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LINK Racial justice is a pro-life issue, says leading pro-life legislator
TheMiddleWay CA June 3 Jun 3 55
I check our <Linda & mine> retirement portifolio daily out of habit. I've noticed an interesting trend over the past few weeks. I'm confident everyone knows the stock markets took quite a hit when COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. They've been ...
bigpawbullets OH June 2 Jun 2 44
“There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest”............Elie Wiesel.
Marionville UK June 2 Jun 2 44
LINK Peaceful Protest Decatur, IL - YouTube
Amzungu IL June 1 Jun 1 44
Good Afternoon Everyone!! Happy Sunday!! Wow up all night watching riots protesting racial injustice round the country, This morning found out it reached Albany, NY but haven't seen the videos yet. `Killed my desire to hike with friends this ...
sassygirl3869 NY May 31 May 31 88
Good Afternoon Everyone! Nice sunny day. Up early for my Zoom Freethinker call. Total discussion about racial injustice by some bad cops out there. Hopefully there is nomore rioting tonight. 80% of the arsonists are from out of state anarchist ...
sassygirl3869 NY May 30 May 30 11
How to control your mind..
Wildgreens LA May 30 May 30 22
Do not let the violent action of the outside agitators divert and steal the real dialogue that needs to be had in this country. Those that focus the discussion soley on the violence are really just seeking to fistract us from the real problem; ...
t1nick NM May 30 May 30 44
Socrates is my favorite philosopher but MLK Jr. is my favorite political inspiration. The trinity of my favorite people in history are Socrates, MLK Jr. and FDR. I have never felt more inspired than the words of Socrates and MLK Jr. and FDR. The ...
typhoeuszombie NM May 27 May 27 00
FIVE MYTHS ABOUT THE VENEZUELAN OPPOSITION The Latest Video Produced By VA And Tatuy TV Explores The “Myths” That Sustain The Mainstream Media’s Favorable Coverage Of The Venezuelan Opposition. While the video ...
William_Mary OH May 25 May 25 22
"Optimism is not only a false but also a pernicious doctrine, for it presents life as a desirable state and man’s happiness as its aim and object. Starting from this, everyone then believes he has the most legitimate claim to happiness and ...
wonderandlisten IN Apr 21 Apr 21 33
Seems accurate to me.
Tomfoolery33 WV Apr 13 Apr 13 22
LINK In the midst of a global pandemic, the Christian story of Easter shows us the power of hope | Rev William Barber and Dr Leah Hunt-Hendrix | Opinion | The Guardian
brentan Ireland Apr 12 Apr 12 11
Don't mind me--it might not be you. I am just plain cranky as heck. But then again, it might be you.
Gwendolyn2018 MO Apr 3 Apr 3 1818
Alright, day whatever the fuck it is and here watching Netflix. Watching Paradise PD and they did a thing on Tucker Carlson on the Gypsy apocalypse, and damn, he really did, in 2017 go off on Gypsies. Who can watch Fucking Faux News? ...
Beowulfsfriend PA Mar 25 Mar 25 11
THE TRUMP TEAM DID THIS ON PURPOSE. “I’m a Leninist,” Steve Bannon proudly proclaimed. Shocked, I asked him what he meant. “Lenin,” he answered, “wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing ...
DevilMayCare OH Mar 20 Mar 20 00
LINK Canadian Mental Health Association
AJimboShep82 Canada Mar 5 Mar 5 33
Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits ...
yvilletom CA Mar 1 Mar 1 00
Consortium News Editor-in-Chief Joe Lauria discussed the week’s events in London with Chris Hedges. ASSANGE EXTRADITION: CN Editor Discusses Hearing with Chris Hedges This week I get to post On Contact, one of my ...
William_Mary OH Mar 1 Mar 1 00
LINK Evo Morales: Ten commandments against capitalism, for life and humanity
WilliamCharles CA Feb 27 Feb 27 11
Injustice department of Barr!!!
of-the-mountain TX Feb 18 Feb 18 00
As a naive kid RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE..Stood up for political & racial injustice. Recognised the little guy who was feeling insignificant against a backdrop of large than life celebrities. Well they are actually no better than the ...
Seriousreason New Zealand Feb 18 Feb 18 00
Post valentines but on a romantic theme. Two movies and iconic scenes. And "Truly madly deeply" "The sun ain`t gonna shine anymore" In the later (which is my favorite). It is HER desire that brings him back and THEIR ...
273kelvin UK Feb 15 Feb 15 11
Brodsky Tune with words of the poet Joseph Brodsky. - Morten Harket (from his Wild Seed album in 1995). Joseph Brodsky the Russian/American poet wrote this poem about the war and genocide in Bosnia, and Morten Harket, who is a ...
