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Yesterday's target, and the reason I cycled 50 miles, was this place: the Church of All Saints and Saint Andrew in Cambridgeshire. I liked the sound of it for three reasons: 1, the silly name (why add St Andrew when you'd already covered everything ...
Jnei UK Mar 31 Mar 31 1414
The weather was nice today, so I rode my bicycle to a nearby village named Hildersham. I've been wanting to visit Hildersham for a while because the church, Holy Trinity, is interesting for two reasons. The church was begun in the early 13th ...
Jnei UK Mar 28 Mar 28 1111
LINK People are Starting to Sleep in Medieval "Box Beds" Again
SkotlandSkye OK Feb 27 Feb 27 66
LINK Raimbaut de Vaqueiras - Kalenda maya - YouTube
genessa MN Sep 13 Sep 13 00
Today's medieval church visit... (being the professional photographer that I am, I completely forgot to put an XQD card in my camera today - so these are all taken on my crappy phone) St Mary Magdalene church was started sometime around the end of...
Jnei UK Sep 12 Sep 12 66
A Tale of Tales from the Last Inn
DangerDave NV Jan 4 Jan 4 44