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LINK Wired for marriage: The neural and genetic links to romantic love - Neuroscience News
floWteiuQ IL May 22 May 22 1919
goats hardiness a result of genetic selection
Larimar MO May 20 May 20 33
Trump Will Win Reelection Unless We Do One Thing Collaboration: Happens when both parties refuse to expose the deceptive actions of the other. When they both play a part in criminal acts. No one is punished when you ...
William_Mary OH May 20 May 20 22
Covid 19 Jaylene at the beach in Florida with a quickie unmasking!
Mofo1953 FL May 16 May 16 66
@bandaloop -- Hello, and welcome to the group.
evidentialist NM May 6 May 6 22
This day South Africa was set free. Daily Maverick: The promise of equality that we made on 27 April 1994 can no longer be deferred.
VAL3941 South Africa Apr 28 Apr 28 44
I am a believer. I believe the very earliest humans created a god to help explain where the sun went at night. I have no proof, but I believe this anyway. I have asked the world to provide valid evidence that I am wrong, and received nothing....
tfg1929 AZ Apr 18 Apr 18 55
Admin Please put the group info back on posts. As shown in the attached screenshot, there is no group identification, only a generic "posts" tag. Without the information (ie: "posted in Trump Pinata" for example) it's not possible to know...
SeaGreenEyez IN Apr 18 Apr 18 22
My favorite decade
glennlab TX Apr 17 Apr 17 33
Genetic fun for everyone!
SenorRotten FL Apr 14 Apr 14 33
Nothing like hot coffee to wake you up ;-)
OldMetalHead AZ Apr 13 Apr 13 1010
Gerona, Spain, by night, 1972
fishline79 PA Apr 10 Apr 10 22
As I see pastors and Franklin Graham touting that this pandemic is due to society turning their back on God. Why can't we change the narrative that God has brought this plague upon us as a repudiation of Trump and his evil policies?? Use their...
agromantix CA Apr 5 Apr 5 22
From FutureCrunch - This is updated daily - and only the good news!
Allamanda Virgin Islands, U.S. Apr 2 Apr 2 11
Modern humans, Neanderthals share a tangled genetic history, study affirms:
gsiamne NE Apr 1 Apr 1 33
JOHNS HOPKINS HOSPITAL The virus is not a living organism, but a protein molecule (DNA) covered by a protective layer of lipid (fat), which, when absorbed by the cells of the ocular, nasal or buccal mucosa, changes their genetic code (mutation) ...
yogafan108 NV Mar 30 Mar 30 00
I just joined this group - Hi folks. My hearing loss is genetic, runs in my family. I served in Vietnam - so the VA had provided me with hearing aids for years. Thankful for that.
JPD67855 OH Mar 29 Mar 29 11
This is Bliss's new favorite thing to sleep on. I was going to put them away back in the shed yesterday but she just keeps coming back to it and we think its amusing.
MsAl MI Mar 29 Mar 29 33
Tell me if I am wrong... Back in the STD/AIDS crisis doctors told folks that essentially when you were physically intimate with someone you were also intimate with everyone they were previously intimate with, and vice versa. Extrapolate that ...
HippieChick58 NE Mar 28 Mar 28 1010
FOR THE CHEAP SEATS IN THE BACK:::::::::: Republicans are pushing for this $500 BILLION dollar slush fund that will benefit companies that Donald Trump and Steve Mnuchin will benefit from. Democrats wouldn’t agree to that. Democrats ...
bobwjr DE Mar 26 Mar 26 11
Jewel Staite
OldMetalHead AZ Mar 26 Mar 26 77
CORONA VIRUS INFORMATION - TAKE WHATEVER IS WORTH Tips from a professor in infectious diseases at Johns Hopkins University: 1. The virus is not a living organism, but a protein molecule (DNA) covered by a protective layer of lipid (fat), ...
St-Sinner TX Mar 26 Mar 26 22
Covid19 so far .. Accompanied by a song for the ages.
Seriousreason New Zealand Mar 26 Mar 26 11
Phoenix dactylifera: Seeking the origin of the historic Judean Date Palm, using genetic analysis of germinated ancient seeds. The Date Palm, Phoenix dactylifera, a dioecious species (in dioecious plants each ...
JoeB UK Mar 23 Mar 23 44
As a CAUCASIAN, I am a member of a worldwide racial minority, I deserve the same rights and protections afforded to all other protected groups, and classes. . . . . I am a ‘Person of Pallor.’ . . . . . I am visibly ‘Melanin Challenged.’ . . ...
