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Would you buy 'Made in America' even when it would be more expensive than a comparable product?

How patriotic are you?

By atheist8
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Depending on my mood, if a little more expensive, maybe, but significantly more? Not a chance. I do care about our nation's workers, especially me, smile009.gif , but the biggest factor hurting average working people is not foreign competition; it is automation and grotesque greed of corporate leaders. The American economy is looking robust currently, while wages are flat and cost of living keeps going up. Meanwhile, Congress just pulled off a massive heist for rich people, camouflaged with token temporary benefits to the rest of us that expire in a very few years, leaving us worse off.

Workers around the world are also human beings deserving of life and some modicum of financial something. Loving your country does not have to mean you're a dick to the rest of the world.

Well said! I recently saw a picture on the internet of the first driverless 18 wheeler! This scares me to death. Automation is the biggest threat to working Americans. I'm all about Technology, but I can't help but believe that automation will be the ruin of us all. I hate to sound cynical, because I really love technology. It has advanced things like cancer research, overall medical care, space exploration and many, many other areas. But when I see that it takes away the American worker's paychecks, I have to draw the line. Big time!!


The "American" thing to do is buy whatever is in your own personal interest, so the patriotic thing to do is have your ties made in china and get immigrant visa's for the serving staff at your golf courses, right?

DJVJ311 Level 7 Dec 28, 2017

@atheist Who's talking about business? I was talking about el presidente! The most patriotic individual in the country! Oh wait... Did we elect a business? Is that what they mean when they say businesses are people too and can have religious conviction? I'm so confused... I need to watch more Fox news so I can understand how patriotism works! Do I stand for the whole broadcast or just the Anthem?

Good point! Our faithful leader, who has the best brain, "biggliest" even, is showing us the was. Where were those Make-America-Great-Again hats made?

"Way," that is. "Showing us the way."


I Agree with you...

Yes. It is.


I think the "made in America" tag is just saying the tag was made in America. We don't make much of anything anymore and despite what ol' Trumparooni says, I'm not sure we ever will again.

Alicia_J Level 4 Dec 28, 2017

Seriously though, real not "real cheese" is the tits. Don't care what plague infested country it's coming out of..MORE FAKE REAL CHEESE!


If the quality is better of will save in the long run..

@atheist grrr...Okay I would by American to support small business owners...happy


It would depend on the quality of the product and on the reputation of the American company for being a caring employer and a responsible public citizen.

wordywalt Level 8 Dec 28, 2017

@atheist Too many of our upper class and upper middle class do expect that.


No .If People purchassed items just because they were made in America the quality would go down .Case in point the American auto industry .They had to make better quality cars years ago because the quality of Japanese vehicles was surpassing that of American. Unfortunately companies only make better products when they are forced to due to competition

richiegtt Level 7 Dec 28, 2017

I happily pay more for quality depending on the item and importance. Unfortunately, you can't hardly find much that's made in America anymore and when it is, it's usually more expensive AND lower in quality compared to other similar items.

KevinD872 Level 5 Dec 28, 2017


No that’s the voice of discretion.


I would love to say unequivocally that I would buy American without hesitation. But to be honest, I'm looking more for quality and economy than the geographical location of the manufacturer. If, however, I were to find equal quality and equal esthetic appeal and close to equal price, I would probably pay a little extra for the American made item. I do look for that when I shop, but American products have to pass the same standards as everything else I purchase. In a perfect world, American made would always be the best choice. But, as you know, this is not a perfect world.

stomato Level 6 Dec 28, 2017

I hate to say it, but most "made in America" products are substandard no matter what the price. That being said, if they were well made I would buy it as long as the price is reasonable.

kiramea Level 7 Dec 28, 2017

I buy my food from walmart. The vegetables are fantastic. They come from Mexico. great avocados. The bananas come from ... hmmm. i don't know? Thats a loaded question... think hard. Are you a die hard that buys everything from the USA? My shrimp are caught by one company and packaged by another. Frog legs are caught in another country and sold here. I love my country. I would hire a group of Mexicans to roof my house a sheetrock my house and cut my yard. It's really the American way to save money. It nothing personal. How many Americans you going to find to pick your crops? Hell, they need work and farmers need their harvest picked.That makes your produce cheaper in the market. I'm probably going to get clobered here. But you got to do what you got to do. I like our mexican neighbors. It's not my fault that my government can't get something going to help all people. I hate that they are sending them back to Mexico. I love my country but I hate how they can't figure out that they hurting families. Ok... you can chew me out now.

