Einstein gave us the answer to gravity, warped space/time. And he told us where to look for it, the bending of light in a gravitation field. On May 19, 1919 astronomer Arthur Eddington took a photograph of a constellation that lined up behind the Sun...
gene706 MI Nov 24 Nov 24 22
What do you expect given Australian NLP union bashing for a 100 years.
FrayedBear Nov 21 Nov 21 00
Tight is right
Wesley-C IN Nov 19 Nov 19 88
NHjulie NH Nov 16 Nov 16 44
More sarcophagi found
Larimar MO Nov 14 Nov 14 11
LINK Over 74K alleged sex abuse victims file claims against the Boy Scouts
SeaGreenEyez IN Nov 14 Nov 14 44
LINK If the universe is only 14 billion years old, how can it be 92 billion light years wide? - YouTube
DangerDave NV Nov 14 Nov 14 11
We had a gorgeous morning in western NC
Heidi68 NC Nov 14 Nov 14 66
If you analyze Newton's laws objects would be sticking together like magnets as distance decreases. Matter doesn’t pull on the matter, matter is moving through space gaining momentum, and then is having a change in uniform motion. It seems ...
gene706 MI Nov 9 Nov 9 88
LINK Black hole revelations win the 2020 Nobel Prize in physics | Science News
AnonySchmoose HI Nov 5 Nov 5 66
Some more critical thinking. In physics and chemistry, the law of conservation of momentum says the momentum of an isolated system remains constant. Source: Wikipedia. If the Big Bang happened, it gave linear momentum to a lot of matter. If ...
yvilletom CA Nov 4 Nov 4 11
I never knew this.
Surfpirate Canada Oct 30 Oct 30 33
_Good Morning Sunshine Saturday! Happy weekend!_❤ 🌞
Boomtarat03 Oct 23 Oct 23 11
Another newbie question: What makes someone a 'fan?' Just that they gave a thumbs up (or other emoji) to a post or comment of mine? thx
Wisterious FL Oct 20 Oct 20 33
More on this.
BDair CA Oct 19 Oct 19 33
Newtonian Physics Do Not Take Days Off!
BDair CA Oct 19 Oct 19 00
Validating the physics behind the new fusion experiment
xenoview AZ Oct 17 Oct 17 00
Does physics need special and general relativity? Or quantum mechanics? Don’t quote your human authority; cite your empirical evidence.
yvilletom CA Oct 16 Oct 16 00
there is a place for you ...
Philip21 IN Oct 14 Oct 14 11
A bit of 'humor'
TCorCM MI Oct 14 Oct 14 11
More proof that there did not need to be a god involved to create life. First Support for a Physics Theory of Life Take chemistry, add energy, get life. The first tests of Jeremy England’s provocative origin-of-life hypothesis are in, and they ...
glennlab TX Oct 13 Oct 13 99
Thanksgiving Monday in Canada today.
actofdog Canada Oct 12 Oct 12 44
Seek and you shall find... Don't spoil it for others.
scurry Canada Oct 10 Oct 10 44
Democrats need to believe Joe Biden will win. 2020 is not 2016.
LiterateHiker WA Oct 10 Oct 10 1010
_do you like watermelon, I know someone who really really like this_ 😂😂😂 _me, I like it too_
Boomtarat03 Oct 10 Oct 10 55
Twitter Will Turn Off Some Features to Fight Election Misinformation The platform is trying to address growing concern that falsehoods could lead to instability. Most of the changes will start on Oct. 20.
FearlessFly MN Oct 9 Oct 9 22
Do Black Holes 'Matter' ? :)
FearlessFly MN Oct 7 Oct 7 33
Nobel prize in physics goes to . . .
Archeus_Lore AZ Oct 7 Oct 7 22
LINK Dianna's Intro Physics Class: Trailer - Physics 101, AP Physics 1 Review with Physics Girl - YouTube
DangerDave NV Sep 27 Sep 27 22
Everyone loves a surprise 😉
Freefromgod NM Sep 24 Sep 24 55
Embarrassed to say I didn't know there was another Feynman luminary in physics.
TheMiddleWay OH Sep 21 Sep 21 22
LINK What lies beyond the observable universe? - youtube
DangerDave NV Sep 20 Sep 20 44
LINK Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died - CNNPolitics
AgeofReason AR Sep 18 Sep 18 11
Mentioned to my roommate it was Ask An Atheist Anything Day. I only saw it by accident posted elsewhere. She felt it was purposely disrespectful to schedule it during Rosh Hashanah.
WilliamCharles CA Sep 18 Sep 18 00
New shots from Max's Brooklyn/Coney Island series
Lincoln55 LA Sep 11 Sep 11 77
Regarding my previous post on the late comic book creator Jack " The King " Kirby on how religion and mysticism inspired his comic book designs in both The realm of Marvel and DC comics I had to block a female troll from my post and rightfully so I ...
