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On Friday Night Corporal Bone Spurs became first president to actually use the White House Bunker.
GipsyOfNewSpain NV June 1 Jun 1 55
And these numbers are LOW. djt doesn't want testing because the number of cases would go way up. There are many people who haven't been tested. No test, no number in the count. And people who die at homee aren't counted. And then there's the ...
HumanistJohn VA May 18 May 18 22
And these numbers are LOW. djt doesn't want testing because the number of cases would go way up. There are many people who haven't been tested. No test, no number in the count. And people who die at homee aren't counted. And then there's the ...
HumanistJohn VA May 18 May 18 66
"The absurd does not liberate; it binds. It does not authorize all actions. "Everything is permitted" does not mean that nothing is forbidden." ---- Albert Camus
wonderandlisten IN May 14 May 14 11
Jefferson Airplane/Grateful Dead -New Years Bash Poster
sassygirl3869 NY May 4 May 4 11
That seductive look
OldMetalHead AZ Apr 25 Apr 25 77
- - - - - ROSE SOUP - - - - - "Damping" or "The way to Avoid a Bread Shortage." Let's imagine that you operate a bakery and the supply of flour available to you is limited. You could use it to make 100 loaves of bread per day, which you ...
Petter Spain Apr 20 Apr 20 00
“Solitude produces originality, bold & astonishing beauty, poetry. But solitude also produces perverseness, the disproportionate, the absurd, and the forbidden.” ---- Thomas Mann
wonderandlisten IN Mar 31 Mar 31 33
Here's a macabre thought that I hope does not come to pass. The population of Italy, 60 million, is less than one fifth of the population of the USA. The states have almost 8 times more people than Spain. Italy has so far had 5,000 dead. Multiply...
Petter Spain Mar 21 Mar 21 44
And another story gets buried under the coronavirus crisis.
Techpriest NY Mar 17 Mar 17 00
And now, for something a bit different. I've long been a fan of Philip Roth but never heard about this book. It does not disappoint me to learn about it's Forbidden content, and gives one pause to reconsider what is normal. I've ...
Philip21 IN Mar 12 Mar 12 33
Well smack my bum , till I shout Che Guevara was nice to gays.. The BERNIE BROS are raising their hand up & open for handouts. Sanders shitheads are among us . The democratic . Cough... They don't no the meaning of the word SOCIALISTS have formed an...
Seriousreason New Zealand Mar 6 Mar 6 44
5th March 1616...Astronomical work “de Revolutionibus” by Nicolaus Copernicus placed on Catholic forbidden index.
Marionville UK Mar 5 Mar 5 00
I’m back. Have been in Egypt for all of this month. On my way back to my home. Egypt sensors wifi and apparently Agnosticism is a forbidden subject, on par with anything sexual !
bubaj50 Canada Mar 2 Mar 2 44
FORBIDDEN FRUIT The Department of Defense and Air Force issued notices warning service members and government employees not to use CBD products. “Bottom line, even if legal on the state level, and even if the label of the CBD product ...
OldGoat43 PA Jan 28 Jan 28 11
Pizza Omelet I don't know about you, but I truly try to avoid pizza. Not because it's necessarily "bad" but it does have an inordinate amount of carbs. Unfortunately, it also has an equally inordinate amount of tasty nomminess! So, I am keto ...
Kymmacg MO Jan 27 Jan 27 77
For anyone who needs this for themselves or to show someone else.
Stenz NY Nov 29 Nov 29 22
Forbidden love lmao
bobwjr DE Nov 21 Nov 21 66
Fact – Kevin Bacon’s existence in the universe makes it physically impossible for any dance, even the Lambada, to be forbidden – Fact.
fattafinga TN Nov 15 Nov 15 55 you see this issue at all? I would really like to date men my own age. (Within 5 years up or down. However, Men my age (mid-fifties) are seeking women in their 40’s. There’s no shortage of men in their 70’s who would like to ...
EyesThatSmile FL Nov 7 Nov 7 1919
LINK Bernie 2020 | When We Come Together, We Win - YouTube
jniece OR Oct 22 Oct 22 22
Boxing never been a Safe Sport. If one day is Forbidden and Outlawed I will not be surprised or offended. It is the Reality of the Beast. How many Boxers have to Die 3 days after a fight or 10-20 years later living their end of days "Punch Drunk". ...
GipsyOfNewSpain NV Oct 16 Oct 16 22
Lots of them!