Jacar MI Mar 22 Mar 22 33
The best agent against the Coronavirus is soap ”All viruses are bits of genetic code bundled inside a collection of lipids and proteins, which can include a fat-based casing known as a viral envelope. Destroying an ...
JackPedigo WA Mar 21 Mar 21 33
Why does soap work so well on the SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus and indeed most viruses? Because it is a self-assembled nanoparticle in which the weakest link is the lipid (fatty) bilayer. A two part thread about soap, viruses and supramolecular ...
MissKathleen AZ Mar 13 Mar 13 55
LINK The first people to inhabit North America's Arctic region are not the genetic ancestors of the modern-day Inuit 
bobwjr DE Mar 9 Mar 9 22
Genetic research shows almost 25% of Latinos and Hispanica have Jewish DNA. Wow!!!!!
sassygirl3869 NY Mar 7 Mar 7 33
Sara Underwood
OldMetalHead AZ Mar 5 Mar 5 66
hi everyone! remember I said let's post some memes too, in addition to videos? Well, here is one to kick it off ... just a cute meme that brought classical and opera music to mind ...
dede18 CA Feb 26 Feb 26 11
And the anti-SJWs are all over this one. I have a few responses to them. 1. They're not "anti" anything. They're SJWs for conservatives. 2. If all it takes to get this kind of anger out of you is two fictional characters of the same gender ...
JayOleck38 WA Feb 17 Feb 17 00
Wish she was my play date... Vintage
dave1459 NY Feb 17 Feb 17 22
More murky tales of inter-species nookie from Western Africa. No wonder our genetic mix is so confused!
Petter Spain Feb 14 Feb 14 11
prestonw1243 MO Feb 9 Feb 9 11
Introspection. Estas Tonne. Shardo Studios 2016
FearlessFly MN Feb 9 Feb 9 00
Signs of cancer can appear long before diagnosis, study shows Research into genetic mutations suggests possibility of tests that would detect cancer earlier
FearlessFly MN Feb 6 Feb 6 00
lil' nuisance/art post 🥑🧀🍎🌽
neutralite OH Feb 4 Feb 4 00
I'm toying with genetic identification programs like Ancestry and 23 and me. Then I read this story.........please read it and tell me what you think. My husband is my cousin and other crazy stuff 23 and Me told me.
sassygirl3869 NY Jan 29 Jan 29 1111
We freethinkers wonder what separates us from the superstitious; my conclusion has long been it's due to an evolutionary genetic difference.
rmgibsonusa TX Jan 24 Jan 24 99
The stock advisers are forscasting that NVDA will go up to over $300 per share . It's currently bussing around $250 .
Cast1es TX Jan 23 Jan 23 00
The reality!!!
of-the-mountain TX Jan 23 Jan 23 33
Just heard about this on Morning Joy. Just wow. The people responsible for an accurate depiction of history changing it. Unforgivable.
NHjulie NH Jan 19 Jan 19 44
I tattooed our anniversary date in Roman Numerals so that you don't forget it, Merseyman!
Merseyman1 FL Jan 19 Jan 19 55
New York Times Cites White Nationalist Eugenicist in Piece Titled “the Secrets of Jewish Genius” In his column entitled “The Secrets of Jewish Genius,” Bret Stephens pondered the question why Jews had achieved so much despite ...
William_Mary OH Dec 30 Dec 30 22
Samantha Mathias
OldMetalHead AZ Dec 27 Dec 27 11
Oh boy, now someone wants to do another one upmanship. The insane revolving behavior of having to be better than others. Extreme, beyond normal, fear based control behavior. I have brought the possibilities before about the disconnect from ...
HerbertNewsam OR Dec 27 Dec 27 22
China to complete Beidou competitor to GPS with new launches
FearlessFly MN Dec 27 Dec 27 11
No one teaches a newborn human to breath. No one teaches them to cry, to suckle, to eat, sleep, or eliminate the waste products from their body. These things are innate. Genetic memory, if you will. Why then must a human child need to be taught ...
Bn4fE5 IL Dec 22 Dec 22 4646
GOOD SCIENCE First Time Ever - The woman's entire genetic code, or genome, was decoded and used to work out what she might have looked like 6,000 years ago Thanks to the tooth marks she left in ancient "chewing gum", scientists were able to...
