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Other than religion, in what way are you a minority where you live?

From something major like race, to a viewpoint, hobby, or characteristic-- the question is open: what way are you a minority? (Non-religion is the obvious 🙂 )

silvereyes 8 Jan 9

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I'm a heterosexual male who has absolutely no interest in sports. Seems to be a very difficult concept for people in my area.

and I live in Nebraska and don't give a damn about the Huskers.

It is beyond my comprehension how people react to sports the way they do and the same with celebrates.

Agreed! I loathe spectator sports. It seems like such irrational in-group loyalty. I couldn't care less about how well strangers do in physical competition against one another. To me it's a colossal waste of time that I could be spending, well, not watching sports.

I love ice hockey, so I'm a minority here.

@Paul628 Lol

@resserts oh look!
An ant carrying a dead rolliepollie!


Liberal --- Progressive --- Humanist --- Secularist --- Blogger --- Pro women's reproductive rights --- Pro-education (Mississippi ranks #49 - funds are funneled into corporate subsidies.) --- Pro-diversity --- Pro LGBTs rights (Mississippi has an anti-LGBT / anti-premarital law disguised as religious liberty)

sounds like you need a bus load of naacp lawyers your way. you must be strong to handle that level of idiocy

Are you able to get 'radical' literature like FFRF newsletters or anything that might be deemed 'controversial'?\Also, you said 49th what states are worse?

@JackPedigo Yes. Mississippi hasn't censored the Internet, yet.

#50 Nevada

@VictoriaNotes But can you get things in the mail? I recently discovered 4 issues of my FFRF newsletter were missing (partly my fault for not paying attention, assuming other things and being 'distracted'😉. Owing to my mailbox location, my neighborhood and other factors theft was out. I complained at the PO and was told it would be looked into. A couple of days later the Dec. issue showed up. I mentioned this to FFRF and they sent me some of the back copies (I should ask them if this is a common problem). We live in a very open--minded community but it only takes one person to mess things up. I am going to pay more attention and will make an official complaint if this happens again.

I knew Idaho was bad but didn't realize it was that bad.

@VictoriaNotes I just saw a U.S map showing the various humanist groups and Mississippi has quite a few. I am sure many of the members are still in the closet, though.


I wear flares, have long hair, drive a classic car. i'm the only person I know stuck in the 70's!

Dav87 Level 6 Jan 9, 2018

My wife would love to see your cars. She loves classic cars. I had a 73 vet when I met her. I think that gave me bonus points.

@BucketlistBob I'll dig out a picture, my car's a 1970 MG Midget a bit smaller than your Vet! but it's not size that matters! not quite so classic but it was quaint was a 1980 Datsun Cherry Coupe I had that had furry interior the women in my life loved it!


Liberal in Miami, land of republicans....90% of Cubans in the area is republican and the reason is stupid ...are you guys ready? Bay of Pigs 1963...

sons and daughters of exploiters. the perfect match for reps


I’m a Utahn in Texas, I’m a guitarist, mathematician, single parent (father), teacher


Easy. As an artist. Even among other artists, as most would agree!


Im half black,half mexican and half caucasian . Oh. And a half-wit according to my now dead father.

Depending upon you mood?

Is this like Manbearpig? Half man, half bear, and half pig… 🙂

@resserts. More like puppy, monkey,

@BucketlistBob Or Turducken. Equal parts turkey, duck, and chicken all stuffed together. It's a Thanksgiving trifecta! Lol

@BucketlistBob That commercial irritates me to no end.

That make 150% that is rare indeed!!

@Paul628. I hear you Paul.


Indian, veteran, well paid, work from home.

As a result of your question, I found this... and it is awesome! Surprising amounts of statistics by area and they have TONS of locations. []


TO quote Bukowski I don't hate people I just do better when they are not around

  • I don't drink except on very rare occasions (maybe averaging one or two glasses of wine a year).
  • I'm a vegetarian with sporadic periods of strict veganism.
  • I've been celibate for many years, with semi-demisexual leanings.
  • I'm an anti-natalist.

What is demi-sexual? Anti-natalist?

I'm ALMOST the same on drinking. If it weren't for hangovers and having to drive, I might drink more often.


A demisexual is someone who doesn't feel sexual attraction without first feeling a strong emotional connection. I don't quite fit within that category, but I don't feel inclined toward sexual activity without that strong connection. Hence my "semi-demisexual" terminology.

An anti-natalist is one who is opposed to procreation. The thinking is that the unborn cannot consent to being brought into existence, so the ethical action is to not impose it upon them — thus refraining from procreating.

@resserts Ahhhhh.......thanks. Very interesting on anti-natalist. If I asked my daughter I'd bet she'd give her post-birth consent to my pre-birth choice. 😉

@BlueWave My thought is that some percentage of people will have overwhelming hardships, excruciating diseases, etc., and while a lot of people are happy with their lives there's no harm to someone to have never existed (and there are almost endless numbers of people who never existed — think of the many, many combinations of sperm and eggs that never join). So, I've decided for myself to never have children, erring on the side of not creating a life that might be full of suffering.