Hathacat IL Sep 26 Sep 26 88
Richard Dawkins
Auty89 SC Sep 24 Sep 24 33
My latest Celtic knot tattoo. Tattoo was done by Jeff @ Forbidden Images
AngryCelt75 AL Sep 22 Sep 22 33
ON THE FIFTH DAY by Jane Hirshfield On the fifth day the scientists who studied the rivers were forbidden to speak or to study the rivers. The scientists who studied the air were told not to speak of the air, and the ones who worked for ...
jerry99 NM Sep 19 Sep 19 00
My first home is now completely gone. I was just looking for some photographs of the baracks where i grew up.There used to be some pictures of the munition depots , the shooting wall and some of the nature around it. All gone. It is now a nature ...
Spinliesel NY Sep 17 Sep 17 22
LINK Hypocritical Falwell and family clubbing in 2014...
DGJ0114 MI Sep 11 Sep 11 44
I am starting a list of the most idiotic and contradictory ideas related to our world. Please feel free to make yours. 1).. any sharp objects , including potato peelers are forbidden in passenger planes.. Yet our military are transporting nuclear ...
Eldovis VA Sep 8 Sep 8 22
Are there any words you cannot say, because of how you've been brought up?
Biblebeltskeptic SC Sep 8 Sep 8 66
What was your first kiss like?
UpsideDownAgain UT Sep 6 Sep 6 1515
10 forbidden places In the world You are not allowed to visit
Boomtarat03 Hong Kong Aug 17 Aug 17 11
Hi all, me again :-) My 2nd article with Exclusively Games was published recently. Feel free to take a peak if you are interested. (They have got my name right this time ;-) Let me know what you think, as feedback is always welcome. The ...
Nomad UK Aug 16 Aug 16 33
CORRECTED... My apology for an incorrect impression previously RIGHT WING ANGER IS ON THE RISE AROUND THE WORLD... They are anti-immigrant, nationalist, own identity asserting and reviving, anti-globalization..... one or more or all of the ...
St-Sinner TX Aug 12 Aug 12 1313
James Taylor -Sweet Baby James. What were your faves?
sassygirl3869 NY Aug 10 Aug 10 00
40 years of forbidden love
Boomtarat03 Hong Kong Aug 5 Aug 5 00
Ava Gardner 1922-1990 Born in Smithfield, North Carolina, Ava was one of 6 children of a poor tenant farmer. While visiting her older married sister in New York, her brother-in-law - a professional photographer - took her photo which somehow ...
Ray13 OH July 25 Jul 25 11
For what it's worth, I think a main point to get out of the hearings, and the Mueller investigation, is that we have a President who is hostile to attempts to protect the American voting system, and hostile to investigations of a foreign power that ...
kmaz AZ July 25 Jul 25 22
Certain delightful memories are still so vivid that you can see them, hear them, and almost taste and smell them again. Picture this: I am fishing alone on a reservoir in Kansas on a brisk morning in the fall, at dawn. Mist is rising from the ...
wordywalt FL June 30 Jun 30 11
Reminded me of several folk here:
bigpawbullets OH June 23 Jun 23 33
We had a little mini picnic today, indoors... Angus beef hotdogs on potato buns, topped with beans,. and yellow mustard... A quick homemade potato salad, and some Pringles sour cream and onion potato chips... (Not shown). Obviously the general ...
Cutiebeauty NY June 15 Jun 15 77
"Is Paris Burning?" This 1966 Rene Clement film is on Amazon right now. It's an under appriciated gem, IMHO. Though not a great masterpiece like Clement's "Forbidden Games," it is a stirring look at The French Resistance in the last days before the ...
EricTrommater VA May 30 May 30 00
DeVos becoming popular target for Democrats in 2020 race The field of presidential candidates may seem fractured, but here's something they should all be able to unite around - this woman is AWFUL.
chalupacabre WA May 24 May 24 33
They just don't get my dad jokes.
Tomfoolery33 WV May 23 May 23 33
Is that a real thing?
Tomfoolery33 WV May 22 May 22 77
One of the more interesting takeaways from judge meta's decision tonight to uphold the congressional subpoena or trump's financial records is that while some folks have been saying that impeachment hearings need to be begun specifically to strengthen...
genessa MN May 21 May 21 00
Please sign to keep uranium mining out of the Grand Canyon.
sassygirl3869 NY May 20 May 20 22
Why are married/in a relationship women so friendly to us singles? They say we are handsome, good looking, yet they are the forbidden fruit. What's up with that?
Bobsuruncle TX May 5 May 5 2121
Closed Captioning
RavenCT CT Apr 23 Apr 23 44
This is not a solicitation. Are there any "old hippies" out here that would like to meet and maybe have a good time,kinda like back in the day when people whose to sit in a circle, watching the 700 Club and laughing and then SNL, and be there ...
aahouck49 NC Apr 22 Apr 22 44
"There is nothing pragmatic about an incremental solution to a catastrophic problem." Ron Placone Think on this... just really think on it. And think of the people working to bring this about. Think about your having a part of that wealth ...
