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Do have friends to keep you entertained, or do you entertain yourself?

Since I live in a community center for the elderly and mentally ill, I keep to myself all the time. I have my own room + my own shower/bathroom. I don't have friends that visit me outside of here. I don't even have any friends here! So I am constantly finding things to do to entertain myself. I rarely get out into my side of the city, but to only go to work, the gym, and to Wal-Mart. I find being away from my room and out into the world for more than 6 hrs a day, is too much. I need my time alone for me to feel okay. Yes, I'm deeply introverted. I only talk a lot at my work. I'm frequently educating myself. (e.g. reading my dictionary for intellectuals, or the regular dictionary, reading posts on this site, or articles on Facebook.) Some days I do get lonely, mostly at night. I have a few people on Messenger. Mostly I wait a few days for someone to reply to my comment I made days before. So, my Messenger is always dry. I don't have friends to keep me company either. So I entertain myself. Do you entertain yourself or live around friends/family?

Sarahroo29 8 Jan 6

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I also am an introvert and homebody. I try to go see friends and spend time with family but I really treasure time alone. Loneliness is tricky since a person can be surrounded by people and still feel lonely. I think one of the great things about is that I have read and interacted with so many individuals with a similar mind set, and that is a more important connection than proximity. I am trying to go out and be more social but that is very exhausting. So, I say keep doing what you are doing and you have friends here if you ever feel lonely.

Thank you.


I have 7 people beside me in my house but everyone leads their own life. Lots of alone time. Sometimes too much.


I am an introvert who exudes an extroverted persona. As a part time musician and song writer I do open mics regularly. Which leads to lots of friends coming round and socializing. After they have gone it`s just me and my cat. I have female friends coming out of my ears. Sometimes it would be nice to have one cuming out of my ears.
You could try social events such as one in my city "Philosophy in pubs". Intellectual discussion groups. You would not necessarily have to say much (if you did not want to), as these things tend to attract talkers.

So you're an ambivert? Both introvert/extrovert.


I have 5 kids 13 and younger. I have lots of built-in entertainment.


I live alone except for my cats. I do work full time and I have grown kids in the area. However, I have always entertained myself, and I made sure my kids could entertain themselves. They only told me once or twice that they were bored. I'd find something really boring for them to do or just cleaning their room. I have books, crafts, hobbies, a yard/garden/house to take care of. And then there are the cats, they are great entertainment most of the time. I used to say I was never bored, I just had trouble making up my mind of which project to work on.

Sounds like me I have 6 year old twins a boy and girl they are a job in it self. Then a cat, 2 ferrets 2 large dogs then in my coop 4 ducks and 7 chickens. My house is under construction by me, I have a lot to repair. I go slow because of my back issues. Then I write poetry from time to time on top of all that I am trying to author a novel .


I have a few friends and family members. That's enough for me.


I do not expect anyone to entertain me, nor do I feel any obligation to entertain others.


I have friends, but most live hours away from me so I usually keep myself entertained. I do go and visit with them at times when I can or vice versa.


I'm on my own mostly with my dogs


I have friends because I love them - they make my life better by being included.

I wouldn't give away my friend any easier than I'd give away any of my children (meaning, it won't happen on my watch)


I haven't been alone since 1986. Hubby and I were a tight couple with friends for ten years, then we became a couple with two kids. Since D passed in '06, it's just been the kids and I, together a LOT of the time. This fall, my nest will empty for a semester. Somehow, I suspect that the cats and I will do just fine. I might try to get out more and see if I can make some new friends or somehow keep the ones I made while the kids were in the local schools, but am fairly sure that I can keep happily busy if the friend thing fizzles. Time will tell, I guess.

Zster Level 8 Jan 7, 2018

Some friends entertain me on occasion but I mostly entertain myself. I'm an introvert so that is naturally what I do.


I am extroverted however I never need someone to entertain me. Most people are a boar I find myself analyzing them more than conversing. On the very rare occasions that I met someone with a IQ higher than 90 that I can have an in-depth conversation with .


Dicitionary for intellectuals? lol Is that a real thing? Makes me wonder if there's a dicitonary for arrogant know-it-alls. 😛

So to answer your question, for the most part, I entertain myself.


I quit the party lifestyle years ago, and with it, left a lot of my friends. I love hanging out by myself and working. I don't really get lonely, but I find without people, I tend not to expand my horizons as much. Like things I might not like by myself, I might like if looking at it through someone elses eyes.


I live alone with 3 dogs and a kitten. I amuse myself as well as I can. Used to run around when I was younger and had lots of friends. Now, not so much. My folks have pass, as has my son. My daughter lives hundreds of miles away with my grandchildren. She seldom visits. That's life.


I live alone, but in a city. I work from home. I have lots of friends, and I make it a point to have dates with several per week so as to keep isolation at bay. But I also enjoy quite a bit of solitude and my hobbies show it -- reading, playing the piano, gardening, walking the dog, cycling, knitting. I am never bored.


Some of both.

skado Level 9 Jan 7, 2018

I chit chat with most people I interact with.....cashiers, bank teller, etc. Some hilarious shit happens.

I have two boys, 10 & 13, 50% of the time ....teaching them to care for themselves is #1!
a dog, 2 cats and 14 chickens.......easy enough. A business to operate. 3 acres of property.

But in short.....I absolutely love my alone time. I fill it with music, music and more music, reading and of course the internet.

As 273 kelvin mentioned, I too am an outgoing Introvert.
When I really, really, really feel the need to socialize, I go to the tavern.

twill Level 7 Jan 11, 2018

I have always been deeply introverted and began life painfully shy. I never craved social connection; actually I generally avoid it.

Ihave rarely and only in very specific, limited contexts found "entertainment" in the company of others: musical ensembles, hobby groups, etc.--not that I ever considered people a source of entertainment. What interests me is not interesting to most people and vice versa.

It's nice to do things with others and connect with them, but that's not my bread and butter. I can count my friends on one hand.

People have always been very problematic for me, even before profound social anxiety blossomed in my life in the past several years. It's not that I don't like people, per se--but I can't tolerate things like sacrificing compassion for the sake of saving face; maintaining status quo at the expense of rationality ;lackof integrity, honesty, etc.; failing to dutifully gather sufficient information before rendering judgment... you know, all those "errors" that make us "human"--yeah, those freak me out and make me want to go hide in a closet. So it's rare that I run into anyone with whom I feel comfortable connecting.

That's just fine with me, because I have no desire to connect with people who I feel behave in highly disordered, harmful ways. I know that makes me abnormal, and I don't care.

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