Marionville UK Feb 15 Feb 15 22
Marianne Faithfull - Broken English Can hate be a good thing? Okay yeah, peace and love are lovely and we all would like to think that it's all we need but this is the real world. There are some things and people that deserve to be hated. John Lydon...
273kelvin UK Feb 13 Feb 13 22
Laugh at the zaney lyrics of social and political satirists over the years. If you can't do anything else about injustice, at least you can laugh at it.
fishline79 PA Feb 6 Feb 6 00
When proper "meter" don't rightly "matter:" The Divine Axioms of Backwater Beauty Suppos'n you’ve got a fine stairway t' climb The highest reaches o' all the humankind Rest, you might, sittin' down at the top Lookin' out o’er the ...
Shawno1972 NV Jan 28 Jan 28 00
When you think things are getting hard...
ninjarider1 FL Jan 10 Jan 10 22
Laura Seija & The Hawkmen ' Daddy' - Keep On Working
FearlessFly MN Jan 9 Jan 9 00
LINK 'Death to Gays' Pastor: Fires Ravaging Australia Because It Banned Me
snytiger6 WA Jan 7 Jan 7 11
"Our task over the next few generations is to transform the world of independent states in which we live into some sort of genuine international community. If we succeed in creating that community, however quarrelsome, discontented, and full of ...
WilliamCharles CA Jan 3 Jan 3 66
Bette Midler. - When A Man Loves A Woman. What a great artiste!
Marionville UK Jan 1 Jan 1 33
Senator Introduces Bill to Crack Down on Fake Meat Labeling As more plant-based protein products like the Impossible Burger and Beyond Meats make their way onto store shelves and restaurant menus, US senator and cattle rancher Deb Fischer ...
johnnyrobish CA Dec 22 Dec 22 22
Senator Introduces to Crack Down on Fake Meat Labeling As more plant-based protein products like the Impossible Burger and Beyond Meats make their way onto store shelves and restaurant menus, US senator and cattle rancher Deb Fischer (R-NE) ...
johnnyrobish CA Dec 22 Dec 22 99
Senator Introduces to Crack Down on Fake Meat Labeling As more plant-based protein products like the Impossible Burger and Beyond Meats make their way onto store shelves and restaurant menus, US senator and cattle rancher Deb Fischer ...
johnnyrobish CA Dec 22 Dec 22 88
Dino Christmas Tree.
Heather2367 Canada Dec 18 Dec 18 88
Christopher Hitchens, "Don't be hesitant to speak out about injustice & stupidity. There is plenty of time for silence in death"
Remiforce NY Nov 30 Nov 30 44
The Triumph of Injustice, by Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman: How tax cuts for the rich fuel inequality {Let’s start with the working class, the 122 million adults in the lower half of the income pyramid. For them, the average ...
William_Mary OH Nov 30 Nov 30 11
When you feel emotionally or physically drained, you are more likely to feel lonely. But having a “vent buddy” helps you see problems from a better perspective. According to clinical psychologist and author of “Paradoxical Strategies in ...
birdingnut NM Nov 17 Nov 17 11
The Furniture store kept calling me? All I wanted was one night stand!
Horseman UK Nov 16 Nov 16 44
Sure feels this way sometimes -
SenorRotten FL Nov 6 Nov 6 11
LINK On Nov 02, 2004: Alabamians Vote to Keep School Segregation in State Constitution
bobwjr DE Nov 3 Nov 3 11
Better luck next time
bobwjr DE Oct 25 Oct 25 33
Media, movies and tv shows in particular, plus commercialism ... all this made the north American culture superficial, easily manipulated, fake emotions including the most sincere. This lead to actions: Caused concentrated sense entitlement=> ...
Neenz Canada Oct 17 Oct 17 22
Media, movies and tv shows in particular, plus commercialism ... all this made the north American culture superficial, easily manipulated, fake emotions including the most sincere. This lead to actions: Caused concentrated sense entitlement=> ...
Neenz Canada Oct 17 Oct 17 00
S.D. NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT: A race against time in South Dakota In South Dakota, there is an effort underway to qualify two initiatives for the 2020 ballot: a medical marijuana initiative and an adult-use legalization initiative. But the ...
OldGoat43 PA Oct 15 Oct 15 11
Does anyone else deal with this, with religious family/friends? I’ve had immediate family use this phrasing regarding my sexuality, agnosticism, politics, and more. It was years til I realize how toxic and abusive it is.