St-Sinner TX Dec 18 Dec 18 00
POLL Genetic Behavior
Grecio GA Dec 15 Dec 15 1212
Genetic database that identified Golden State Killer acquired by crime scene DNA company 5 comments New owners promise privacy for users who don’t want data used by law enforcement
FearlessFly MN Dec 11 Dec 11 00
Shinedown - I'm Not Alright Love the energy of this
chalupacabre WA Dec 11 Dec 11 11
Early humans domesticated themselves, new genetic evidence suggests
FearlessFly MN Dec 7 Dec 7 22
I just previously posted a comment i made about my daughter and her mother. Here is grounds of my thinking: genetically we are half from each parent conflated or combined to make us genetically what we are. How close is the psychology of a ...
Word LA Dec 5 Dec 5 55
I have been pondering the nature of the people and evolving culture on this site, and an obvious interesting area is the differences from dating sites--I see this more as a connecting site. First, when I write a woman a note, she writes back for the...
DavidDuhon NH Dec 4 Dec 4 88
DC Comics Comes Under Fire for Deleting Batman Poster That Sparked Chinese Backlash
FearlessFly MN Dec 1 Dec 1 11
Just one bottle!
Freespirit64 MO Dec 1 Dec 1 22
This microbe no longer needs to eat food to grow, thanks to a bit of genetic engineering
FearlessFly MN Dec 1 Dec 1 00
Watch this Video on how much money is made but is not taxed to fix what thes corporations and politicians have wrought upon us!!!
of-the-mountain TX Nov 22 Nov 22 00
I met a girl that was really into astrology. She asked me what my sign was and I said, Sagittarius. She was like, "I totally guessed that because you're this, and this and act like that..." I interrupted her, "I'm sorry, I meant to say, Scorpio."...
URAKENT OH Nov 22 Nov 22 55
Can a person be so well learned, trained and practiced in their grammer that they can only think grammatically correct?
Word LA Nov 21 Nov 21 11
I think more people should look into or consider investing in bio-tech so we as a species can move on from our current limitations. We should encourage more experiment with germ line manipulation to eliminate genetic diseases and move toward ...
jdubose TX Nov 17 Nov 17 22
A comment I made in a therapy group. Please discuss. Shortly after another fatal school shooting, I was compelled to create a lengthy comment that in the end was titled, Love the Pedophile, and was posted in my feed. I wanted to move away from ...
SAMae AR Nov 17 Nov 17 11
tRump's very own personal (fat) Joseph Goebbels! (Propaganda minister to Adolf Hitler) William Barr's Partisan 'Authoritarian' Trump Defense Triggers Calls For His Impeachment
MikeInBatonRouge LA Nov 17 Nov 17 88
I'm posting this and I can't remember who it is. Any guesses? Enlighten me!
sassygirl3869 NY Nov 10 Nov 10 11
Anyone like dimples?
Cutiebeauty NY Nov 9 Nov 9 33
Type 2 diabetes. Treatment of type 2 diabetes is costing the NHS in the UK over £12 billion a year or around 10% of the annual budget. As it is mostly self inflicted due to lifestyle although there is a genetic component . This...
Moravian UK Nov 5 Nov 5 22
Controversial ‘gay gene’ app provokes fears of a genetic Wild West
FearlessFly MN Nov 3 Nov 3 11
Hailing a driverless ride in a Waymo
FearlessFly MN Nov 3 Nov 3 11
In my opinion, evolution is the greatest stumbling block for a theistic worldview, especially when the God of the Theists is understood as a "loving Father". A favored strategy of theists to neutralize this stumbling block is expressed in the ...
Matias Germany Nov 3 Nov 3 1919
POLL I get the prove you're real thing. But man getting points is too hard!
AttilaThePun OH Nov 3 Nov 3 00
Don't listen to her...
scurry Canada Oct 29 Oct 29 22
"How do you feel about uncertainty?" My last date was with someone who lives about an hour and a half away. We have met a couple of times at local dances and danced together and chatted a bit. That got followed up by some phone conversations. This...
Stephanie99 NY Oct 29 Oct 29 2121
Hello ! Anybody interested in a short conversation ?
FTAR MI Oct 22 Oct 22 11
Off a fine start today
RobertNappi2 CO Oct 21 Oct 21 77
"Is that sarcasm?" Why indeed it is and I find it funny that he has to ask. I think it's pretty clear that I am dating an "INTP" type, according to the Meyers-Briggs Personality scale. I find these discoveries remarkable! There are such vast ...
