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Are people really this dumb?

Do you think the same people who thought Obama was a Muslim think Trump is a Christian?

AndyFreakingFord 6 Jan 5

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absolutely...politics is like religion, you can manipulate people with it


I think they are. Fox news has half this country brainwashed. And don't get me started on Alex Jones.


Why, yes...yes they are! Sadly, I know people who think this. Or, they think tRUMPf was put in place by their god in order to fulfill prophesy.


Uh, ... yes.

And some really are that dumb. Really.




yes, the same people that don't understand evolution is a fact, that the earth goes around our sun, and the earth is not flat, its all part of the same crowd of idiots.


Probably-my ex still thinks Obama was a Muslim-He's not religious so I don't think he cares what trump is. He watches fox-faux news only.

fox news can be worse than being a christian.

@MichaelSpinler absolutely

@sassygirl3869 Goodness. My first thought was how did you ever get together, but that's none of my business. Well you did say ex. As an Australian I am not a little shocked that so many people in the US watch that appalling Fox channel. I am also ashamed that the vile Rupert Murdoch who spawned it originally came from Australia. A virus we exported to you, sadly.

@David1955 been divorced for 20 yrs.

@sassygirl3869 I've been apart from my ex for only 5 yrs, and I have No Idea what she does or doesn't watch on tv. Nor do I want to.

My ex is terminally ill and my daughter took him out of nursing home so he is disabled in a hospital bed in my house.

@David1955 Scoucers never buy the Sun


LOL yes 😛


Yes, they do. Because their minds are ruled by racial hatred, bigotry, greed, and stupidity.


I miss Obama when we had intelligence, compassion, honestly and class in the white house. I think too many just couldn't look past the color of his skin, oh he is black and his dad was a foreigner and a muslim so therefore so is he. Trump started that birther rumor and people still believe it and still believe he is a muslim even though he attends a Christian Church. I want Obama BACK!!!

I'm a Canadian, but Obama certainly represented your country so much better. Now, unfortunately the US is kinda the laughing stock of the world. Sorry but just being honest??


Yes! They are that stupid. I live in Oklahoma. It is a disgusting pool of people who mainline Fox news and Alex Jones. You can give them facts, site sources, make pie charts and crayon graphs and they will still believe anything the great and powerful cheeto has to tweet.
I get so pissed!!
And of course he is a christian cause he is the color of weird flesh crayon no one uses. If I keep hard rolling my eyes when an evangelical christian talks about their dear leader, I am going to get brain damage.

See we don't really have those people in Socal we keep locked away way north by the Oregon border! 🙂

You poor Child!! How is life in OKlahoma? I have no room to talk, eastern WA is an enclave of white, micsogynist, racist republicans. lol


Sadly, people see what they want to see. None are so blind as those who will not see.


People can convince themselves of a whole lot of improbable things just because it's somehow pleasant for them, and that gets easier the more often they hear that improbable thing repeated.


The news and news paper are geared a a 6th grade level which is the vast amount of the public. This is why these scammers call pretending to be law enforcement or IRS even charity and grants even the make bla bla so much money a week thing. The scammers make a lot of money because the public is easily fooled.


People are really this dumb.

“Nobody ever lost a dollar by underestimating the taste of the American public.”

  • P.T. Barnum

"No one in this world, so far as I know—and I have researched the records for years, and employed agents to help me—has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people. Nor has anyone ever lost public office thereby."

  • H.L. Mencken 'Notes On Journalism' in the Chicago Tribune (19 September 1926)

The first sentence is often paraphrased as "No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people." (The Yale Book of Quotations, 2006, p. 512)

Credit to Google, WikiQuote, and Goodreads.


I refuse to believe we are a nation of idiots. Trumps approval rating is around 30% that means that 70% are not total idiots.

You wouldn't know it by looking at FaceBook, being a farmer a lot of people on my friends list are Trump supporters and it sucks.


Some people are. Some people aren't.


Unfortunately yes.


Why yes. Once your brain is ruined, that is it. Can only believe alt facts.


I don't think people are dumb so much as they are lazy. Much of the time people go with an easy answer because they can't be bothered to do any critical thinking...American culture is full of examples of things that are 'popular' without necessarily being authentic, or even very good at all (McDonalds, Olive Garden, Budweiser, 'King of the Hill', etc.). Anymore (especially under this administration), people will blindly believe a silver-tongued bullshit artist who says "believe me" when he demonstrably lies to them...


My problem is the ridiculous fool and his merry band of idiots think we are dumb enough to believe anything they say as facts.

Kellyane Conway "help I'm stupid and I can't shut up"


hahahahaahahaha seriously? See my post under movies. Unfortunatly people are that dumb. Dumb is the class of Americans that are beyond ignorant. Ignorant is lack of knowledge but sometimes you have to dig for the truth and actually use one's mind to sort things out.


Yes. Mostly.

There are a few who voted for Trump just out of "celebrity worship" with no regrd for his ctully not beign qualified.

The sooner you accept that the average IQ is 100, and half of the people fall below that level, meaning a hell of a lot o fthem are really that stupid, the fewer life disappointments you will experience. Just assume that most people are idiots and you will be pleasantly surprised about as often as you are disappointed. (Just a note to mention, that everyone has their idiot moments, including myself).


I'm don't think they care. He is a means to an end.

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