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Random Acts of Kindness

How often do you choose to perform random acts of kindness? What is your motivation to do so? And what was your most recent random act of kindness?

Scarlet 3 July 28

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I try to do one when the opportunity arises. One does not need religion to do the right thing.


I don't like talking about what I do for others.
It sounds (to me) way too much like bragging.
Just do whatever it is that you do, don't expect thanks,
and keep on trucking, always looking for the next opportunity.


We have a lot of racists in my country that yell abuse at refugees who wear the hijab. The other day I saw a muslim woman and welcomed her to Australia and told her to take no notice to the minority of ugly australians who are racist. She was in tears over this small kindness and we hugged. I felt depressed as I walked away wondering how much racism she has endured in this country.

Thank-you for that!
I did the same when talking to four young black men walking, as I biked. I asked if they recieve racist treatment gere in Moncton, NB, Canada. They said they face some. I told them that those are uneducated, ignorant people and that I am so glad they are safe in Canada. I welcomed them and told them that many many many Canadians feel as I do but are less talkative.


every thursday I plea a few people out on their misdemeanor charges for nothing. saves'em a grand or so. the misdemeanor docket is the mistake docket. people in central oklahoma don't have the money to pay thousands of dollars for their mistakes right now. that's really impressive. If we want to dial back the level of anger, frustration, despair, etc etc that seems to be the driving force in this country right now - this is one of the best ways to do it. People DO learn from their mistakes and a good deed does lead to other good deeds. Kudos....

@kauva will you pay for me? I'm MsDemeanour!


There is a guy who lives in the old laundry room/storage area of my apartment building. I have given him an inflatable mattress and fan. His name is Wayne and I told him I was the one who called the leasing office on him when I first found evidence of something living in there. They told me to call the police so I did. I told him I wouldn't call anyone on him anymore since he's lived there for over a year and if he was going to break into our apartments and kill us all he was taking his frigging time! He is trying to get his life together. He gave me a thank you note for the mattress. I hope he is able to be in a better place in his life where he can have a decent place to live besides our crappy storage room.

Sorcha Level 6 July 28, 2018

I don't think anything is a particular act of kindness, I just think of it as being human.

Amisja Level 8 July 28, 2018

Well said.


About 3 weeks ago , grocery shopping , checkout girl was putting the groceries on the belt for the very old man in front of me , but she didnt think about following him out to his car to help him unload his buggy , he was parked by me as I made it to my truck and looked perplexed about opening his car door and holding on to his potential runaway buggy at the same time I unloaded his buggy for him .
But actual happenstance opportunities or necessities to do such things are rare .
Motivation ?
Idk ...why not ?


Sometimes the Good Samaritan is actually an Athiest...

In answer to the actual question of how often do I perform random acts of kindness..

Whenever and wherever there is an obvious need.
Somebody needs are in a position to you don't think about it..its just in you...


Daily. Telling you what would defeat the purpose of anonymity.

Good answer.


Daily. Most of the time the opportunity presents itself. I expect nothing in return, not even thanks. And I will never reveal what I have done other than to the recipient. I just do it because it brings joy to someone. That makes me feel good. So maybe they are selfish acts.

and sometimes not even to the recipients


If I see a need I just try to help. I guess that's why it's called random


I used to think that my random acts of kindness got me in good graces with an imaginary being. All I know for sure is that animals like me, and that includes almost all dogs and cats. In Kenya in 2004 I noticed that all Ostriches were fascinated by me and wanted to follow me around. Later I saw this same effect at the St. Louis zoo. I guess I'm Ostrich Man. 🙂

Your spirit animal perhaps??

@patchoullijulie Not sure if I believe in them but I know we are all connected and it seems this is the message animals are giving back to me.

@DenoPenno Your confirmation bias most likely.

@jlynn37 I do hope you don't mean I have a confirmation bias just because I refuse to believe that each person has a spirit animal. How many other things can we make up?


Good vibrations go out and come back to me. And all the dogs like me.

Dogs and babies like me which is really convenient because I love dogs and babies lol


If I tell you then the magic is gone.....

Love, there is no magic. Everyoone can do it.


I buy staff dinner every payday. If I could do it without anyone knowing. I am uncomfortable with being thanked or false gratitude.

Mokvon Level 8 July 28, 2018

I don't brag or keep tab... I just do. Been times on places like Walmart someone short a few bucks, I look and don't see vice I complete the money for the person. I had been short myself. I don't brag I just do. I am always giving away things to friends or relatives. Gave my car away... Buying another now. I just do not hold on to material things, they are just things. Bought laptop 3 weeks later gave it to my daughter. Giving money to my adult kids and other relatives. Did 2 money deposits on banks this week. Charity should always commence at home I was raised on. Strangers welcome but no money for drugs or alcohol. In a bar I buy you a drink... what's a drink?I don't try to portrait me a saint. I just do things.


If you are a caring, outgoing person, you do random acts of kindness a number of times daily. It is simply part of who you are. You don't tout the fact, and you don't keep tack of those things.


By their nature they are random but probably behind them is just good people wanting to do good i think

weeman Level 7 July 28, 2018

My motivation is because I can and I think it is the right thing to do. I keep cash and a small bag of supplies in my car that I can hand out my window to people holding signs on street corners. I have no idea when the last time I did that was. Generally I try to be aware, and sometimes I see the opportunity.


I don't know if this is an act of kindness but the young lady who took care of me at the eyeglasses' store was extremely nice. I went back to the store and gave her a card thanking her for her kindness and professionalism.

Wonderful! That was very thoughtful of you.

@LiterateHiker I should get "Thank you cards" and keep them in the car; there is always a person deserving one.

@LiterateHiker Thanks


Reciprocal altruism !
An evolutionary adaptation !


If I have extra money, I'll buy the person behind mes food at the drive thru. It's not much but sometimes people do it to me and I like helping make some one else's day a little brighter.


I just do them , it doesn't require a punishment if I don't I just do it because I choose to be kind to someone


I try not to miss an opportunity. Many are just small things & easy to do.

Carin Level 8 July 28, 2018

When the opportunity presents itself and I can. I like to give back. Last weekend I had the guys who were building a new fence for me, make a new mailbox stand for myself and 3 neighbors. Most frequently I return people's dogs to their yards when I'm walking my dog and see them out.

Why do you ask? What are your answers to the questions you asked us?

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