Old mans child - black seeds on virgin soil
Garf Australia Nov 24 Nov 24 11
I am bringing this comment from another post I commented in. In part, here, I would be about establishing an understanding of what is the intended theme, message, or perhaps motif of the biblical text. [Motif is a literary technique that consists ...
Word TX Nov 17 Nov 17 00
I thought as I go to bed tonight I’d post this video which one of Sweden’s most successful bands, Kent, made to give notice to their fans that they were stopping as a band in 2016,. It is quite a strange and spooky way to end things I think! ...
Marionville UK Oct 31 Oct 31 11
This is me except I'm not a guy.
DaisyMaeNot WV Oct 28 Oct 28 88
A double limerick for modern times. Covid by Zoom In the old days girls ruled out a chap When they found that he suffered from clap. They can also disown a Bloke with Corona On Zoom, or a similar app. ... ... ... ... ... ...
Petter Oct 26 Oct 26 11
Left overs, tonight baked potatoes.
FrayedBear Oct 18 Oct 18 44
The Lord of the Fly. Aren't flies usually associated with evil or putrid rotting flesh?
nogod4me NC Oct 12 Oct 12 44
What I saw last night. A robot covered with flesh.
Unity OH Oct 8 Oct 8 44
LINK You're Moving Out Today – A MeidasTouch & Bette Midler Production - YouTube
HippieChick58 NE Oct 4 Oct 4 55
LINK Weird Al America is doomed
bobwjr DE Oct 4 Oct 4 11
Who won? For Karen:
PBuck0145 Canada Sep 30 Sep 30 22
Here's my 2019 Hyundai Kona EV. I decided on it because it has 259 mi of range (conservative), cost less than a Model 3, and still had the federal and state tax incentives intact. I'm really enjoying it so far.
OldMetalHead AZ Sep 30 Sep 30 22
Away with silks, away with lawn, I'll have no scenes, or curtains drawn: Give me my mistress as she is, Dressed in her nak'd simplicities: For all my heart , e'en so my eye Is won with flesh, not drapery. Robert Herrick, "Clothes Do But ...
Jolanta Australia Sep 29 Sep 29 22
Gmak IA Sep 24 Sep 24 11
Assam is one of the states in the Northeastern part of India - close to Bhutan and China . Assam is know for its tea and its tribal food. From there, comes this next recipe... KALA TIL MURGHI or in plain ole English, BLACK SESAME CHICKEN...
Green_Soldier71 Sep 24 Sep 24 77
@fred_snerd. If you understood biblical text, Jesus character is a product of the old testiment peoples, their thinking and society. Is the old testiment about socialism? Understand the old testiment thinking and words that were written as ...
Word TX Sep 21 Sep 21 00
Typical trumper
bobwjr DE Sep 20 Sep 20 1111
Pass it on.
MissKathleen AZ Sep 19 Sep 19 22
More selfies, this time from a lovely lady who insists she is COVID19 free, she is tested several times she claims, because she is a nurse in Boca Raton, and she just wants company very badly, I try to convince her to wait maybe a few months until a ...
Mofo1953 FL Sep 13 Sep 13 1111
Here's a double Limerick for poetry fans COVID BY ZOOM In the old days girls ruled out a chap When they found that he suffered from clap. They can also disown a Bloke with Corona On Zoom, or a similar app. So on Zoom, once they've ...
Petter Sep 5 Sep 5 22
Hi. I am an omnisexual male equipped senior interested in sex and travel making this planet a better place, one orgasm at a time. I share my time betweek Tucson Arizona, Windsor, Ontario and Prague, Czech republic. What is the best way to get some ...
ArizonaJerry1 Canada Aug 30 Aug 30 11
Billy Idol - Flesh For Fantasy
FearlessFly MN Aug 29 Aug 29 00
There was, a time, way back, you see When there was, no you, and there was, no me All there, was then, was flesh, and the free As, they rolled on, that's when it became a decree When they met it all began, it all began once again They had ...
Reality4Real CA Aug 26 Aug 26 11
Some more fire
RobertNappi2 CO Aug 19 Aug 19 1212
Mony Mony · Billy Idol
FearlessFly MN Aug 15 Aug 15 00
Topical at the moment but also pointing out that hanging in trees is not healthy - Billy Holiday singing one of the saddest songs ever written, "Strange Fruit" Strange Fruit Southern trees bear strange fruit Blood on the leaves and blood ...