CarolinaGirl60 NC Oct 1 Oct 1 22
This Is Us is back and, between the tears of hope and joy, and the tears of frustration over injustice, I’m finding it hard to breath. But, love wins.
rhmccluskey OR Sep 29 Sep 29 11
Some people claim young children can’t possibly fathom what climate change means. Those people are mistaken. Young people have a finely tuned sense of injustice, they do understand how thoroughly the planet, and their generation. has been fucked ...
Justjoni CA Sep 24 Sep 24 55
Happy Terrian Equinox Day! Also Happy Memory of Euripides' Birthday! Pantheism is justice, oligotheism is injustice. We need Eucracy for all Terrians, as gods, small and big. Peace and Protectivity for all Terra-Family-Ship. ...
tipi Bhutan Sep 23 Sep 23 11
Wolff on Bernie's Workplace Democracy Plan-----While he speaks on work place democracy, lets not forget democracy was shown to be lost also in the 2016 primary cycle. Actually the entire electoral system. Richard Wolff on a ...
William_Mary OH Sep 9 Sep 9 11
LINK Despite Tiny Carbon Footprint, Bahamas Is Ground Zero of Climate Crisis
altschmerz IL Sep 7 Sep 7 11
Good Morning Everyone. Cool and rainy here What about small acts? When multiplied by millons can we make the world a better place? Arent we celebrating the Labor Movement today? A Pullman strike that left dizens dead was the precipace. What about ...
sassygirl3869 NY Sep 2 Sep 2 66
IMDB list today Panama's Ruben Blades as an Actor (49 credits), but to me he is not the actor... to me is the Salsero, the Sonero, the Harvard Educated Lawyer that told Hollywood... "Why you offer me Drug Dealer roles? I am a Lawyer in real life ...
GipsyOfNewSpain NV Sep 1 Sep 1 11
So I was trying to send this meme to a fellow atheist...but accidentally sent it to a highly religious woman!!!! Whoops! I am so going to hell. She never responded btw...🤦🏻‍♀️
janniegirl GA Aug 25 Aug 25 1111
LetzGetReal AZ Aug 23 Aug 23 44
LINK Assange Must Not Also Die in Jail
PontifexMarximus Australia Aug 17 Aug 17 44
IS AMERICA RACIST AND SEXIST? We like America's prettier side of the story that we are welcoming, we are generous, kind, helpful, and not racist. That is what we like to think and that is what we like to portray ourselves in the society, to ...
St-Sinner TX Aug 13 Aug 13 3131
No justice in injustice
Rudy1962 WI Aug 10 Aug 10 33
NEW YORK STATE New York decriminalizes use of marijuana 2019-07-30 Andrew Buncombe Independent.Co.Uk New York has decriminalised the use of marijuana – becoming the 16th US state to do so. The move, which would make ...
OldGoat43 PA Aug 1 Aug 1 11
TRUMP Makes me lose my mind! I am a fellow of no violence. When people did terrible things to me , i imagined keying their car. He brings my whole soul to a raging boil. I walk , i vote , i listen to music, how do you calm the rage of injustice?
Bigwavedave NC July 16 Jul 16 99
Charity is the drowning of justice in the craphole of mercy. Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi (1746 – 1827) Swiss pedagogue and educational reformer.
PontifexMarximus Australia July 8 Jul 8 55
There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.......Elie Wiesel.
Marionville UK July 5 Jul 5 11
LINK Grieving the children of Palestine and the dream of Zionism | Jewish Journal
WilliamCharles CA June 29 Jun 29 1212
Few more pictures from here
bobwjr DE June 28 Jun 28 66
My husband says, google is his god, because it knows everything and always has an answer for his problem. Who can argue with that? When I read through the many post about people who say their agnostic I can’t help but notice they are referring to ...
Debbera Canada June 27 Jun 27 4949
Paul Manafort’s transfer from Rikers Island shows how corrupt the DOJ really is By Harry Litman Contributing columnist June 19, 2019 at 6:58 PM EDT Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s legal ...
camne OH June 20 Jun 20 66
"I'm part of an LGBTQ family. Here's what I do when strangers ask invasive questions."
LiterateHiker WA June 13 Jun 13 66
On this day; June history; In Memoriam of Muhammad Ali by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar During my more than 50 years in the public eye, I have met hundreds of renowned celebrities, artists, athletes, and world leaders. But only a handful ...
Robecology FL June 4 Jun 4 00
INTERNATIONAL DAY OF ACTION AGAINST CHEVRON: OILING THE WHEELS OF INJUSTICE Indigenous communities in the Amazon are still awaiting justice for the damage inflicted on their environments and health by Texaco. Chevron ...
