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How do you feel about religious music being played in a gym?

The gym I go to don’t do it all the time, but I’ve noticed sometime they play Christian music and to be honest, Christian music don’t motivate me enough to want to work out hard enough. I still workout hard, but I prefer regular music to get my adrenaline going when I work out. I have to have music that keeps me going and keeps me excited enough.

EmeraldJewel 7 July 11

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Are there no other gyms there? Do you wear ear plugs? Do you ever feel suicidal thoughts creeping into your brain when you are there?

There are other gyms, but this particular gym is he only one with CrossFit class. It’s a public gym so I’ll see about having them change the music.

@EmeraldJewel It is most likely a gym open to the public but is a private business.


Yeah WHY?! That is terrible! Not just as an atheist but as a human being with ears!


I find it loathsome anywhere.

You and me both.


I'd be as annoyed if they played country music. I want to hear some guy sing about his girlfriend running off in his pick-up with his dog and the rest of the beer as much as some thumper singing sky daddy is so good. Hate that crap.
I'd rather hear elevator music.


I’m more offended by so many TVs in public spaces (waiting rooms, gyms...) having Fox News on.

UUNJ Level 8 July 11, 2018

I'd be asking them to change it because it was offensive to me.
If they didn't, I'd be asking to end my membership.


Honestly, in the gym I love to play some raging heavy metal to get me amped.
But to tell the truth, I love to listen, and play a lot of Classical music, mainly Bach or Vivaldi. who were very religious, and were inspired for their love of god that made them write such beautiful pieces. I don't feel the same reverance to god when I listen to their music, or when writing my own. But I sometimes do not care where the inspiration comes from, to me the music speasks for itself.

I love Bach, but not for exercise.

What a beautiful expression about creativity. As you say, who cares where it comes from. You can always tell when the muse or the intellect has been at work! Depth of expression from the muse, flatland conformity or construction from the intellect.


Nope, I'd ask for it to be changed or change gyms.



CK-One Level 6 July 11, 2018

I speak up, nicely, and let them know there are some that are not thrilled with the choice.

That’s exactly what I tend to do as soon as the boss is back and ask is there a special reason why the music has gone from normal to Christian music.


It sounds as if the person working there is imposing his religious beliefs on you by playing the music of his or her religion. If they advertised as a Christian owned gym,then that would be one thing,but if they didn't then they are stepping over a line. You have a right to complain. I am sure a Christian would complain if Satanic music was being played. If they have that right,then so do you.

Ikr! Lol


I considered joining a Curves for a hot second until I found out they played Xtian music there. Doesn't matter that I bring my own tunes and therefore wouldn't hear it, it's still a huge nope for me.


I can’t really understand how anyone could get their “sweat on” to light acoustic ramblings about Jesus. Lolol

Lmfao me, either!


I just put on my headphones and ignore it, my music is way better


Head phones...

Buddha Level 8 July 11, 2018



It’s unacceptable to play music with an agenda in a place that should be welcoming to a cross-section of society.


Free country and capitalism, if you don't like it , terminate your membership and go to another gym or just wear headphones.

I would complain to the management before taking my business elsewhere. You never know the circumstances. It may be some low level douche bag employee in charge of the music.

Unfortunately in my case it isn’t easy cause I’m signed up for CrossFit and only one gym I go to ha e the class and I’m determined to lose the weight I want lost and stay healthy. They don’t play it all the time so iPod and headphones is my best friends right now!

@TonyMacaroni Thays exactly what I was thinking cause this gym never really played Christian music before. One of the guys in charge is on vacation and since this new one, he’s been playing Christian music.


Not appropriate.

t1nick Level 8 July 11, 2018

Totally wrong!


The same way as I do with the majority off other shit music played at the gym, I tune it out 🙂

ipdg77 Level 8 July 14, 2018

I've been in a lot of gyms, and can't recall any that tuned into a religious station. Maybe I just wasn't paying attention but I'd complain if I noticed and would never join anything that pushed religion


When I worked out at my college's gym they played pop music, but one day I was curious as the stationary bikes had radios so brought my earphones. I found it ironic as the gym's radio played Rihanna's song Love the Way You Lie I heard this Christian song on the bike's radio that sounded similar, like the singer was masochist wanting Jesus to abuse them.


If I heard it while visiting, considering joining, such would be a reason NOT to join that gym. To find out after signing a contract, I might send a letter stating that the music choice was a problem and that I would not be renewing the membership. In the meantime, I would bring my iPod.

Zster Level 8 July 13, 2018

Don't care. I'm not there for the tunes.


I used to have a health club membership (now I have everything I need at home). But I have never experienced what you're talking about. They typically played mainstream pop or some sort of hip-hop music. I'm not sure how I'd feel about it. I suppose it would depend on the music itself. Is it X-tian rock? Or more "traditional" stuff? I guess if I didn't like it, I might say something to the staff about putting something more motivating for workouts. Otherwise, I'd just ignore it. LOL!

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