FrayedBear Aug 14 Aug 14 11
B&W and not much flesh, but Oh those Panties.
MerlinZap OR Aug 13 Aug 13 22
Dave Catching is one of the most underrated artists around. What do you think?
intrepidinfidel DE July 26 Jul 26 11
You can get a free antibody test if you donate blood with Vitalant (used to be LifeSource ). I've done this. You get results in just a few days. They need blood so you are helping out as well. They test all the donations for antibodies ...
itsmedammit IL July 19 Jul 19 11
OBNOXIOUS NEIGHBORS Apparently my neighbors think that the fourth of july is a freepass to be assholes. The neighbors across the street almost came to blows last night. In retaliation the one on the right has been setting off the loudest ...
CommonHuman KS July 5 Jul 5 99
Don't overlook older cats for adoption ❤
LuvLayne PA July 1 Jul 1 33
Often I wake up 3 or 4 and cannot get back to sleep. I read for a while and have another go. Luckily I have retired so don't have to worry about getting up for work.
Jolanta Australia June 29 Jun 29 66
Last year we planted some grasses that were supposed to like partial shade and would grow to 6' in height, according to the sales gal, they grew to 2' in height and then died. So this year I dug up the remains of the grasses and planted some peace ...
Surfpirate Canada June 20 Jun 20 55
I had a dream, would anyone be interested in helping me flesh it out into a full fledged story? Ok, basic outline of the dream. There was a world that used to swim in magic, it was considered as commonplace as air. No one thought much about ...
CommonHuman KS June 18 Jun 18 44
It was very warm here today and I did some mowing so I got pretty overheated in the afternoon. My cure - Mango Lassi - very easy, with a blender or stick blender or food processor. I used half a cup of plain yoghurt, the flesh of a mango, a dash of...
Allamanda Virgin Islands, U.S. June 17 Jun 17 11
Under the Blue Octopus By J. L. Young Washed in the blood of the innocent, the world has decayed. This wretchedness fueled and exacerbated by words spoken not in love, but deep and unmitigated hatred. Bodies left in the alley to rot. They ...
Gohan FL June 12 Jun 12 11
Let's get some flesh out there. Summer is coming.
Slava3 Canada June 2 Jun 2 11
Bloomberg ready to pump money into Biden campaign as if his life depended on it -because it does...
UrsiMajor MD May 16 May 16 00
behind the scenes at the white house ... Inside Trump’s coronavirus meltdown What went wrong in the president’s first real crisis — and what does it mean for the US?
Philip21 IN May 14 May 14 22
On coronavirus Mother's Day, get Mom what she really wants: solitude and no dishes to do.
LiterateHiker WA May 10 May 10 66
The Midnight - Los Angeles - The Midnight is a synthwave band composed of Atlanta-based singer-songwriter Jamison Tyler Lyle and LA based Danish-born producer, songwriter and singer Tim Daniel McEwan.
SergeTafCam MD May 9 May 9 00
Taj Mahal - Fishin' Blues - With Lyrics
FearlessFly MN Apr 21 Apr 21 00
The best of John Prine's funny, quirky, crazy songs, a warning, this is an hour long, but very good <3 <3
joantheloon MD Apr 16 Apr 16 22
Snuff. Not to be confused with smokeless tobacco like nasal snuff or chewing tobacco. The FBI (I think it was them) that have their own definition of the word for video. It must have 1) a person alive at the beginning 2) said person has to be dead at...
TheGreatShadow NE Apr 10 Apr 10 33
She's Ukrainian, beautiful and ballet dancer...
Merseyman1 FL Apr 10 Apr 10 77
LINK After Kansas Gov. Limits Church Attendance to 10, GOP Lawmakers Overturn Order | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
snytiger6 WA Apr 9 Apr 9 00
If I Could Only Fly · Blaze Foley
FearlessFly MN Apr 8 Apr 8 00
Got it right
bobwjr DE Mar 28 Mar 28 00
Another try at online dating another reminder why I fucking gave this up. Guess that is going to be one SHORT trial Ignorance...doing things the same way and expecting a different result. I am guilty!
