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Who has had a positive relationship with a father/mother-in-law?

While much is made of meddling, mean, or worse in-laws, mine, both long gone now, were great. My mother-in-law was very special to me. We could talk about anything and both come out of it feeling happy and loved. Anyone else with an experience like that?

By tioteo8
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My second husband's parents were wonderful. I was especially close with
my mother-in-law. She often told me I treated her better than her two daughters
did. It was true, they were wretched to her. She was sweet, kind, funny, and a joy to be around. She wasn't happy that he left me and filed for divorce. We stayed close, and spoke to each other at least three or four times a month, until she died.
I still miss her all the time. My little munchkin mama.

KKGator Level 9 Aug 4, 2018

My soon-to-be ex husband's parents are the best. Before we got married, his mom referred to me as her daughter-out-law, which was always pronounced daughter outlaw. She and I had such a lovely relationship. Her son, my ex, has all but forbidden me from continuing a relationship with her. But of course I continue to correspond with her via email, and I recently sent her a batch of my homemade granola to refill the glass canister I hand painted specifically to hold aforementioned granola. She's an amazing woman and I love her dearly. In fact, I stayed with him longer than I would have had his mother not been such an amazing friend. I miss her more than I'll ever miss him.


My mother-in-law was like a second mother. She lived with us for over 20 years; my children benefited greatly. Heck, I got along better with her than the ex.


As George Burns said, “Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.” Or even better, state. Especially true with in-laws.

I'd a good relationship with my mother-in-law. And as the only surviving grandparent, I still do. But, boundaries are important. Favorable geography makes it easier.

Deiter Level 8 Aug 4, 2018

Mine were great. Pretty hands off. Also a few thousand miles away...

They respected that I kept my last name, when my own parents didn't! I thought that was really something.

Carin Level 8 Aug 4, 2018

Me!! My in laws are amazing and super accepting. My mother in law is an amazing hostess and is constantly offering me delicious wine when we visit. My father in law likes to tinker and has shared some woods crafts with me including several primitive fire tools.
The accepted me and my kids into their family like we are their own. I am so fortunate!!

BeccaVa Level 7 Aug 4, 2018

My first husband used to tease me that his mom liked me best because she frequently sided with me when we disagreed. She was a really sweet Southern lady (not the fake kind) and we loved her dearly. He even used to send her flowers on his birthday. Unfortunately, she became ill and died of complications from a rare type of kidney disease at a very young age, as did he.

ThinkKate Level 6 Aug 16, 2018

I stayed married to my first husband years longer than I would have, due to the love and support that both my in-laws lavished on me. It compensated, in some respects, for the lack of either from my own parents. My ex-mother-in-law even told me once, in a candid moment, that she would rather keep me than him if we got divorced!

sunhatpat Level 5 Aug 15, 2018

So much better to have heard it spoken than to only have sensed it. My last wife was disingenuous with her mother about some rather juvenile things and really believed the woman wasn't aware of it. My relationship with her mother was similarly based on honesty and candor.

I learned later, after the marriage ended, from a friend who attended a meeting with her mother and brother that they 'spoke very highly' of me and had expressed regrets that she was, to them, the reason things couldn't turn out better. It helped balance lots of soul-searching about what I might have done or done wrong.


My mother in law was super. We enjoyed getting together and had a great relationship. We respected each other and could share a laugh or two. She never commented negatively on my relationship with her daughter and never meddled. I loved to cook Thanksgiving dinner for her and she showed her appreciation by baking the best pies to go with the meal. I do miss her greatly.

Dwight Level 7 Aug 7, 2018

I didn't have a good in-law (now ex????) relationship however, on the flip side, I have a great relationship with my son in law and that is the only one that matters to me. smile002.gif

@Stevil Ha. It took some adjusting on my part in the beginning of the relationship until I realized that I didn't need to be in charge any more. What a relief lol. He too is a great husband and father and that outweigh's any small differences I may have with him.


Never had a bad relationship with mine. In some ways I’m closer or more comfortable around them (especially FIL- they are divorced so only see them together periodically) than my own parents.

PDF Level 5 Aug 5, 2018

My late husband’s parents treated me like a daughter and my children as if they were their biological grandchildren. My father-in-law passed away a little over a year before my husband. My mother-in-law lives in Winnipeg and we have stayed close. My relationship with my ex-mother-in-law from a previous marriage however was very contentious. She was a very hateful woman who thought her son couldn’t do anything wrong. My children have little to do with her these days and barely consider her a grandparent.