@resserts Totally get it. 🙂


I'm extremely muscular, lol.

Oh and extremely good looking!

@AMGT. That's expensive lol! For years I had to have my clothes altered. All my shirts were special made. NOW I'M FAT....UGH! LOL. AND OLD...DOUBLE UGH! LOL!

@AMGT If I was was fat and ugly, you'd laugh. I'm messing around.

@Zoidburg Yeah mate it's a pain in the backside, I have a tailor that does things pretty cheaply for me as I use him so much! I have about 3 sets of clothes depending on what I'm training for at the time, lol.

@AMGT Can't believe you think I'd say I'm extremely good looking and be serious!

@AMGT Muscular, true, good looking was meant to be an obvious joke. English and American's do have different senses of humour, as a rule. If I wasn't joking, I assume you have a hatred of egotism? lol

@AMGT Bit judgemental!


Other than religion, I am a minority (or sort of a minority) in that:

I am taller than the average woman. 5'9" -- I lost half an inch with age. 😟

I am a "tomboy" who would rather be in jeans and boots, than dresses and heels.

I am the only woman at my job with small boobs. The rest are about half naturally big; and the other half are artificially huge.

I have naturally curly hair - where 95% of hairstyles are straight in my world.

I am liberal - very.

I would not go to a typical zoo, to Sea World, or to "swim with dolphins." (I WOULD go to a wildlife refuge where the animals are rescued and not in small cages; and I WOULD go whale watching, etc.)

I don't own a Saints or an LSU shirt -- I think I am the ONLY person in Louisiana who doesn't. (I don't know crap about American football players and stats, but I understand the game and will watch sometimes when the Saints are playing.)

My daughter is bi-racial. When we lived in L.A. and Seattle, that was run-of-the-mill normal. In Louisiana, it is not.

I ride my own Harley-Davidson -- and I do it in riding boots, not six-inch heels. Women riders are very much still a minority.


Well, I speak Spanish and I am a woman....and since I look Irish I drive everybody very confused. LOL

I was going to guess Portugal, but I see on your profile that you were born in Argentina. One of the best restaurants in my memory is an Argentinian steakhouse in Encino, California.

I'm curious about your demand on your profile that those who are native Spanish speakers not contact you. What is that about?

@BlueWave 1) In Portugal the official language is not your guess was way off. 2) About no being interested in Spanish speaking people....I don't care for their misunderstood machismo and arrogance..

@DUCHESSA 1) Oops....2) Got it. Kinda.


In the village where I work, I'm almost certainly the only person who wouldn't phone the police to report a suspected theft if a black person drove an expensive car along the high street.

Jnei Level 8 Jan 9, 2018

Can you better explain the theft and black person.

@BucketlistBob Which part of the terms needs explanation?

@Jnei. I think I got it.


intellectual isolation no biggie ...I fake it



Gohan Level 7 Jan 9, 2018

Yep think there are only 2 people in this town that are anti`s me and another faceless person, that I have not yet met. Only 400 people here 60 of us are Veteran that outweighs the national average of 7%


Extreme collector...

What sorts of things do you collect?

@resserts since pending divorce, pretty much stopped all, started selling.
Comics, Star Wars, Indy Jones, WWII German Coins, DVD Backers, MTG CCG, LEGOs, and crap loads of other stuff... just too much lol


I don't have a problem with football players taking a knee during the National Anthem. Peaceful protest is peaceful protest and that right shouldn't be denied to anyone.

Yep -- I'm definitely in the minority here on that one. People are soooooooooooooo ignorant about this. I know people "protesting the NFL" and focusing on how much money somebody makes. I said "But, does that money take away their Constitutional rights?" Arrrrrghghghghghhhh.....


Actually as non-religious person I am not a minority in my home country.
What makes me a minority is being liberal.

Interesting, indeed.


I am disabled paralyzed below the shoulders

sean Level 3 Jan 9, 2018

Liberals seem to be a minority where I live.


i am surrounded by families so i guess i am the Gay of the neighborhood lol

I often wonder if people think I'm gay, since I have no girlfriend or family. Despite the fact that I once had a wife. Even my brother recently made a comment to this effect. Ugh.

@bingst sorry!

@twshield Oh, yeah. By the way, my bro is a holy roller. lol

@bingst well Christians aren't very accurate so i would say you are straight 🙂


I live in Texas and I am a secular humanist, a liberal, I love ALL my brothers and sisters in my human family and in Texas, you can not get much more minority than that.


I am not Chinese or Indian I was actually born here (No offence to the Chinese or Indians, you know I love you)

Sacha Level 7 Jan 9, 2018
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