Larimar MO Mar 28 Mar 28 88
More than half a million people have volunteered to help the NHS in the UK. This is part of what you get from a universal healthcare service. This is OUR NHS and we want it still there when this is over
273kelvin Mar 26 Mar 26 11
Give the ones you love🤗😘
Sheannutt OR Mar 20 Mar 20 00
One for you "lovers" of 45. He or his followers have come up with the expression "Trump Derangement Syndrome". Has anyone come up with a term to identify these indoctrinated / hypnotised / mentally deranged people who trot the expression out to ...
FrayedBear Mar 19 Mar 19 22
Delicious Flash Of Flesh
Rossy92 VA Mar 11 Mar 11 11
Esme Bianco - Ros from Game of Thrones
OldMetalHead AZ Mar 7 Mar 7 55
I am feeling down after my brief foray back in to dating. It kind of confirmed what I suspected, that men only want to use me as a sex toy and they do not see any value in me. I know I should not care about this, but it reinforces the negative ...
anonymous Online Mar 4 Mar 4 1313
Adam Schiff explains how Trump just crippled US election security with appointment of ‘loyalist’ intel director
MojoDave FL Feb 26 Feb 26 44
Hannibal the Cannibal makes human flesh look delicious runs off
averykings Feb 24 Feb 24 22
Thought we’d not heard anything from Adele for some here is the Bob Dylan cover Make You Feel My Love.
Marionville UK Feb 23 Feb 23 22
Sleepy Labeef - Boogie woogie country man
FearlessFly MN Feb 21 Feb 21 00
"When I was a child, I spake as a child, but when I became a man I still spake as a child" Donald Trump
fishline79 PA Feb 14 Feb 14 00
I Worked For Trump and All I Got.......
sassygirl3869 NY Feb 13 Feb 13 11
LINK Catholic Priest Claims Voting Pro-Choice Is Worse Than Raping Children | Michael Stone
snytiger6 WA Feb 11 Feb 11 00
Yup figures
bobwjr DE Feb 11 Feb 11 44
Voyeurism. Do you like to watch people having sex? (Not just porn. In the flesh.) Or would you prefer to be watched? I'm originally from a very liberal area of the country. As such, there was a local BDSM club in one of the major cities....
FilthyMONKEYgirl AR Feb 10 Feb 10 2121
Like many high IQ people with strong androgynous traits, I have to deal with various mental health issues. I use exercise, meditation and positive affirmations to mitigate depression and OCD tendencies, but it has temporary effects, and takes ...
birdingnut NM Feb 10 Feb 10 22
What flavors of ice cream do you have?" inquired the customer. "Vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate," answered the new waitress in a hoarse whisper. Trying to be sympathetic, the customer asked, "Do you have laryngitis?" "No...." replied the...
Lilac-JadeCanada Feb 9 Feb 9 22
On February 2, 1887, Groundhog Day, featuring a rodent meteorologist, is celebrated for the first time at Gobbler’s Knob in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.
altschmerz IL Feb 2 Feb 2 22
Okay guys and gals, this week's double feature is chock full o' Vincent Price! After the AV test footage, we'll be going with: The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971) and then Dr. Phibes Rises Again (1972) (that's what she said) ...
Kafirah Antarctica Jan 30 Jan 30 11
LINK How a German sauna taught a prudish American to relax at the sight of naked flesh
snytiger6 WA Jan 23 Jan 23 11
LINK Feral cats break into research facility to eat human flesh | Metro News
altschmerz IL Jan 18 Jan 18 44
LINK Terrifying new species of spider can rot human flesh with single bite and hides in furniture – The Sun
Auty89 SC Jan 16 Jan 16 11
Downy soft, even the patch down south, tenderloin-like flesh, almost melt in your mouth.
Rossy92 VA Jan 11 Jan 11 66
Good father.
MissKathleen AZ Jan 10 Jan 10 33
It would behoove Senate Republicans to be more cooperative with the Dems, considering there is a very good chance that they will be the minority party after the 2020 election. Just like the House,its a lot different when the rabbit has the gun.Even ...
libraryman UT Jan 9 Jan 9 44
It's Time for a Big-Time Antiwar Movement
desertastronomer CA Jan 6 Jan 6 33
"I am so bloody sick of the claim that the slaughter of innocent people by bringing down the full force of modern weaponry from every possible direction to mangle their flesh in the most horrific and violent ways is not monstrous because ."...
