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Funny true story from work... Very religious Coworker confesses in a meeting to a theft of a broken pottery handle from Israel when he was in Bible college. Another team member says they are surprised that he would have done this and he replied. ...
GwenBFree FL Apr 17 Apr 17 1717
POLL True or false. Being a stepfather is a sure fire ticket to a divorce.
LILRICO37 VA Mar 9 Mar 9 2828
The paradox of the left. The liberal veiwpoint is bombasted daily . One only needs to listen to what they say. Their flagrant hypocrisy abounds. From feminism to economics to government. They have no moral bedrock. Their morality ...
Veteran229 OH Feb 8 Feb 8 1111
When say I Trump is a winner. I am not talking about some overt narcissist wannabe, I refer to Judd Trump who won the Masters Snooker final yesterday...
RichieO Ireland Jan 21 Jan 21 22
O Lord, hear my voice-mail. Let your ears be attentive to my ringtone. Answer me when I message you.
Benthoven NY Jan 3 Jan 3 33
Due to circumstances beyond our control, Monday has been canceled this Tuesday. This means that Monday's meeting will be postponed to early Tuesday this Wednesday at 7:00 pm Thursday next Friday. Saturday night will not be scheduled this Sunday ...
Benthoven NY Jan 3 Jan 3 33
You can fool some of the people all of the time And all of the people some of the time But if you fool with electricity you'll … ϟϟϟϟϟϟϟϟϟ
Benthoven NY Jan 3 Jan 3 22
If I started a campaign for which reindeer cud you be then tell me why and for how long..
Dazeypandar NY Dec 4 Dec 4 22
Listen to this pastor attempt to prove the existence of god while denying the existence of you! (4 mins)
flithyMONKEYmen VA Nov 24 Nov 24 77
The rare occasion that conservatives get it right
anonymous Online Oct 20 Oct 20 77
Exactly what I been telling people ?
LewisFranken CA Oct 19 Oct 19 11
LINK The Vicar of Dibley -- I can't believe its not butter - YouTube
genessa MN Sep 30 Sep 30 00
What happens to your spirt / mind when you die? Are you reincarnated? Do you go into another dimension? Or maybe you are born again in a different time? What are everyone's thoughts?
CMan NV Sep 14 Sep 14 4646
And then the lord said...
Netochka AZ July 24 Jul 24 11
My Dinosaur Is a Service Animal
Qualia MI May 17 May 17 44
Faith is a measurable property. Another word for faith is belief. Religious science and experimental science can prove that if one has faith, or belief of something to be true for oneself or something else, without any doubt, it usually happens....
FinchiMcQ TX Apr 13 Apr 13 1616
We all have a brain
sassygirl3869 NY Apr 9 Apr 9 44
Do any of you get frustrated having a debate with Christians ?
Turkeylips Canada Apr 6 Apr 6 3333
Anyone familiar with " A Course in Miracles" book. A women I was in a relationship a while back was into this book/religion/cult/group. They would sit around in a circle and read chapters from this book to discuss. Groups were small, no more than 20 ...
PickledRick FL Mar 12 Mar 12 11
If ghosts are real, do they have mass? I don't think anyone has ever found this to be true. If ghosts (or spirits) are real, and they don't have mass, do they remain where they were while the planet spirals away, following the sun and leaving the ...
ren833 Jan 18 Jan 18 1818