William_Mary OH May 26 May 26 00
Washington becomes first state to allow human composting
LiterateHiker WA May 21 May 21 1414
So it appears i am back ... after trying for months to access this site and being told to open a new account, even after changing my password i was getting this message. so frustrating having reached level 7 to contemplate starting over. ofc ourse ...
SimonCyrene UK May 6 May 6 44
Judge Damon Keith, civil rights icon, dies at 96
LiterateHiker WA Apr 29 Apr 29 44
Palestine as Litmus Test: If Democratic candidates like Harris, Booker, etc. sell out to AIPAC, they will also sell out to corporations as Obama and Hillary did. Bernie is the only incorruptible candidate. If the Dems continue to nominate sellout ...
Krish55 FL 3232
Fear of rabbits is leporiphobia and this is why.
mistymoon77 MN Apr 19 Apr 19 22
Praise the Lord!!!! :(
margarida Portugal Apr 15 Apr 15 88
BoingoOingo42 NM Apr 15 Apr 15 99
When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are ruled by criminals." -Anonymous
WilliamCharles CA Apr 11 Apr 11 66
How Long Will They Kill Our Prophets While We Stand Aside and Look? Instead of being outraged by Julian Assange's treatment, the vast majority of Americans, Brits, Parisians and beyond chose to be impotent in the face of ...
William_Mary OH Apr 7 Apr 7 00
A little humility goes a long way in life and it helps to smooth out some of the bumps we encounter along the way. Religion throws lots of brick bats at the unbelievers of the world and the desire to rage against that injustice is only natural but ...
Surfpirate Canada Apr 3 Apr 3 99
Against eternal injustice, man must assert justice, and to protest against the universe of grief, he must create happiness......Albert Camus.
Marionville UK Mar 25 Mar 25 00
Undecided. - Morten Harket
Marionville UK Mar 24 Mar 24 00
It's the same thing, isn't it? ?
MojoDave FL Mar 17 Mar 17 1212
Ran out ofJoseph Campbell quotes for these two....
EricTrommater VA Mar 11 Mar 11 22
Following on from International Women's Day, Katherine Switzer was an inspiration, not just for women's rights, but against injustice, stupidity, ignorance and all barriers that stand in the way of progress and achievement.
ipdg77 UK Mar 10 Mar 10 11
Ba da da da dum da da da da dum dum....
EricTrommater VA Mar 9 Mar 9 11
The art institute of Pittsburgh, a school I'd worked at for 12+ years, just shut down today. While it was always a possibility, it came as a surprise to find a termination notice in my mail today... oh yeah, and I'm in the middle of classes so I ...
TheMiddleWay CA Mar 9 Mar 9 1010
As much as I love beer, up 'til now I never wanted to be one!
phxbillcee AZ Mar 6 Mar 6 11
This is an amazing site. You can get anything you want. I would have a relationship with the right person, and I have met some people here with whom I am agnostic friends. Makes a person feel they are not alone in the world.
Backslidden Canada Mar 5 Mar 5 1717
The Party's over..
Charlene Mar 4 Mar 4 22
Christopher Hedges on the future of the USA
Wangobango3 Canada Mar 1 Mar 1 44
IT TAKES BENEVOLENT COURAGE AND STRENGTH OF CHARACTER TO SPEAK AGAINST CULTURAL INJUSTICES. Some people can always show why something won't work; they can show little mistakes that prove something unworthy; they can ridicule the person who...
permanwilson NJ Feb 28 Feb 28 22
Does anyone have experience with adoption from the foster care system. Perhaps specifically not being foster parent first, just adopting straight out of the system? Looking for insight into the process. I'm attempting to, and I don't know if it ...
CommonHuman KS Feb 27 Feb 27 22
How Britain forcefully depopulated a whole archipelago The sense of shame has left the human race. We send ourselves off to kill the innocent. Some of us design and make the very bombs used to kill them knowing of the injustice....
William_Mary OH Feb 26 Feb 26 00
About that Orange Alert that is Not Happening!!!!
GipsyOfNewSpain NV Feb 18 Feb 18 22
Happy Valentine's Day On February 14around the year 278A.D., Valentine, a holy priest in Rome in the days of Emperor Claudius II, was executed. Under the rule of Claudius the Cruel, Rome was involved in many unpopular and bloody campaigns. The...
GuyKeith CO Feb 14 Feb 14 1010
LINK Donald Trump On NFL Protests: 'I Took Care Of' Criminal Justice Reform | HuffPost
david75090 TX Feb 4 Feb 4 11
Born to be wild??
Tommy19 Canada Jan 24 Jan 24 77
A guy walks into a Drug Store and buys: Condoms Lube A 3-Hole punch And pain killers… Why is everyone looking at me like that?
Benthoven NY Jan 23 Jan 23 22