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West coast or east coast?

For all you US residents; I'm considering a few things I personally prefer, weather, transit, scenery... i LOVE visiting the east coast and find it super awesome but my heart is on the west coast always.

Tell me why your coast is best πŸ™‚

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pepperjones 8 July 16

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East coast: the food is better - bagels, pizza, cheese steaks, and hoagies baby; no major seismic faults; Appalachian trail; clams and lobstah; trains; corner bars. Come at me westies! πŸ€“

zeuser Level 8 July 16, 2018

Loved the cheap Connecticut lobster, but blue crab (SINGULAR, plural is something to see a doctor about) only convinced me how much I missed Dungeness.

@chalupacabre No kidding on the crab!! Here in Louisiana, it's blue, blue, blue -- they are soooooo small. Makes me dreamily long for Dungeness and Alaska King!

@chalupacabre, @Byrdsfan LOLOLOL!! I quite agree with you on the sourdough! Yum! And, so hard to find in Louisiana. Sometimes in the stores. Never in a restaurant.

@Byrdsfan really is all so very similar to me. Tony's, fried, Tony's, fried, Tony's, fried.

Decent Mexican is just starting to arrive. Notice I didn't say "good Mexican." Y'know how you can get taqueria style tacos in L.A. or Seattle for $1.50-$2.50 per taco? Yeah, try $4-$7 here and they really need help with their carne asada.

We FINALLY got a teriyaki chicken spot -- the ones you can see every few miles in Seattle. Ha -- a couple of guys from Seattle! Well, I don't know if it was location or what, but after about six months, they had to close. 😟😟😟

My heart aches when I think of Salty's on Alki in Seattle -- that brunch is to die for!! I have never found a brunch even a fraction of wonderful as Salty's is. If anybody has a recipe for their apple dumplings, PLEASE let me know.

A Mexican restaurant in L.A. Sierra's (now closed) had a better brunch than I've been able to find in Louisiana in 10 years.

Fast food -- El Pollo Loco and In-N-Out -- Oh how I wish.

Tito's in Culver City -- at least I know now how to make their beef burritos and salsa -- but it would be so much better from time to time to be able to just get it!

Fried calamari -- cannot find anything like I've had in Seattle. In fact, had it yesterday. They don't serve it with garlic/lemon aioli. Always marinara. Sniff, whine, sniff.

Yeah......I'll take west coast food each and every day of the week. Which is not to say I have not become fond of gumbo - I have. But, fried everything, white beans everything, and jambalaya ("poor man's buffet contribution" ) -- I'll pass.

@Akfishlady yeah, sorry about jersey and TO. LOL

@Byrdsfan OK, I give you that.


Damn it, those of us in them middle always get overlooked!!!

@pepperjones oh ya? What accent are ya talkin about?

I get embarrassed for myself when I say uff-dah....but I do say it occasionally.

@pepperjones I grew up in a town of about 2,000 in central MN. I worked at the local grocery store during high school and we would sometimes get the old farmers coming in with their tick (thick) old school German accents. I'm guessing they were first generation born here but you could definitely tell their parents most likely spoke German at home.

@pepperjones this is a little long but I about died watching it. So many things are so true and I didn't even realize it was a Minnesota thing.


The West is the best


Only have lived in California, Hawaii and Oregon. I'm sure that says something about my philosophy and life style.

@pepperjones Seattle girls are special.


only because of the Pacific Northwest do I choose the West Coast. I'm not a fan of sand.


I am from the west coast, it is my home.


I'm watching this thread closely for future retirement location.


I live in Florida on the gulf side so I’m on the west coast of the east coast. It’s a nice compromise lol


I have in-laws in California and clients in the Seattle area, and have had business travel in the past to places like Marin county and San Diego. But I have never spent more than a month out that way at a time. However I lived in the Phoenix area for 13 years. Doesn't count as Left Coast though.

I am presently about 4 hours drive from NYC and about 200 miles inland so maybe that doesn't qualify as East "coast" but I find the stereotype of the rude, irascible, harried New Yorker to be rather overblown outside the City. The most I can say after living here for 6 years is that people honk their horn at you a bit more than in the Chicago area where I spent much of my formative years, and where I lived just prior to this. Honestly there's not even much of an accent difference in upstate NY from the Midwest; it's only the occasional person hailing from the City itself or places like Boston or points north into New England who exhibit a strong East Coast accent (to my ears anyway).