Blackatheist1985 NY Sep 9 Sep 9 66
Swiss country side 🌼
Boomtarat03 Sep 8 Sep 8 00
One of quantum physics’ greatest paradoxes may have lost its leading explanation
FearlessFly MN Sep 7 Sep 7 22
LINK Dousing flames with low-frequency sound waves – Physics World
AnonySchmoose HI Sep 3 Sep 3 44
Cat physics
Youjaes NV Sep 3 Sep 3 33
Thursday morning fire...What a catch....
RobertNappi2 CO Sep 3 Sep 3 22
I never thought of myself as a sapiosexual but I have to say, watching Sabine Hossenfelder explain quantum mechanics and then sing in her deathly serious German demeanor I can't help but imagine how wonderful sex with her would be. Do you have any...
Radu Sep 2 Sep 2 11
I saw this at the Mall and it followed me home.......
jasen IL Sep 1 Sep 1 22
Things I do in the middle of the night. We had a slow-moving thunderstorm for the last hour, so I am sitting at the laptop watching Brian Cox explaining physics to idiot talk show hosts. He is funny and indulgent of questions from the great ...
Spinliesel NY Aug 25 Aug 25 33
A note to all of you who continue to doubt me (re: consciousness)
JeffMesser OK Aug 22 Aug 22 1818
Opps. Someone quit and now we are back down to 99 members. Darn.
creative51 MI Aug 20 Aug 20 22
A physics problem I’ve never seen described. Light enters the eye and goes to the rods and cones. How much light energy does one rod (or one cone) require before it sends a signal along a nerve to the brain AND the person becomes aware of the ...
yvilletom CA Aug 20 Aug 20 11
LINK How Physics Erases The Beginning Of The Universe
Amzungu IL Aug 20 Aug 20 11
Quark kwɑrk Part of speech: noun Origin: German, 20th century 1: Any of a number of subatomic particles carrying a fractional electric charge, postulated as building blocks of the hadrons. 2: A type of low-fat curd cheese. Examples of ...
HippieChick58 NE Aug 20 Aug 20 44
Interesting! From the article: IN FEBRUARY 2012, the Nobel Prize-winning physicist Frank Wilczek decided to go public with a strange and, he worried, somewhat embarrassing idea. Impossible as it seemed, Wilczek had developed an apparent proof of ...
Nunya KY Aug 19 Aug 19 22
Tuned for life?
Grecio GA Aug 16 Aug 16 2323
ZenmasterD is a troll, can somebody check his IP add? I think he just rejoined his face on his bio looks familiar.
Boomtarat03 Aug 14 Aug 14 55
@jdubose Hi, former physics teacher. You may find a recent post interesting. Even in graduate school I didn’t study spectral analysis but I’’ve read of it and understand its usefulness. If time permits, you can use the below link to ...
yvilletom CA Aug 10 Aug 10 00
NASA astronauts say they made prank calls from SpaceX Crew Dragon And the phone bill should go to Elon Musk.
FearlessFly MN Aug 4 Aug 4 00
Happy Thursday all
RobertNappi2 CO July 30 Jul 30 66
How many mp3 have you got ?
FearlessFly MN July 27 Jul 27 22
Flowers from my garden flowers
webspider555 UK July 22 Jul 22 33
Is this physics or Islamic studies? Physics in pakistan.😊😊😊😊
AravindAjith India July 19 Jul 19 66
LINK Will Universities Be the Next COVID-19 Tinderboxes? | Time
HippieChick58 NE July 18 Jul 18 44
"The sublime ... yet another reason to take care of the marvels of nature and of our global cultural inheritance." So what is the sublime? and do we yet have it?
Allamanda Virgin Islands, U.S. July 17 Jul 17 00
Oscillate AH-sə-leit Part of speech: verb Origin: Latin, early 18th century 1: Move or swing back and forth at a regular speed. 2: (Physics) Vary in magnitude or position in a regular manner around a central point. Examples of ...
HippieChick58 NE July 17 Jul 17 55
LINK The Mystery at the Bottom of Physics - YouTube
Tanstaafl KS July 16 Jul 16 33
Are there any ladies interested in a relationship with me?
Heathenguy34 Canada July 14 Jul 14 00
Can women’s hormonal cycles affect decision-making?
Dana1199 CA July 10 Jul 10 77
Et tu Albert Einstein?
JeffMesser OK July 8 Jul 8 33
LINK New Idaho Laws Target Transgender Residents : NPR
TheMiddleWay OH July 5 Jul 5 88
I knew it wasn't enough Happy Rolling Stones
Spinliesel NY July 2 Jul 2 00
Sweet Potato. God is Great.