@atheist. Thanks for the feedback.


Quality is the key word or should be the key word.

@atheist substituting Quality for Cheap is how we got where we are today. What You Should Question Is... WHY YOU CAN NOT AFFORD QUALITY?

@atheist We gonna need a bigger post.


I purchase somthing on its quality,value and consumer ratings ,regardless of where it is made


Even if the products from Asian or African countries are much cheaper. I'd prefer "made in USA" or "made in UK". COZ don't get me wrong I don't want to buy something that I think may make it through child labor.


I would and I try, but it’s difficult, here’s why... my opinion. Wow... American industry has failed Americans... qualifier... when manufacturing had to answer to stockholders, the bottom line replaced quality. Obsolete factories, obsolete equipment, higher wages, inefficiency crept into american manufacturing in the 1960’s, maybe earlier. “Look For The Union Label”, it really did mean quality, made in America used to mean quality, not so much any more... unless you’re able to pay more. Of course the politicos used this as an excuse to bash the labor unions, some unions were corrupt (???), some not as much. The unions really did protect their workers.
The obsolete factories, equipment wasn’t replaced, it was cheaper to move offshore, subsidized by countries begging US industries to move to Asia, Africa, MX, Central America, all promissing cheap labor, it worked. By the 1990’s most US industries were manufacturing everywhere else in the world but here, few exceptions. Some industries survived.
The bottom line = stock holders = greed... (here we find the 1 - 2 % er’s)

Tomas Level 7 Jan 24, 2018

I buy what's on sale. I don't care about where it comes from half the time. I would prefer more local things if it's within my budget. It really depends on what it is.. this is kind of a generic question. I would go to a farmers market before going to a grocery store if I can. I do support the little mom and pop shops. Not a mall rat.


Yes, but not from a sense of patriotism. Quality of make is the decisive factor for me. If it also bears the Made in USA label, that's a plus.

PaganSoul Level 5 Dec 28, 2017

Nope. Though some of my friends seem to like Harleys.....


The first thing I look for is where it was made. I WANT USA first, followed by North America, Europe, South America, and at the bottom of the list, Africa, followed by Asia. I find that products from Asia are SHIT! They cost a lot less, but they last a lot, lot shorter than anything else. And products from Japanese companies (Sony, as an example) are Made In China. Real proud of their homeland! The ONLY thing Japan did right was to surprise America on December 7, 1941! But we got even. And what's with America selling US flags made in China?? I have NO love for China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea (North or South) or Vietnam. How many people in America would fly on a Japanese made plane? Or Chinese?

Definitely passion about this considering I served in Vietnam during the 60s.


I don't go out of my way to look for made in America, because IO'd be going through some very long searches if I did. However, if I stumble across something made in America in my regular shopping, and the reviews are good, I'd buy it. The reviews are imporant, because most American products these days are of poorer quality.

snytiger6 Level 9 Dec 28, 2017

@atheist If America made products of comparable quality, it would be somewhat of an issue for me to want to support our local economy. But, I doubt I'd ever be a rigid hard liner about this.


Not necessarily. In some instances, made in America = lower quality, given how greedy some companies are. In cases where made here means superior quality, than I will gladly spend more, assuming I have the means to.

Zster Level 8 Dec 28, 2017

I often do but it is getting harder and more complicated (many things are partially made here)


Not necessarily-


I will buy the one which is the best quality if it is more expensive.

noworry28 Level 7 Dec 28, 2017

Yeah, if I can afford to. smile007.gif Better yet, don't buy anything made in China. I dare ya! smile039.gif

bingst Level 8 Dec 28, 2017

Last month, was in WalMart to get a dvd player. Got an LG... a South Korean company... made in China. Just sad.

Even iphones get made in China.

@atheist true

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