive it a part of our ...
MizJ FL Feb 16 Feb 16 66
MISSOURI AGAIN: Missouri Lawmaker Moves To Block Feds From Getting Medical Marijuana Patient Info. Missouri officials would be prohibited from sharing information about registered medical marijuana patients with the federal government under a new...
OldGoat43 PA Feb 15 Feb 15 11
Sen. Lynn Hutchings, R-Cheyenne, argued that without the death penalty, Jesus Christ would not have been able to die to resolve the sins of mankind, and therefore capitol punishment should be maintained.
josh_karpf NY Feb 15 Feb 15 99
I’m not really into shots but....
Marcie1974 MN Feb 14 Feb 14 1212
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Mural On The Lower East Side Definitely Kinda Sorta Looks Like Her
CallMeDave VA Feb 14 Feb 14 11
Another pointless background check bill...
SpikeTalon NV Feb 13 Feb 13 33
Feminism is not simply a struggle to end male chauvinism.
sassygirl3869 NY Feb 10 Feb 10 00
UB40: Can’t Help Falling In Love
Anniemae IL Feb 8 Feb 8 66
Hope the link works. Atheist review of believer post about feminism. Funny and exasperating simultaneously.
CommonHuman KS Feb 6 Feb 6 11
I posted this on my own page because I wasn’t aware of this group. Y’all think of everything here I guess! ?? I don’t know what category in which this belongs. I’ve enjoyed most of my interactions with people on this site. Most animosity ...
TDSkully OK Feb 6 Feb 6 22
POLL Is it me? Are leftists dumb, or just stupid? Ok, so I posted this about the struggles boys are having in today's 3rd wave toxic femininity culture. Granted, I knew that I would get some hateful comments, since it seems that ...
jondspen TN Feb 5 Feb 5 1010
I don’t know what category in which this belongs. I’ve enjoyed most of my interactions with people on this site. Most animosity I’ve encountered has been my own I’m a bit ashamed to say; however, I have been blocked by a couple of people, and...
TDSkully OK Feb 5 Feb 5 99
LINK The Boy Crisis: A Sobering look at the State of our Boys | Warren Farrell Ph.D. | TEDxMarin - YouTube
jondspen TN Feb 4 Feb 4 88
Pro Choice
kmdskit3 MN Jan 31 Jan 31 55
Sums up pretty well the insanity of modern feminism and intersectionalism.
Veteran229 OH Jan 31 Jan 31 44
When stars go bad.
Hathacat IL Jan 25 Jan 25 55
What is feminism?
OwlInASack Jersey Jan 25 Jan 25 1313
So much winning! A Small Alaska Town Reels As The Coast Guard Weathers on Without . NY Times
patchoullijulie Australia Jan 19 Jan 19 66
The enemy of feminism isn't men it's patriarchy. And patriarchy is not men, it's a system.
sassygirl3869 NY Jan 19 Jan 19 00
An example of insane "feminism," and the idiocy of the grievance justice labeled "cultural appropriation." This is the type of thinking that can be used to oppose inter-racial marriage and procreation: """ Here at Everyday Feminism we ...
Jacar MI Jan 15 Jan 15 1212
Emerging I left the world for a while Hid in my stacks of books Peeping out now and again to shake my head. But now I’m walking. See? Now I might even run a little might touch someone’s hand, speak and listen go to places where there...
Tomfoolery33 WV Jan 6 Jan 6 22
This Is Everything That Is Wrong With Mainstream Feminism
William_Mary OH Jan 5 Jan 5 22
DOUBLE THE PAY OF TEACHERS : : : : and : : : : WOMEN DON'T WANT THOSE JOBS . . HOW DO WE GET THEM TO WANT TO? A solution to the problem: I think we should, at least, double the pay of teachers. (And reduce class size.) A one year contract is ...
Jacar MI Dec 19 Dec 19 66
Hi all, It's that time of year when I ask for book recommendations from a community to which I belong. I've read a few books on feminism, two of which I can still remember in detail (The Left Hand of Darkness, and Egalia's Daughters, the latter of...
PolyWolf PA Dec 18 Dec 18 44
Pragmatic agnosticism is the position that you can't know for sure if any gods exist and, even if they do, they don't seem to care about us enough to justify worrying about them
DrOzzy Canada Dec 10 Dec 10 33
Rudy1962 WI Dec 10 Dec 10 11
Drinking game: Every time the news says "unprecedented" related to Trump, his campaign, or the White House-- take a shot. Eventually it will sound like "un-Presidented" and you'll be having a great day.
DoDapper MN Dec 9 Dec 9 99
What do atheists put on the top of their christmas tree?
lauraleigh38 SC Dec 6 Dec 6 3030
Seeing a lot of posts by white males (naturally) about how feminism hurts their feelings, and so it's bad, and that their feelings should be catered to. What a joke. Grow a pair - of breasts. Then try to understand it's not about you, and feminists ...
PolyWolf PA Dec 2 Dec 2 1414
I have been reading comments in a post about attitudes about feminism. I have noticed there is denial about the male/female pay gap. With all the conservative bullshit rhetoric about enforcing laws that already exist isn’t it hypocritical that ...
Dave75 IN Dec 2 Dec 2 22
LINK Feminists treat men badly. It's bad for feminism. - The Washington Post
jorj KY Dec 2 Dec 2 1313
I thought I hear her calling my name --
Snickers77 CA Nov 19 Nov 19 00