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This is an ( exceptionally ) ironic joke but sometimes I have conversations with people that make me think this is actually what people are thinking.
Happy_Killbot CA Oct 30 Oct 30 00
Although Andy Borowitz is being sarcastic I believe she and her brothers think like this...
DGJ0114 MI Oct 16 Oct 16 00
Attention single ladies! The American men living abroad in Turkey while overseeing important construction projects while also having copious amounts of free time to chat on Friday nights are now using Words with Friends messaging. At least these ...
WaywardAtheist TX Apr 27 Apr 27 77
I keep wondering what you people who call yourselves "agnostics" on here claim to be agnostic about. You say "The existence of God". What's "God"? I just see 3 three alphabet letters there. Elsewhere I've seen where people have written that row of...
EdwinMcCravy SC Apr 13 Apr 13 2424
Yeah... You gotta be careful who you let come into country!
DGJ0114 MI Jan 13 Jan 13 22
Something needs to be done about all those illegals!!! Americans top the list of illegal foreign workers caught by Canadian Border Security Agency 91.2% of All Americans Who Live in Mexico Are Living There Illegally...
John_Tyrrell Canada Jan 8 Jan 8 33
Praise the Lord! If the Good Book has taught us anything, it is that any woman claiming sexual assault most likely just needs a good stoning for her sexual impurity! ?
MikeInBatonRouge LA Sep 21 Sep 21 11
Why do young guys think sarcasm is positive?
LiterateHiker WA Sep 20 Sep 20 9191
My, doesn't my sidewalk look great today! he's sooooooo grown up! ;-)
SkotlandSkye OK Aug 22 Aug 22 44
I want to thank antifa personally for doing so well at being the exact opposite of fascism. It's such an inspiration that you don't go around fighting people and breaking shit in defense of your view. Glad to see you don't block traffic to make a ...
MrControversy MI Aug 9 Aug 9 66
I don’t know about you but I’m sick of this Chinese climate change hoax. I thought I was going to die of heat stroke every time I walked to or from my car. Someone better make them knock it off.
Novelty CA Aug 3 Aug 3 77
Thoughts and prayers too...
SkotlandSkye OK July 25 Jul 25 22
Mr. Deity & The U
phxbillcee AZ July 10 Jul 10 11
Check out this great sarcastic 'tweet from God'. Whatever comedian that runs this site, I want to see them do thier act somewhere in person. hahaha God@TheTweetOfGod 19h "The kind of people who believe they'll spend eternity with Me are not the ...
Teresapianogirl NC May 6 May 6 11
Prayer vs Science: Calling Their Bluff
VictoriaNotes MS Apr 20 Apr 20 1313
Hello Hello! I uninstalled the app awhile back, but decided why not try it again. If you don't mind offensive atheist memes maybe look at my FB. Mostly looking for friends that enjoy my inability to turn off my sarcastic snark. ?
DefiantElf MI Apr 6 Apr 6 22
Once again...I waited all night in the pumpkin patch for the Great Holy Ghost to appear...And once AGAIN I was denied his presence!!! DRAT!!!
randy2084 FL Apr 1 Apr 1 55
But certainly the monotheists had it right. ?
ErebusVincent NY Mar 24 Mar 24 33
33 Dead, 130 Injured in China Knife-Wielding Spree - NBC News
SkotlandSkye OK Mar 16 Mar 16 55
What's your, "go to" comeback against religious arguments? This is usually me; Believer: if you don't believe in God, then why do you always say things like, "Jesus Christ!" or, "Oh my God"? Me: I tend to say things like that when shit is just ...
AspieAtheist OH Feb 23 Feb 23 11
Atheists Are Brainwashed By The Scientific Method
Dougy WV Jan 30 Jan 30 6161
ZDoggMD -- "I was wrong about vaccines" SarcasmAhead
evestrat KS Jan 14 Jan 14 55
Pffftttt.... there aren't enough sarcastic people here.
silvereyes OK Jan 11 Jan 11 6363