St-Sinner TX July 2 Jul 2 55
just a pondering. cravings can grow into more unusual or unexpected forms. some are more typical. cravings for sex or food or money. the kinds of things that would seem to serve evolution more directly. then there are some that seemed more removed ...
hankster TN June 28 Jun 28 11
Family cuteness
RobertNappi2 CO June 28 Jun 28 44
Beautiful! How many of these can you identify in yourself and others?
TheMiddleWay OH June 21 Jun 21 88
Lizard_of_Ahaz CA June 21 Jun 21 22
Jane Seymour from the 70's - b&w
OldMetalHead AZ June 19 Jun 19 22
For most of my 24 years in Napa County I’ve wanted to stop by the school district offices and look at their high school physics (and history) textbooks, but it’s in an difficult place to reach by public transit. I did about three years ago go to ...
yvilletom CA June 19 Jun 19 11
Divine justice 😂 lol.
Ellah June 19 Jun 19 11
An interesting thought
JeffMesser OK June 18 Jun 18 11
Some of you are science savvy. Albert Einstein's theory about the earth warping the space around it creates undetectable gravitons which in turn creates the downward force, Lawrence Isaac Newton James termed gravity. Are the proton neutrons and ...
azzow2 NM June 16 Jun 16 44
Every atom in your body came from a star that exploded. And, the atoms in your left hand probably came from a different star than your right hand. It really is the most poetic thing I know about physics: You are all stardust. You couldn’t be here ...
Anismail UK June 15 Jun 15 33
"The trick of declaring war against the armed resistance and then attacking the resisters’ unarmed kin as well as the surrounding population with the most gruesome products of Death-Science — this trick is not new. American Pioneers were ...
WilliamCharles CA June 12 Jun 12 11
(Pete Linforth/Pixabay) PHYSICS Physicists Have Reversed Time on The Smallest Scale Using a Quantum Computer MIKE MCRAE 12 JUNE 2020 It's easy to take time's arrow for granted - but the gears of physics actually work just as smoothly in ...
t1nick NM June 12 Jun 12 55
Cuteness today
bobwjr DE June 12 Jun 12 11
Scientists have made Bose-Einstein condensates in space for the first time The creation of the exotic matter on the International Space Station is a technological feat that could help unlock deep mysteries in physics.
FearlessFly MN June 11 Jun 11 00
DEREK "Cinnamon" 1968
FearlessFly MN June 11 Jun 11 00
Hi guys. Just joined the group. Am retired H.S. Physics teacher. Just keeping an eye on the game.
jdubose TX June 11 Jun 11 22
😊 Who's a butt man?
Cutiebeauty NY June 11 Jun 11 77
4 Steps to Communicate Anything Clearly, According to a Scientist Who Teaches Quantum Physics to Kids
LiterateHiker WA June 8 Jun 8 77
According to my physics teacher, people who become atheists will be punished by God. He is a pious Muslim, who recite verses in the koran even while riding motorcycle. He told us that tgere is endless evidence in physics which support the existence ...
AravindAjith India June 6 Jun 6 6969
Quote from "Business" by Iain Banks: "To us, science is the only religion that works. Other faiths claim miracles, but science delivers them through technology; replacing diseased hearts, talking to people on the other side of the world, traveling ...
fishline79 PA June 4 Jun 4 00
Hold on. Words of wisdom...
TheGreatShadow NE June 4 Jun 4 44
Theoretical Physics for Everyone
Fred_Snerd OK May 30 May 30 11
Zuckerberg condemns Twitter for fact-checking Trump. Maybe it is time for both to step down.
UrsiMajor MD May 28 May 28 99
Some thoughts on isolation by brilliant author Howard Bloom ....
Earthling50 May 26 May 26 00
UFO - Belladonna
FearlessFly MN May 23 May 23 11
REGULAR OR LEADED The Food and Drug Administration is publicizing a voluntary recall of CBD products due to a test showing high lead levels. LINK:
OldGoat43 PA May 20 May 20 44
LINK Physics Can Explain Human Innovation and Enlightenment
Tomfoolery33 WV May 18 May 18 22
Who does not like super Mario brothers.
PinkyandtheBrain ID May 18 May 18 55
May 14, 2020,10:00pm EDT Is It Time To Dethrone The Big Bang Theory? Jamie CarterSenior Contributor Science I write about science and nature, technology and travel, stargazing and eclipses. Do you understand enough about the Big Bang theory ...
t1nick NM May 17 May 17 22
More wonderful animal photos -
Allamanda Virgin Islands, U.S. May 12 May 12 22
One of my favorite's in the world of jazz, the Esbjorn Svensson Trio, better know as EST. Sadly, the band leader died in a diving accident some years ago.
Mitch07102 PA May 12 May 12 11