WilliamCharles CA Apr 16 Apr 16 22
Hot Rod Lincoln - Charley Ryan
whispers TX Apr 3 Apr 3 00
On the Fifth Day by Jane Hirshfield On the fifth day the scientists who studied the rivers were forbidden to speak or to study the rivers. The scientists who studied the air were told not to speak of the air, and the ones ...
jerry99 NM Apr 1 Apr 1 00
LINK From outer space, to you: Investigator Says Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' Phone Hacked By Saudis, Suggests Link to Khashoggi Killing
MarkiusMahamius NY Mar 31 Mar 31 22
Under the stairs at the Paris Opera house, Paris France. I see those dark alcoves and instantly my mind wanders to sexy places. I see stolen kisses and caresses, skirts lifted and fingers sliding into even more private places. Eyes lit up with ...
FlippantLlama KY Mar 28 Mar 28 66
I come from a long line of trouble-makers . . . . John Brown (May 9, 1800 - December 2, 1859) was probably the ultimate, when it came to being a revolutionary in the name of the oppressed. At a very early age, he witnessed a slave boy being ...
THHA AZ Mar 21 Mar 21 00
Despite the "Lost Horizon" legend, Tibet was extremely backwards.
LiterateHiker WA Mar 13 Mar 13 11
Forbidden Disney
WonderWartHog99 SC Mar 3 Mar 3 44
Wow,...this one is a stunner!
MerlinZap OR Mar 2 Mar 2 00
Everyone needs to watch this and act! Whatever your political stripe is.
Science-guy Canada Mar 1 Mar 1 33
Jingshan Park Beijing which at one time belonged to Royal family and is situated behind The Forbidden City
webspider555 UK Feb 22 Feb 22 11
Jefferson Airplane Poster 1967
sassygirl3869 NY Feb 17 Feb 17 00
Some restrictions may apply.....there's always a catch.
EricTrommater VA Feb 15 Feb 15 00
The democrats want a national gun registry which is always the first step to confiscation.
Trajan61 OK Feb 14 Feb 14 11
Only 17,145 more points (ffs) to level 8...seems endless. How on earth do people rack up points? I usually do not pay much attention to it until I see someone post their Agnostic shirt lol
BohoHeathen OH Feb 8 Feb 8 2828
What's your Haram score? ha·ram ADJECTIVE forbidden or proscribed by Islamic law. Mine's 112, that's if you don't count each time I've masturbated... that number is too long to post. :D
mzbehavin OK Jan 30 Jan 30 1717
Sand Castle I once built a castle with nary the stone In this castle I dwelt by myself all alone Mighty the fortress forged of my hands A fool I was to believe it should stand Day after day I dwelt there within Until one fateful day ...
TDSkully OK Jan 30 Jan 30 11
LINK 1986: Coverage of the Challenger explosion
SleeplessInTexas TX Jan 29 Jan 29 88
No no that was to short....
Seriousreason New Zealand Jan 24 Jan 24 00
Forbidden Planet Am I the only one who thinks this movie basically explains what's happening to the world right now? Prescient.
KJThomas CA Jan 20 Jan 20 22
Devouring Doxie...take me
Rossy92 VA Jan 12 Jan 12 66
For most sites, this is not true. Saw this on FB. My reply was " Read the TOS. You already agreed that anything you post belongs to the company. That's with about any free site. They can use anything you post for any reason. Helps to read these ...
TheGreatShadow NE Jan 3 Jan 3 00
Donald Trump is not immune to prosecution and he has crossed the line so many times and likely committed numerous viloations. How can our nation's citizens continue to put up with him??? How can Congress tolerate him any longer? I'm ...
tedelliss CT Jan 1 Jan 1 55
Good Morning
RobertNappi2 CO Dec 29 Dec 29 99
Cole Sprouse - forbidden, too young, fruit. You could know him as "Jughead" from Riverdale. Finally, I choose someone not from the 90's. Seems like a good apple. Spoiler: If I have chosen him, he is a ...
UrsiMajor MD Dec 28 Dec 28 33
I am obsessed. I am not a TV fan but I recently found this Chinese programme Yanxi Palace. If you speak pu tong hua or can cope with the hit and miss subtitles it is definitely worth it. Set in the Forbidden city it is beautiful. The costumes alone ...
Amisja UK Dec 27 Dec 27 00
Did you ask anyone to buy you a specific gift for xmas? If so, what did you ask for?
