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What's your weather like right now?

Brrrr... the wind is blowing and its around 45 degrees. Can't do anything outside... I bet the kids are driving parents I kind of wish we had some over here. It's been along time since they've left to be on thier own...

BucketlistBob 8 Dec 26

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78 degrees and sunny in South Florida. It would be paradise if Trump was not in town less than 15 miles from me.

Come to the Keys...he is not going there ????

Ewww ... that makes it quite chilly there! Haha!

my sympathies ( about your neighbor )

@GeekLeen in West Palm Beach


Forecast for today? Cold and shitty. Wish I was in Costa Rica or Thailand.

Naw on Costa Rica... thaighland would be nice...with my wife of

Hell, even if you didn't have a wife, finding yourself one in Thailand is pretty easy. The women chase the guys there.

@webbew1 I.know all about Thailand... I lived there. That why I said wife.

@BucketlistBob why not Costa Rica?

@btroje. To expensive for a boy like me. I would have to rent a car and sleep on


CAF. (Cold as F$#k). 15F on the way to 4F.

That's cold over there...brrr.


About 72 and sunny today, warmer expected tomorrow , w/ cool nights. N. Central Fl.

poor, poor me !


We got some snow last night, a good thin covering. And it's freaking cold.

Brrr... freaking cold is COLD!


9 degrees forecast high 1 hour SE of Chicago, NWI (NorthWest Indiana). But sunny and blue skies

twill Level 7 Dec 26, 2017

I would like to visit there.. I bet it's nice in the spring...9 degrees is wild!

@BucketlistBob I have lived in Indiana. Not sure I would put that on a bucket list


Clear, bright sunny, 32 F, slight breeze. A little snow on the ground. Just about as good as it gets. More light today than yesterday.

That aint bad...i like it.


I was in Las Cruces and it was in the 70s. Back home and its in the 50's I just heard of all the snow in ERie. NOw thats something to cry about


(6:30pm Dec 26) 9 degrees, expecting about 4 more inches of snow overnight.

Hey! Its time to pull out the zero turn lawn mower and collect the snow for a snowmen.

@BucketlistBob My snow blower has better aim. Haven't built a snowman since I was a kid! Maybe I'll try next time I'm out clearing the driveway and sidewalk 🙂


It's a sunny morning, 27.8 C (82 F) heading for 34 C (93 F). A little too hot, but not ridiculous.

I was just reading about Christmas in July in the southern hemisphere. Do you do that? Or do you do Christmas in December?

@carlyhorton yes... they have sells and people gi to them...ugh!

@carlyhorton Christmas in July isn't a big thing here, certainly not a religious celebration. But some people do a sort of low-key thing. It's popular in the ski resorts.

thats too hot


Sunny and 61 F. Kids and dogs are playing outside. They're still driving me crazy. j/k
Life is good!

That's a MOM... love those chrildren. Life is good!

Actually, not a mom, but a Great-Aunt. Surrounded by two generations that I've helped raise, 5 to 39.

@KKGator cool!


Well, 34 to 45 degree days here, that is Celsius, so 93 to 113 Fahrenheit, storms at night, hail the size of baseballs last night.

Wow... you are in the summer months now...whew!


3 degrees Celsius cloudy, but the weekend looks good, I'm in Sidney BC Canada, which is on Vancouver Island, 20 min drive to Victoria, 1.5 hours by ferry to Seattle.

Well hey there... I got a comment from Norway also. This so cool to meet people so far away... it's warmer now... tonight is suppose to clobber us in the 30s.

ha, I knew there was a Sidney in BC, but silly me assumed it was spelt with 2 "y" like ours.

I know, lots of people think that , i admit so did I before I moved here LOL


Dec. 26th, 2017. Battle Ground, WA (USA)
Patches of snow on the ground, partly sunny, with a temperature in the low 30's

Snow? It snowed here a couple weeks ago.. it was awesome.

@BucketlistBob Snow here basically just covers the grown and then melts. It woudl be unusual to get an accumulation of more than 3 inches.

Sounds like here! @snytiger6

@snytiger6 us too.


It’s reached freezing, one degree below ‘today’s high!’ Tonight’s supposed to drop to 19 degrees (fahrenheit) - with a low of 7 tomorrow night! Crrr-aap, I’m over from Oregon and new to Virginia’s Blue Ridge (@ 2,400 feet), so this is COLD to me. Heck, the coldest I’d ever experienced was 6 in Oregon … but the sun’s out, so at least it’s not raining ..and raining .and… 🙂

Varn Level 8 Dec 26, 2017

It's a culture shock when it's in front of you. I've had that happen to me. I stepped off the plane with a t shirt on and no jacket. Brrr.


its sunny, calm, and the high it forecast to be 70. love it

turf Level 5 Dec 26, 2017

Yummm... T shirt weather.


Actually, relatively mild. 50, overcast but bright-cloudy. No rain. I can live with this. 🙂

Kind of the same here in Lake Charles Mike. Brrr.


Not too bad today, though we are told it will get worse. Brrrr. Was very bad the last two weeks. Can't give you a temperature because septics (plus Liberians, and those in Myanmar) still use the Imperial system. No one else does.

Hang on: 45 degrees in the ancient Aramaic system = 7 degrees centigrade.

Been lower than that here. Fuck off, you wimps.



Here in Tennessee we have 37 degrees, very light breeze, tons of sunshine. Not to bad for Dec. 26th.

I love Tennessee... all those mountains covered in snow... cool.


Had another few inches of snow yesterday. Its snow and ice with all my trees encased in it. Pretty but cold.

Mmm... ice storms tore up my trees. I had to cut 2 down ... I was so sad about that. Trees are your friend.


I'm in Norfolk UK and it's not that cold but damp and horrible.

My home town is Lancashire!

the same weather then


Not the weather I would like to see.

Donna Level 6 Dec 26, 2017

Highs below zero for the foreseeable future with windchills of -10°F to -50°F. I think @atheist has me beat though.

Oh my .... that's rough. Ugh! Been there though. I know your pain.

I like winter. Probably my northern European heritage. 🙂

@kmdskit3 I feel it's mine too.


47degF and partly cloudy. It's a pretty, brisk day here.

Zster Level 8 Dec 26, 2017

Yummy... T shirt


I had previously said it seldom snows here and was made a liar. On the 24th, on the way to a gathering it started to snow. It was very light and was gone by the next day. It is now partly cloudy and chilly (high 30's-low 40's).

I tell people the weather here is often boring - samo, samo day after day but it has been an unusually sunny Fall.

We had our first good snow a week or so. First history maker I can add to my Bucketlist... lol.

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