At any rate the air is clean compared to the Chicago area and the winters a bit milder if you're outside the lake effect snow belt, as we are. Property taxes are obscene but otherwise the cost of living is comparable to the Midwest, unlike California where I'd pay twice as much for half the house (when I lived in Arizona I constantly met people who sold a $2 million home in California, bought a nicer $800K home in Arizona, pocketed the difference and laughed all the way to the bank).

My wife grew up in California and considers it "broken" as a place to live, largely due to cost of living. She'd like to move there to be closer to relatives as she ages, and I can think of worse fates; if you can dodge the wildfires and mudslides and earthquakes it's a beautiful place with relatively mild weather. But if we did it, we'd have to take a big step down in quality of housing. And judging from what I saw this spring of wine country outside of SF, we'd have to live with a lot more bustle and congestion than I'm used to, despite being on the "east coast".


The LEFT coast. East is good to play at. Does anyone else experience the huge difference in energy in the two?


West for things to see, east for things to do.


I hate the bible belt, but I've only ever been to Florida when it comes to the coasts, so I can't give an answer based on experiences. I don't like snow, and the east coast sees a lot of it, but I like rain, which the east coast also sees a lot of. I like acting potential, so the west coast would be more viable for that, but I don't like sun or sand.

@pepperjones I've considered Washington a lot actually, but it's so expensive there. I've been wanting to go visit at least, see how I like it and how livable the conditions are for someone with disability.


There is a lot in between..... Just saying

@AmelieMatisse Sorry, Henry wouldn't let John Mellencamp to leave us... ??

@AmelieMatisse if you promise to return him safe and sound then absolutely yes !! He is a cool dude, isn't he?

@AmelieMatisse Not sure what's the connection with Bloomington, likely the college atmosphere would be my guess. He is from Seymour, about 60 miles east of Bloomington. Anyhow since your daughter is IU alumini and my daughters too, hey by all means you can borrow him !! ?

@AmelieMatisse both my daughters got their college degree. Any other program like Master, I told them that would be on their dime... ?

@AmelieMatisse there is only so much we can/should do....


Lake Erie give Cleveland a NORTH Coast. We have a little bit of almost everything that everyone else has, but with affordable cost of living and no sharks, alligators, hurricanes, earthquakes and bugs get frozen out for the winter. And, hey, we're the birthplace of Rock and Roll!


I lived two years in the Florida panhandle on the Gulf coast. That's the closest I have ever been but that was more the 'south' than the east coast so never mind.

Wrytyr Level 7 July 18, 2018

Never been to the east coast, it's on my bucket list. Born and raised in California; love Oregon and Washington.


Go to Florida's East Coast , Gulf of Mexico.


I've only been to the northern part of the east coast and really enjoyed that but have been along almost the entire west coast and have to say it's my favorite. Really love Oregon coast.

@pepperjones Yep!


I find the west much more progressive and less socially conservative, open to new ideas. The easy (though I live in Philadelphia) is more stuck in the past, rearward looking. I am from California, fond of Oregon.


I prefer the Pacific ocean to the Atlantic, but I need to visit more locations on both sides (e.g.'s: New England, California wine country) to make an informed opinion. So really I'm a Mid-Atlantic guy (cold winters but not like North Atlantic states or mid-western regions, fewer earthquakes) pending further research.



I like the 4 seasons. Actually, I can do without summer. I'm sure both coasts have their benefits and negatives. I wouldn't want to live in a place where there are huge brush fires every year, or shattering Earthquakes or the threat of it, or mudslides. I'm good in the Northeast.


I noticed when folks discuss coasts, they tend to omit Alaska (not that I can blame them). Would AK even qualify as "West Coast"? It strikes me as pretty different than any place than any I've visited in Cali or Washington.

Opifex Level 4 July 16, 2018

Yeah as many below, SW FL. Not a Left Coast type.


The west has always been best! The east coast is angry and aggressive, narrow minded, and humid. My time spent on the left side has always been unforgettable.


I like the west coast weather better simply because here in the East we have massive humidity, so in the summer its like having a hot wet blanket wrapped around you at all times, which stinks. But, I like the winter and the cold, so north east is the best fer me....

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