MissKathleen AZ Dec 25 Dec 25 22
Appropriate for tonight....the Choristers of King’s College, Cambridge. - Ding Dong Merrily on High
Marionville UK Dec 24 Dec 24 33
The Human League - Don't You Want Me
CaroleKay CA Dec 23 Dec 23 22
Like I said they wanted him dead for telling us the forbidden truth
48thRonin AZ Dec 20 Dec 20 00
Well, my friends I’ve been away from this site for a while. I find myself in the hospital with the flu (got a shot). I’m a life long asthmatic so thing have been difficult. Been here 5 days and the best they can say is you’ll be home by ...
Smartwoman CA Dec 18 Dec 18 44
Some random holiday time memories from when I was a little Jewish girl... My father would grunt and turn a dangerous glare at us if we absentmindedly hummed an xmas tune at home. My Mother - the lovely Jewish girl from Brooklyn - loved the ...
AmiSue CT Dec 15 Dec 15 22
That might be a help.
Tomfoolery33 WV Dec 13 Dec 13 22
Jade Princess You were lying face down I very tenderly, hesitantly lifted up your dress So my hands could reach Reach your back. Your curves speak to the mathematician in me I cannot describe how utterly perfect they ...
Deveno CO Dec 12 Dec 12 33
The Hooters - Satellite
ipdg77 UK Dec 9 Dec 9 00
Hello, @kafir! I once tried naming a beer Kafir. It was a Belgian Wit Bier with lemons and kaffir lime leaves. I had planned on making the label a zombie Fidel Castro with a kaffir lime for a head. I was vetoed on the marketing aspect, so I ...
Tampabrew FL Nov 23 Nov 23 22
VICIOUS ACTIONS ARE FORBIDDEN BY CULTURE (INCL. RELIGIONS) Unscrupulous actions are not hurtful because they are forbidden, but are forbidden because they are hurtful. It is, therefore, in everyone’s interest to be virtuous who wish to be ...
permanwilson NJ Nov 21 Nov 21 22
Hi everyone I’m new here and I’m so happy that there’s a place like this that shares the same ideas I always want a place like this to to share my story I’m from a very religious country a place that to even argue about god is a taboo is ...
AdamsAbra Italy Nov 18 Nov 18 66
Remember that time Clinton paid too much money on that $200 hair cut? This "trumps" (pun) it! Sadly some will stand behind the spending.
TheGreatShadow NE Nov 17 Nov 17 00
Which is why it was forbidden, of course!
phxbillcee AZ Nov 12 Nov 12 11
I think Forbidden Planet (1956) does qualify... it has all kinds of significant thinking, such as “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. Great film!
Denker Netherlands Nov 10 Nov 10 99
LINK The Dangerous Myth of Good Guys With Guns | Erin Wathen
DGJ0114 MI Nov 8 Nov 8 44
POLL A 20 odd year old poem... As my ears caught the pitch of a distant foghorn, another day broke out into a picturesque dawn; My passion dug deep and I just couldn't cope, with the illusion of success and the quantum of hope. I wondered at the ...
Deamflowsserene CO Nov 6 Nov 6 11
Miriam Makeba- Forbidden Games (Cover) (Live) Looked this up after watching the French film of the same name.
JurassicT4 NY Oct 29 Oct 29 11
Please people don't be that person. Play safe! X-rated X-rays! Doctors around the world share images of the strangest things they have found stuck in people's rears (more pictures in the link)
Lukian Canada Oct 24 Oct 24 99
This poem is NOT by me but I so badly want to share it with you that I’m pasting it in, complete with the copyright notice and all, as it appeared in Poetry Today. I just LOVE the sentiment expressed in it, I feel our protagonist Eve in this poem ...
dede18 CA Oct 19 Oct 19 11
I keep hearing now that caffeine is now cool among Mormons, ur, I mean among the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints people. When I was in the Church caffeine was forbidden, including things like Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and caffeine ...
Heraclitus NC Oct 17 Oct 17 44
After scanning through the posts here, and again reading the list of forbidden subjects, I'm at a loss as to the purpose of this group. It seems to be to say "good morning", and document the mundane occurrences in lives. Could someone actively ...
bigpawbullets OH Oct 17 Oct 17 55
Am I the only one that believes that Eve was actually the daughter of Adam and Lilith? ( And yes I know that they’re most likely fictional but since the story of Adam and Eve is used as a basis for all humanity I believe that it’s a valid ...
Robsweapon VA Oct 9 Oct 9 33
Speed it up? g
genessa MN Sep 25 Sep 25 22