Nope. I remember her father did not spoke to me in the wedding. He spoke to my best man, not to me. Her mother spread rumors about me to my children during divorce. I will dance on her grave one day as promised. Only Promise in my books. I am very positive is easy to remember.


My late former inlaws were OK. Their middle son, my husband could do no wrong in their eyes. They were great for the kids, paid for their college and braces. They were kinda cold to their daughters in law. We were not on the same level as their sons, not really family. But we usually lived many miles away so it really didn't matter.


I've never had problems with my partner's parents and I hope I will never have. Maybe I'm lucky.


I am not my husband's parent's best friend by any means, but we do get along. Same with him and my Mom and stepdad.

His Dad's girlfriend (his parents are divorced too) though, is another story. She recently blocked the both of us on Facebook because she thinks that we don't care about her. She fell and got hurt really badly early last year and has had a long road to recovery. We didn't really contact her too much because, well, there are only so many times you can say, "that sucks" and "get well soon". My husband and I are both introverts so that means we are pretty reserved anyway. She's the kind of person who can and does talk to anyone and everyone, so she doesn't understand that we aren't that talkative. She just gets offended and thinks we don't like her. In all honesty, I did like her, but I'm kind of struggling now.

Kynlei Level 8 Mar 13, 2019

My in laws were/are vile disgusting ignorance in human form. She's gone, adios bitch but he lives on to use and abuse.


My last father-in-law was a spoiled-rotten-all-his-life diva...but sharp, and funny. We liked each other much better than my annoying hubby, his son.......


Ex father in law was cool, but the ex mother in law was a psycho Catholic. I swear the freakin Pope himself would call her to ask her advice on how to be more crazy Catholic.

16classic Level 5 Aug 14, 2018

My mother-in-law was a bitch! She never accepted me, thinking that my only goal in marrying her sweet boy was to become an American citizen and then dump him. Well, she was right ... I dumped him 6 1/2 years ago after almost 27 years, putting up with his alcoholism and verbal abuse towards me and our kids. We made some peace shortly before she died 3 years ago.
I still have a great relationship with my ex father-in-law. I truly believe that he was as tired of his wife's behavior as the rest of the family.


Yup, still crack me up when my mother in law calls and always ask my wife how am I doing and I can see how her blood starts to boil red hot.....the wife gets really pissed and I think it's pretty funny. We have been separated for several years now but my mother in law have always treated me very well all the same (I must have done something right ?). She is pushing 92 now and there is no doubt in my mind that she will bury us all.


I have always gotten along with my in-laws! In fact, that was one of the hardest parts of getting divorced, not knowing how to maintain the relationship with them. I am still friends with my second wife's mom (my ex passed away a year and a half ago), and love to see her at my son's family functions. She's 80 years old but runs around like someone 20 years younger. I got along very well with my first wife's parents as well.


My ex in-laws never liked me. They resented that my marriage to their son (they had five) meant that they lost their control over him. The other daughters-in-law were fairly dependent on the in-laws for various reasons.

I learned how not to be a nasty in-law. My youngest son and his wife have lived with me for two years, separate periods, and we never had hard feelings. She took a composition course from me, online, last term. She tells me that she loves me, and I love her. I was never fond of my oldest son's ex-wife--for many reasons--but even now, I continue to be kind to her and hold my tongue. My granddaughers live with her (haven't heard from my son in over two years) and I want to keep lines of communication open.


The bonus of getting a divorce was getting rid of the in laws. My MIL was a PIA most of the time. She was nice enough, but she was still a huge PIA most of the time. She'd do stuff like come to my house and rearrange the furniture or cupboards or something. The best thing was the closest they lived was 6 hours away so they didn't visit much. Plus they lived in Denver 4 blocks from the Rockies stadium and the ex and his family were huge baseball fans so we mostly went there.

I was a lot closer to my first MIL. But I was only 16 and hadn't really had a real mother - daughter relationship at that point. I stayed in touch with her until after I got sick and she decided to take my kids away. She didn't get them but I never spoke to her after that.


I have.

Sticks48 Level 9 Aug 5, 2018
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