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What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

I have a little dog that needs a little meatball every morning. There's a little guy that depends on me. There are things I have to do for my household too. But, I also get up hoping to do something fun. Maybe create something... write my thoughts down.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

silvereyes 8 Jan 4

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At my age, an aching back. Seriously, m my garden, my wife, the hope that I will learn something new. Also the hope that today will be the end of Trump's political career.

"Political career." Ha! You mean his "career" as a dimwitted puppet?


The only thing, other than outright obligations, that motivates me to get out of bed in the morning is the prospect of taking a nap shortly thereafter.

What's shortly? Mid-day? Two hours later? Genuinely curious.

@BlueWave My preference is to start that nap by 2:00 or 3:00 p.m., though there's really no wrong time for a nap. Sometimes I dream about napping while napping.


Those morning shits, dude.


I look forward to hearing how trump is falling apart and getting on this site.

hahah! Oh man I do that too! I wake up with the news on TV and the FIRST thing i do is watch to see what idiocy he has gotten in to and then I move to the car and listen as NPR hammers the nail in further! lol!!

Not going to happen -sometimes we use words with more than 3 letters in them..he'd be lost..


I'm hungry! 😉 AND my male cat! Plus, I need to "journal" about any dreams I had during the night; work in the yard, if it's not too cold; I'm not finished a quilt someone asked me last year to make for their daughter. Yea, STUFF makes me get out of bed.


Life... my work, I like what I do, I have hobbies and projects started up the wazoo I need to get done. My cat.. he likes me.. don't know why but he does. My attitude about this is not main stream where I don't even give it any thought really.. I am motivated and rearing to go.. don't do coffee so its just my built in energy I guess..

What is your field of work?

I am the Program Director for an arts based educational non profit youth program. I place college students in field experience for teaching the arts to high risk youth.


greed also known as hunger [ and a dog]


The cat! Travel of any kind (road trips are my favorite), meeting friends or family, and anything that creates moments in my life.


Who said you have to be motivated to get out bed?....LOL


I love my job and look forward to going to work everyday. My company, manager and team are amazing and a day where I don't learn something new is exceedingly rare.

No sarcasm, the above statement is absolutely true.

@silvereyes I work in IT for a healthcare company that sells a couple of insurance plans and has 7 clinics.


My OCD...


I, too, am OCD. It Can be a Motivater, thats for sure! I am Asian AND OCD so i always say its like double jeopardy! Try to have a Dirty House around my ass and see how long it lasts! Friends invite me over, most of my friends are bachelor males, because they Know i will begin cleaning upon entry if their homes are too much for me to take. Plus, they always convience me to cook them food because I am an excellent chef and most of them are lazy and/or cannot cook. OCD! The most celebrated of my psychogical challenges for my friends to exploit! hahaha!

plus, i will also clean the kitchen after I cook the food too! 😉 hahah

Sadol, i can identify with that, but, you may be a bit more so than me, and im jealous ! Lol

Oops, i mean sadoi.


My wife , and my dog .My wife gets up much earlier than me and says I get up to late.


Frequently my bladder. And the cat. And the need to keep the job to keep the house. Frequently hunger. And if it the weekend and I don't have other things on my agenda, I can SEW!!


Definitely the dog. And coffee.


The release of pent up reserves, ultimately, but also the desire to work.


Besides having to get up for work, it's usually because the taste of coffee is haunting me.


I get up each day thinking of nothing except my hopefulness for a fruitful 24 hours. I think it starts with attitude and how you perceive your life. If you wake up dreading the day, regreting the thought of motivating yourself, then you kind of walk right into the potential for a sour, uneventful day. I initially thought I would respond with, "My children," but the truth is, if mom doesnt have a way to self create a sense of joy and of contentment within herself/myself, then how can I give to my children what they need most, healthy nurturing and support? Children can feel it if their parent(s) are unhappy or finding little to be eager about in regards to their lives. I am NO FAN of Michigan winters. I am from a Coastal life, a WARM coastal life (haha), and I struggle to drive in this snow. Last night I actually slide Off the road with my eldest son in the vehicle with me. We had to wait over an hour as our car was buried in blowing, drifting snow before someone could get to us. Rather than allow that to ruin my night, I instead choose to sing some songs with my son, busted out his kiddie guitar and had him play me some tunes. I kept it as fun as could be. Sure, I Can become depressed and annoyed too, but overall, I shurg it. If something gets too heavy, I find a way to see the lightside to the matter. I get out of bed each day Eager to learn something new, happy to know I am blessed to see another day, not born of a god blessing, but of human existance. I know it may only be 24 hours, but I prefer to live in the moment, not grounded in my past, not staring toward the future. The greatest joys I receive in my life is just breaking down the pure, utter beauty of the world hour to hour, not week by week, month by month, year by year. Each day is a glorious gift. I do not intend to waste it. There is Always something new to try. There is always something amazing to experience. There are Always cool people to meet and to converse with. My world may be corrupt in many ways, but my life, my life is full of Purpose, Meaning and Contentment. 🙂 That is what motivates me each and every day.

Sadoi Level 7 Jan 4, 2018

That I now get to dictate to computers what to do, I am a database programmer, during nice weather times I get to peddle my bike as much as I can and I can read more on the scientific research.


Work, but not in a bad way. Most days I genuinely enjoy my job.


Obtaining financial freedom.


The Light bill, the mortgage payment, the water bill, the car payment. just a few things


I think that is reasonable to say that what motivates the vast majority of people in every part of the world to get out of bed in the morning, is a full bladder......LOL


My patients! I know they need me to treat them and hopefully cure them!


Not my job! hehe, I was actually happy to be sick today!

Here is in part is what gets me up every day...and kept me up this morning. I've been working on a lot of art for Toki, my newest Tales' Treasure hopeful. Before that, at my normal "get up" time 6 AM, I was compelled to start this:

A Tale of Tales from the Last Inn

(I'm still considering what to do with the Uni...have any costumes?)

I'll bet you could throw together a villager fairly easy with your own wardrobe...hmmm...


Steel work and cat. Never in that order. I get head butts or hand licks to wake up almost every day.

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