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What's the most romantic gesture someone's carried out on your behalf?

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Listened when I needed to be heard.


Okay, I'm going to chalk this up to the fact that I'm aged, and I've had a lot, well not a lot of relationships, but I did experience the 60s & 70s. Maybe people just aren't tuned in to romantic so much anymore. I had one boyfriend who was a musician and wrote a song for me. He never got to be really famous but did make his living playing guitar and writing music and I thought that was pretty romantic. My first husband used to pick me up after work sometimes when the weather was nice, with a loaf of some artisan bread, special cheese, fruit and wine in a basket, and we would go to a park where there were swans and paddle boats and have a picnic. After we were married, he would sometimes leave notes anywhere around the house - on mirrors, in drawers, on a pillow, in a book I was reading, just to say I love you or tell me something nice about me. I really miss that sometimes.
My second husband used to bring me single flowers for no particular reason; when we were first married and the children were younger, we used to go camping every year and once he found someone to stay with the kids and he took a canoe out on the lake at sunset with a bottle of wine - that was pretty romantic. Now we grow flowers in the garden and I'd be afraid to tip the canoe if I tried to get in it!

On the other side and I lived and loved in the 60's 70's. Been writing poems and lyrics since age 14. Something I wrote found by my wife was the smoking gun that caused our divorce.... according to her I never wrote something that pretty for her. She thought I was in love.... the reality I never could tell her.... there were like 50 women in Europe walking around with the same poem... I simply customized the last verse to accomodate the woman. I still get inspired but no longer show much and usually is for my eyes only. I know us men have feelings too but I don't linger much after writing something I move on... never heartbroken... I could lie in writing with the best.


I was following my boyfriend home and we were each driving our own cars. We stopped at a red light in a left turn lane where there was a lady selling flowers on the median. Before the light could even turn green he had purchased a bouquet from his car and had it delivered to mine. He was rewarded later when we got to our destination. ❤


I miss the good old-fashioned Mixtape.


I read a few of these comments and found that most of the people who engaged in these romantic gestures still broke up. So, what's the point of this kind of superficiality? Now gifting diamonds . . . Lol

Pook Level 5 July 30, 2018

I like to go through life and leave an impression on people, whether they be lovers, friends or strangers, and I seek out those who do the same. Maybe we moved on with our lives but we both took something and grew from the experience.

"No act of kindness goes unpunished."

"No act of kindness goes unpunished."


In high school my dude at the time wrote all the lyrics down from our song all big on a wall by the alley i walked home by everyday from school or the store. It was the day before i was about to leave to the east coast for 3 weeks. Yeah thats alls i got.

SuziQ Level 4 July 29, 2018

My ex would buy me flowers or jewelry. But all I really wanted was him commitment to participating in our family. He thought gifts could buy me. So it's the gestures or words that mean the most to me, then and now. The sweetest thing my boyfriend said to me: "I've been waiting my whole life for you!"


There was a boy in my neighborhood who I had a crush on. We had just graduated from high school, and he was drafted and would be going to Viet Nam. He had a cat who had kittens and he had asked me if I wanted one when it was old enough. I loved cats and was crazy about a little black one. One day he came to my house with the little black kitten for me. We were sitting on the floor, playing with the kitty, and he kissed me. It really took my breath away. Not like a high school crush. Like an adult. He said he was sorry and shouldn't have kissed me, so I kissed him again. We ended up in my twin bed. It was my first experience, and it was beautiful. He flew out the next day, and was killed in Viet Nam. I never saw him again. I never regretted making love to him. To this day, I have never experienced anything so romantic.

What a beautiful story, your first love is often the best memory


I gave blood on my gfs birthday because she couldnt.


Once when I was driving and I cut someone off, they gave me the finger!

Ahh..that was YOU !!!! ?????????

@IamNobody Ah, you're the guy with the small fingers!

@Krish55 it really was you, you son of a gun ????????


A large teddy bear, and she sprayed it with the perfume she wears. She said snuggle this when I'm not around.
Although there wasn't much time when she wasn't around. we were pretty adicted to each other.


That's very sad . Perhaps instead of what someone's done for you , you could write about something you did for someone else ?

@Cast1es I could do, but like I said in the post asking that side of the question, it's been so long that I can't remember.

I'm aware that'll bring up the idea that maybe someone has done something for me and I can't recall it. However, growing up in an abusive home pretty much causes me to vividly remember every good thing people do for me because, until I moved out, it was rare as hen's teeth. That was 18 years ago and the thought pattern still sticks with me.

@Pewless1 Awrh. What kind?


