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Has anybody ever got into the wrong car?

Lol I can’t even begin to tell you how embarrassing that kind of experience can be. I’ve heard so many stories from different people. lol I actually have one of my own. It happened when I was leaving the gym one evening and my dad had come to pick me up and this was when he had just got a new car and it was one I wasn’t familiar with. Anyway, I leave the gym cause he shows up and I swear up and down this car looked just like his so I got in and it didn’t help the windows were tented, but something seemed off about it. Luckily no one was in the car, but just as I was about to get out cause I realized something wasnt right, my dad, who was two rows behind this car honked at me. I rushed to the right car and probably seven minutes after I was in the right car, the people came out to get in their car then they drove off lmfao! It wasn’t funny then, but it’s quite funny now. I beat myself up for a few minutes after the incident cause I was so consumed with shame, but then I eventually started laughing at it. If anybody has stories similar like me or getting into the wrong car, please feel free to share if you are comfortable enough doing so.

EmeraldJewel 7 June 26

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Yea but she kicked me out a couple of years later.

azzow2 Level 9 June 26, 2018

Yes. It was a dealership screwup. Funny circumstances. It was a new Austin Healey 3000 MkIII (BN7) three carb 1966/7. I had already entered it for the Laguna Seca race and it was my intent to take the car to the shop to be modified and a roll cage installed the next week after a break-in trip. It would have been painted with its meatballs and stripes as well.

I took the car to San Diego, then across the mountains to El Centro. I spent the night in El Centro, then went up past the Salton Sea, on to Palm Springs, then back to Hollywood. A nice run with top down weather all the way. When I returned home there was a letter stuck in my door from the dealer requesting (pleading) that I bring the car back to their lot and that there had been a mix up in the paperwork.

Long story shortened to bearable length, the paperwork on the car I'd taken off the lot and just put a few hundred miles on couldn't be juggled for some reason. I never found out why they couldn't merely swap the cars, but they made their amends with the original buyer of the car, gave him a discount and an added guarantee period because they were apparently stuck and had to give him the car I had just taken a leisurely cruise in. Two more days and that poor man's car would have been unrecognizable to him. I wonder what they would have done in that case?


Years ago, I was waiting for a friend in my car.

I was parked outside the mall where they worked.

The door opened, and an unknown lady sat down in the seat beside me.

She didn't make eye contact. She stared ahead and began to tell me all about her day.

As I recall, there was a bad meeting, a few mess ups in her store, complaining customers.

"This has just been the worst day!" she exclaimed.

Then she looked over to me.

I smiled sympathetically and said
"I think it just got a little worse; you're in the wrong car."

She blushed and left the car quickly.

I felt really bad for her. But I didn't want to alarm her and start talking to her, after she had spilled so much to a complete stranger.

DeeTee Level 7 June 26, 2018

What? No screams of "What have you done with my husband/boyfriend/significant other"?

@Louise1920 Now that would have been great.

I wonder how I would have reacted.


One time I got into my car and realized I was in the back seat. Even though I was pretty sure no one noticed, I pretended I was looking for something before getting into the front seat.

Hermit Level 7 June 27, 2018

Yes, I did it about 25 years ago. Tried to put the key in the ignition and everything! I finally realized I was in the wrong car and the owner came out, I was mortified. I believe I was hungover and in a hurry.


I tried to ... I was at the drive in and had fell asleep during the first movie so I figured I'd walk to the concession stand to try and wake up a bit ... came out and had no idea which row I came from .. wondered for a few minutes and tried to get in three different cars before I found the right one! .. I also watched my best friend do it .. I took her to a store and I waited in the car. She came out and got in the car that was parked two places in front of me, I about died! She got out and walked very fast back to me .. even in the dark, I could see how red her face was ... we laugh about it all the time ??

It’s good that you two are able to make a sense of humor about it lmfao cause at the time for me wasn’t funny at all.

@EmeraldJewel lol, I can understand that ? .. she's also pretty accident prone so she learned to laugh about this stuff at a young age


I once came out of a movie, and climbed into my car. I unlocked the door, hoped in and went to start it. I drove a stick at the time, so I would have to press the clutch down while starting it... but there was no clutch pedal; It wasn't my car. I jumped into a car that was the same make, model, year and color as mine and it had the exact same key. I was parked three cars down in the same row.

Yes, its a little known truth that if you're attempting to enter a vehicle that's the same make, model and year, chances are you can at least get in, and maybe even start it. Here's an article that explains that.



Several times, I tried to open a car exactly like mine. Good thing the key didn't work.

I have heard cases where people found their keys DID work.



BUT I do have a car related story.
There is a coffee shop about 4 blocks away that I sometimes walk to to get some breakfast. One time I decided to drive instead (lazy day). When I had finished eating, I picked up my things and walked home, as I would usually do, and totally forgot about my car. It wasn't until about 3 hours later when I needed to use my car and it wasn't in my parking spot at home, that I realized I had left it at the coffee shop. My first reaction to my missing car was horror and then laughter as I realized what I had done.
Wherever I go now I always check that I have my car with me before I leave.........😕


Have I ever get in the wrong car??????....every freaking day !!!!!!!!! (I should be driving the fanciest and super loaded Corvette money can buy..... I paid for my daughters college instead)


Had a woman as I was eating a sandwich in my car, use her keys to get into mine,she was puzzled why they didn't fit,really strange look on her face as she noticed me sitting,watching her,just seconds from calling 911......


The Universal Design that most automakers are conforming to makes this a much more likely occurrence and if you are distracted by other things like your phone, etc. then it is only natural. Just count yourself lucky that someone didn't accuse you of trying to steal a vehicle. lol


I have tried but never succeeded.


Ive got as far as pulling a door handle and wondering why it wouldn't open


Strange. The people didn't lock their doors? I've tried to get into the wrong car, because it was almost identical to mine. Same make, model and color. But, the key didn't work. There was some minor differences too. Different rims, if I remember correctly. Then I saw mine, and realized what was going on.


No ...
But my keyless wouldnt open the door... it was the wrong


There was one time I was walking out of the school and I wasn't looking. I opened the van door and crawled in. When I looked up it was not my mother. Lol I was so embarrassed I cried


I had a british green Dodge Caravan in the 2000's. They were everywhere! I have walked up to several, begun to get upset that my fob wouldn't work to unlock the door, realized it wasn't mine, hunt for correct car, and carefully slink toward my own minivan. 🙂


Oh My Wow that actually from a Ladys point of view sounds a bit scary, tinted windows , ive never really cared for them

I hate tinted windows! Ugh!

@EmeraldJewel they should not be legal at all


I tried on time. Wondered why my key didn’t work. The lady who’s car I was trying to unlocked just laughed. I went to the bait shop and bought a little Mahi decal. Been good ever since. ?


I have not.


I have never gotten in, but I have tried. LOL!


I walked into the wrong bathroom one time for some misdirected reason, but it was in a park and luckily no one was around. To this day I always check the signs twice so you can see how real the experience brought me an awakening.

i've done that before... before i figured it out i was standing there looking for the urinals and wondering why there were none.
at my bank their restroom is for men and women. they have a lock on the door. i was in there the other day just to wash my hands and two girls came in....i hurried out.


Oh, yes! A couple of months ago I got into a car similar to mine in the parking lot at work. There was a sweatshirt on the back seat I thought must have been left by my grandson. And something seemed weird about the dashboard. But it was the smell of cigarettes that finally pulled me out of my brain fog. If anyone saw me, no one said anything. Oops!


Absolutely! The people were always cool about it. They would look over at the yeti that just got into their passenger seat and say something along the lines of 'Can I help you?'

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