SukiSue MA Oct 20 Oct 20 99
Halloween joke
bobwjr DE Oct 17 Oct 17 44
Would my secular friends be willing to vote for my project on Limeades for Learning? Please do not donate! I only want/need votes. If I get enough votes Sonic Burger will pay $600 towards my Donors Choose project....
Tomofhb CA Oct 15 Oct 15 11
Yaaaahhhhhh. 🥺
Rudy1962 WI Oct 13 Oct 13 11
Genetically speaking, could Adam and Eve have existed? ( I am looking for proof against them existing)
Ry-Studios OH Oct 5 Oct 5 3737
I heard over the summer that my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a great aunt who also had breast cancer and had a double mastectomy. I asked my gynecologist today about getting tested for the BRCA mutation. He said I needed to be ...
soulless NY Oct 4 Oct 4 11
At this rate, i could be a great-great grandmother when i finally die. My 22 year old, married granddaughter had an adorable child last year. Now the marriage is kaputt, but she took up with another loser and now is pregnant. I am stunned. Is ...
Spinliesel NY Oct 3 Oct 3 99
U.S. agents raid genetic testing labs, charge 35 in Medicare fraud probe U.S. federal agents raided genetic testing laboratories, and 35 people were criminally charged in four states in a crackdown on genetic testing fraud that officials said on...
William_Mary OH Sep 29 Sep 29 22
Wow! Just Wow! 😱 Federal Law Enforcement Action Involving Fraudulent Genetic Testing Results Responsible for Over $2.1 Billion in Losses in One of the Largest Health Care Fraud Schemes Ever Charged
MojoDave FL Sep 28 Sep 28 11
POLL Is everything material?
Grecio GA Sep 22 Sep 22 33
LINK Rare polka-dotted zebra foal photographed in Kenya
HippieChick58 NE Sep 21 Sep 21 1313
Squill and Moxie are used to being fed when I get home from work. This morning I was called in for a few hours to help with some of the emergencies. I arrived home in the early afternoon, a few hours before I normally feed my girls. Squill was ...
Insectra PA Sep 14 Sep 14 66
I'll miss you guys
Livinlife MI Sep 14 Sep 14 33
There may NOT be life on other planets
JeffMesser OK Sep 13 Sep 13 1414
They get it from their.. ..grandma?
FatherOfNyx VA Sep 5 Sep 5 33
Isn't it immoral for a woman not to have an abortion after becoming pregnant resulting from a rape? I presume that a baby from a rapist father won't receive the same love and care than otherwise. Also, why to propagate the genes of a rapist?
zesty FL Sep 3 Sep 3 1212
The Real Life Tigger The most ancient type of cat alive today. Their genetic blueprint is shared by all cats. The Clouded Leopard. 😻😻😻
SeaGreenEyez IN Sep 1 Sep 1 66
Washington Post - New study: There’s no ‘gay gene,’ but genetics are linked to same-sex behavior "The researchers were able to find five genetic variants that were statistically associated with same-sex sexual behaviors, but none had a large...
Daco2007 ME Aug 29 Aug 29 55
The following question came up during a lunch break at work. We were discussing the genetic technologies such as crispr cas which can enable designer babies. Most people are uncomfortable with this idea as it's a slippery slope to eugenics from ...
Spongebob IL Aug 25 Aug 25 99
memes memes memes
altschmerz IL Aug 22 Aug 22 1313
The writings of the "New Atheists" are certainly not meant to give you a warm and cuddly feeling. It is all so dire and bleak. Dawkins puts it quite bluntly: “In a universe of blind physical forces and genetic replication, some people are ...
Matias Germany Aug 21 Aug 21 99
Pretty in pink
OldMetalHead AZ Aug 16 Aug 16 88
Did you ever stop to wonder, if there were only 1 pair of each animal in Noah’s Ark, how we could possibly have the genetic diversity we have today. Genetic mutations could count for but, when there is inbreeding,, the mutations tend to be ...
Rob1948 TN Aug 14 Aug 14 77
Illegal larceny at the highest possible level - AGAIN... this directly impacts thousands of smaller non-profits who work in the poorest countries and their individual clients who need food, medicine, education and shelter - to remain ...
Allamanda Virgin Islands, U.S. Aug 13 Aug 13 11