He fairly regularly brings me vegetarian sushi as a surpise, for example. He pays attention to and cares about what I like, and shows that he thinks about me and wants to do nice things for me. That's the only kind of "romantic gesture" I care about. 😀


She flew from a military base in Japan to South Carolina to meet me, and paid for our week stay at a cabin in Gatlinburg. I was 18 she was 31, both in our sexual prime n we broke the solid oak bedframe that week. I still wonder if she lost the deposit. Too bad she was married ? without kissin n tellin much further, I feel like no one is ever gonna love me like she did and that week of true happiness might be all I ever get. Still feel guilty for doin that to her husband though, he didnt seem like a bad guy, but we were deeply infatuated if not in love, somewhat convinced we could run off together. Circumstances just had us both quite lonely and we were there for each other at a tough time. I wasn’t just wanting to fuck a married woman or something. I plead temporary insanity. ?


Simple. Was dog tired and hurting from a day of helping a friend out. Saw the fatigue in my eyes and prodded me to the bed and gently rubbed shoulders to feet and back again .... next thing I knew, was morning and I felt fresh enough to have breakfast ready by the time she woke

Teter Level 4 July 29, 2018

I....I've never had any

That can’t be true.

@Sciurus no, it really is. In school my parents sent me flowers and candy every valentine's day so I wouldn't feel left out. Never got any gifts or romantic gestures no well thought out dates

How very sad . Hopefully , you'll meet someone who will . But try to remember , romantic gestures , can go in either direction .

I am truly sorry. It makes me sad to hear that. If you lived closer I’d invite ya to join the dnd group I’m in.

@Cast1es please believe me, I have never been short on romantic gestures to others

Well then. I would like to send you this seemingly random (in fact well thought out) emoji as a token of my affection.

@Sciurus I love it thank you


I don't know if the most romantic thing ever but it used to charm the pants off of me.
These are ties. Idk why this just gets me...
Another lifetime ago one of my great loves & I were on the beach where he was catching the fast little night crabs for me to look at.

FF 10+ my late dh, knowing how I love them so, would bring praying mantids home from work for me to make pets of them ☺️ He swore they were attracted to the chlorine cars.
Another time when we were on a road trip passing through Arkansas he caught a female luna moth at a rest stop for me. (I feel bad about that one now, to this day, but that's another story).

Qualia Level 8 July 29, 2018

@Stevil Yes it was. He'd walk in the door with an empty big gulp cup & tell me "I have something for you". ❤ ?


So far? Nothing. But I'm an optimist.

Same. One day we'll have our moment too. Stay strong!


On my behalf? I'm sure there were many things that I can't seem to remember at the moment... One time one Valentine's Day, with my girlfriend at the time said "just get me something pink", so I went to the grocery store looking for something pink... I brought her a package of shrimp - and she loved it!

We also went to Seattle, specifically to ride the South Lake Union Trolly, "SLUT" for short, because that's what lovers do (we both despise V Day). That name was in the news for weeks, locally, as everyone was selling Ride The SLUT t-shirts to the embarrassment of city planners.

It's now called "Seattle Streetcar". I still have the T-shirt.

@sarahjustme my kids know me too well, I never held anything back, we were definitely not a "Disney" family - more like South Park. The grandkids will hear stories, I'm sure 😉


None really. No one has ever really done anything romantic for me.

Too bad. I used to love pampering my boyfriends with hot bubble baths on cold winter evenings. Or cooking special meals. Or buying all kinds of small but sweet holiday presents and waking up early to wake my man up by dangling a present for him ready to open up in bed. Romantic women exist. Give him more examples ladies! 😀

@LilAtheistLady I appreciate the examples. I am sure romantic women do exist, just wish I could find one because I'm a hopeful romantic myself and love doing romantic things and spontaneous displays of affection, but I can barely get responses to my messages or find anyone willing to give me a chance... But one day hopefully...


My ex-wife bought me a sci-fi book she thought I might like and it became one my enduring favorites. I felt very "known" by her in that moment, and appreciative that she made the effort to find out what I might like. It turned out to be something of a lucky guess, but I liked the feeling anyway.

ejbman Level 7 July 30, 2018

Your post really gets me in the feels. My late dh was an epic bibliophile. I somehow managed to find him a couple of gems. Didn't realize just how much that meant to him until after his passing came across some of his posts on a FB topic specific forum. That was so hard to read, his bragging on me. "She knows me so well".


The First time Dan picked me up and drove me back to Albany he told me he wanted me to feel good about myself and beautiful so he brought me to a nail salon for a manicure and pedicure something I naven't done in years. Sweet man.


I always found the small things my ex did to be the most romantic. Like, when I first discovered smoothies from Smoothie King, I was sleeping in one morning and she woke me up with an extra large one. I mean, we regularly did big romantic things for one another. But really, it was the small things that stuck with me the most.

And that’s what I want in a relationship. Someone to share the small things with.

Leo716 Level 6 July 30, 2018

Let me experience being “Dad” to her daughters. One of the most life enriching things I know.


I guess the most romantic gesture would be either being sent roses (very ironic considering the nature of everything) or a handmade valentine’s gift

PaulD Level 5 July 29, 2018
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