WilliamCharles CA Jan 3 Jan 3 11
Tech stocks are into the fifth generation of computer advancements and this is going to be extremely big . I've been very pleased with my NVDA investment . This morning , I noticed AMD seemed to be doing even better than NVD , so checked out the ...
Cast1es TX Dec 26 Dec 26 00
How/what explain logic oxymoron and/or paradox?
Word TX Dec 21 Dec 21 22
Time to say goodnight...tonight with a favourite Antonio Carlos Jobim song, “sensitively” sung here by Sinead O’Connor... How Insensitive. Beautiful!
Marionville UK Dec 17 Dec 17 44
Addiction Addiction that cruel little demon that trails along with me.It has his nose into all of me.In every itch he sits at the base digging his nails into my flesh ,scratching deeper demanding a release.Addiction you always lie to ...
LightColourTouch Canada Dec 15 Dec 15 22
Eko - Loose Change
BDair CA Dec 11 Dec 11 22
MALODOROUS.... Teaser for new release.. I can't wait.
Seriousreason Dec 10 Dec 10 11
“At the still point of the turning world. Neither flesh nor fleshless; Neither from nor towards; at the still point, there the dance is, But neither arrest nor movement. And do not call it fixity, Where past and future are gathered. Neither ...
wonderandlisten IN Dec 3 Dec 3 22
A FrayedBear error - Recipe: 1 Fresh Salmon Head 600gm weight 1 cup oats 1 kilo potatoes 2 stalks celery 2 carrots 1 Green capsicum 2 spring onions To suit your taste thyme, lemon, fish sauce, chilli, salt & pepper, lemongrass powder, ...
FrayedBear Nov 25 Nov 25 22
A FrayedBear error - Recipe: 1 Fresh Salmon Head 600gm weight 1 cup oats 1 kilo potatoes 2 stalks celery 2 carrots 1 Green capsicum 2 spring onions To suit your taste thyme, lemon, fish sauce, chilli, salt & pepper, lemongrass powder, ...
FrayedBear Nov 25 Nov 25 22
This made me sad today. Gahan Wilson's cartoons helped to flesh out my dark sense of humor when I was young. Inappropriate, irreverent humor is still my favorite.
Deb57 IL Nov 22 Nov 22 66
Beavis and Butthead in the Flesh!
sassygirl3869 NY Nov 17 Nov 17 33
"A Sight to Behold" by Gojira, from their 2008 album The Way of All Flesh:
Mike_B_Kochan IL Nov 13 Nov 13 22
Not a recipe but as I was told by an incredulous A&E doctor to share this afternoon's events: My phone was switched off the last few hours as I was in the local A&E having the tip of my finger cleaned & dressed followed by a tetanus shot. - I cut ...
FrayedBear Nov 11 Nov 11 55
Maybe even more than that!
mistymoon77 MN Nov 5 Nov 5 11
Do you have any Melmac Dinnerware?
Sheannutt OR Nov 4 Nov 4 88
What does your mommy do at work?
Allamanda Virgin Islands, U.S. Nov 3 Nov 3 66
I always love how ultra religious people will quote Leviticus and claim that the bible is gods word. using this as a reason to be anti-gay(leviticus 20:13) then forget about Leviticus saying that clams, shrimp and a lot of their favorite seafood is ...
joeandbarb FL Nov 2 Nov 2 4444
I always love how ultra religious people will quote Leviticus and claim that the bible is gods word. using this as a reason to be anti-gay(leviticus 20:13) then forget about Leviticus saying that clams, shrimp and a lot of their favorite seafood is...
joeandbarb FL Nov 2 Nov 2 33
Fracking banned in UK as of yesterday!
Allamanda Virgin Islands, U.S. Nov 2 Nov 2 33
LINK Bernie 2020 | When We Come Together, We Win - YouTube
jniece OR Oct 22 Oct 22 22
Whatcha doing? You busy?
Cutiebeauty NY Oct 21 Oct 21 88
I'm getting hungry... Human flesh looks like beef but tastes more elusive.
Dyl1983 Oct 17 Oct 17 00
Trump is a sociopath.
Frctnal MT Oct 17 Oct 17 77